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Civic Coalition for Free and Fair Elections


Section 1. General provisions

  1. The civic coalition for free and fair elections (hereinafter - Coalition) is a voluntary union of nongovernmental organizations from the Republic of Moldova which aim to help ensure that elections to the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova be free, fair, transparent and democratic.
  2. The Coalition's mission is to contribute to a free, fair, transparent and democratic organization of elections to the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova; to consolidate the civil society in order to ensure an informed choice by citizens; to observe the rights of voters and the principle of equality of participants in the election process.
  3. The Coalition functions on the principles of voluntary participation and equality in the rights of all its members.
  4. The Coalition members shall be guided in their activity by the Charter of Free and Fair Elections (hereinafter - Charter) and by the present Regulation.
  5. In order to implement the Charter and the Coalition's mission, the following bodies have been created as per the present Regulation: the Coalition Board (hereinafter - Board) and the Coalition Secretariat (hereinafter - Secretariat).
  6. During joint activities, the Coalition members shall be guided by the following principles:
    • political non-involvement (no party or candidate shall be supported in the name of the Coalition);
    • decisions shall be adopted jointly and shall be respected by all the Coalition members;
    • personal opinions and views shall be identified as such when expressed.
  7. The Coalition shall suspend its activity a month after the final results of elections to the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova are published.

Section 2. The Members of the Coalition

  1. Members of the Coalition can become nongovernmental organizations from the Republic of Moldova that have signed the Charter, applied for accession and observe the principles of the present Regulation. The decision to grant membership shall be adopted by the Board.
  2. The Coalition members have the right to:
    • participate in the Board's work (with voting rights based on rotation);
    • participate in the Coalition's activity;
    • receive from the Board and the Secretariat information on the Coalition's activity;
    • receive available information on elections, donors, plans of other Coalition members;
    • become involved in projects of Coalition members;
    • propose for the Board's discussion the activity of the Secretariat.
  3. The Coalition members are under obligation to:
    • not engage in political partisanship;
    • contribute to the Coalition's activity;
    • submit to the Coalition Secretariat information about their plans and projects;
    • submit to the Coalition Secretariat monthly reports on their activity;
    • respond to requests made by the Secretariat;
    • inform the Board about any action plans relevant for the Coalition's mission;
    • inform the Secretariat about resignation from the Coalition.
Failure to comply with the obligations and the Charter may serve as basis for exclusion from the Coalition.

Section 3. The Coalition Board (hereinafter - Board)

  1. Board meetings are open to the Coalition members.
  2. The main tasks of the Board:
    • to adopt the Charter on fair elections;
    • to approve priorities in the Coalition's activity;
    • to approve declarations and other documents issued by the Coalition;
    • to approve the accession of new members and dismissal of members from the Coalition;
    • to establish relations with the public for the Coalition;
    • to establish priorities in supporting projects developed by the Coalition members and to recommend them for funding to the Donors' Forum;
    • to ensure effective coordination and mediation of Coalition member activities;
    • to amend the Regulation.
  3. The Board is composed of 15 members, of which 11 are authorized representatives of nongovernmental organizations from the Republic of Moldova, who have relevant experience in ensuring transparency and democratic conduct in elections and political processes, do not support candidates and have accepted to participate in the Board's work.
  4. The Board is also composed of four non-permanent members who rotate at every meeting of the Board. Their mandates last until the next Board meeting. Candidates for non-permanent members shall be proposed by the Secretariat and approved by the Board at the end of each meeting. Non-permanent members of the Board shall be elected from among Coalition members by draw, with attention paid to their availability to attend the Board meeting.
  5. The Board meetings shall be deliberative if 2/3 of the members are present.
  6. The Board meetings shall take place at least once every month, and during the election campaign at least twice every month. Extraordinary meetings can be called upon a request from 51% of the Board's members.
  7. The permanent and non-permanent members shall chair the Board meetings in turns. The agenda for the following meeting shall be set by its chairperson (as chosen at the previous meeting) with support from the Secretariat; the agenda shall be circulated to the Board members three days before the meeting.
  8. The Board may adopt logistical decisions, such as amendments to the Regulation, by a simple majority of the members present, and decisions relating to the Coalition's mission by a consensus of those present. Logistical decisions are matters internal to the Board. Mission matters shall be made known to the public by the Secretariat's press section. All decisions concerning the Coalition's mission shall be published in the name of the Coalition members, with signatures mandatory, and may be signed by each member of the coalition.

Section 4. Coalition Secretariat (hereinafter - Secretariat)

  1. The functions of the Secretariat:
    • to prepare Board meetings, keep minutes during the meetings;
    • to ensure communication with Coalition members;
    • to disseminates information about the Coalition's activities;
    • to coordinate the development and dissemination of social advertising in the name of the Coalition;
    • to develop and produce the corporate symbols in the name of the Coalition;
    • to organize meetings between the Board and international delegations, funders and state bodies;
    • to maintain a complete list of members;
    • to contribute to building and promoting an image for the Coalition;
    • to carry out other missions given by the Board.
  2. The chief of the Secretariat shall be appointed by the Board. The structure of the Secretariat shall be proposed by the chief of the Secretariat and approved by the Board. The chief of the Secretariat shall be responsible before the Board for the results of the Secretariat's activity.


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