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Leaders for Change 2010/2012

UE-Moldova Relations – Monitoring the Progress within the Eastern Partnership

Improving electoral regulations and procedures on regional (TAU Gagauzia) and national level

Promoting Good Governance through monitoring

Educating and Mobilizing Voters

Leaders for Change 2010/2012
October 2010 – June 2012
Funded by: East Europe Foundation

The project is aimed at contributing to the political modernisation of Moldova by training and empowering a new generation of political and civil society leaders.

Project objectives:

  • Train 160 young leaders of political party youth branches in regions, regional NGOs and media on leadership, party building, elections, consensual politics, conflict resolution, communication etc.
  • Develop the debate culture and improve understanding by young leaders of developments in Moldova and abroad through weekly facilitated current affairs discussions.
  • Encourage well prepared young leaders of political parties in regions to run as candidates during the 2011 local elections.

Planned activities:

  • Leadership school for youth branches of political parties, NGOs and media in four regions, specifically in Balti (in the North), Chisinau (in Central Moldova), Comrat (ATU Gagauzia) and Cahul (in the South).
  • National conference "Leaders for Change"

UE-Moldova Relations – Monitoring the Progress within the Eastern Partnership
January 2011 – January 2012
Funded by: Soros Foundation-Moldova

The goal of this project is to contribute to the improvement of government policies on European integration and to strengthen the framework of public debates on European integration policy of Moldova. The framework was created by ADEPT and EXPERT-GRUP in previous projects.

Project objectives:

  • Monitoring the evolutions in EU-Moldova relationship;
  • Increasing the quality of government policies and the negotiation process on the Association Agreement by providing analysis of important issues for Moldova;
  • Inform citizens and raising awareness of Moldova’s European integration process.

Planned activities:

  • "Euromonitor": monitoring the evolution of the Republic of Moldova – European Union relationship and elaboration of the alternative progress report for European Commission
  • Policy papers elaboration
  • Publication of the biannual analytical journal "Government and Democracy: European Prospective"

Improving electoral regulations and procedures on regional (TAU Gagauzia) and national level
April 1 – December 30, 2011
Funded by: OSCE Mission to Moldova

The goal of this project is to improve electoral regulations and procedures in TAU Gagauzia and to contribute to uniform and stable regulations on mass-media and electoral propaganda on the national level.

Project objectives:

  • Enhance cooperation of civil society with competent authorities of TAU Gagauzia in order to improve electoral legislation and procedures applicable in Gagauzia.
  • Ensure consistency of Gagauzia regional legislation in electoral area with the provisions of national legislation and international standards in this area.
  • Improve and ensure predictable legal framework on coverage of elections at national level.

Planned activities:

  • Organize public discussions on amending the electoral legislation of TAU Gagauzia
  • To elaborate, publicly discuss and present to TAU Gagauzia authorities for adoption draft laws on amending the electoral legislation of TAU Gagauzia and the Informative Notes
  • To elaborate and publicly discuss draft regulations on coverage of all types of election campaigns (parliamentary, local, referendums) and draft Regulation on posting electoral advertising on billboards during the electoral campaign

Promoting Good Governance through monitoring
June 2010 – September 2011
Funded by: the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands MATRA KAP program

The project’s goal is to promote good governance in Moldova through independent monitoring and evaluation and through raising public understanding of the policymaking process.

Project objectives:

  • Monitor and analyze the key policy developments in Moldova through the bi-weekly Governance and Democracy in Moldova electronic journal
  • Provide independent assessment and feedback on key policy developments
  • Raise the public awareness about policymaking process

Planned activities:

  • Publication and distribution of 22 issues of the bi-weekly Governance and Democracy in Moldova electronic journal
  • Production and publication of regular in-depth legislative, political and socio-economic comments
  • Production of regular TV programs presenting and analyzing the activity of main state institutions

Educating and Mobilizing Voters
April 1 – August 31, 2011
Funded by: National Endowment for Democracy (NED)

The project was aimed to increase the voter awareness on the importance of the 2011 local elections and the civic engagement in local governance

Project objectives:

  • To provide accurate and balanced information about electoral process that would enable citizens to make an informed choice during local elections
  • To provide educational activities that would assist voters in exercising their voting rights and enhance their awareness on the importance of local elections

Activities and results:

  • a web page dedicated to the 2011 general local elections posted under the address
  • the database on election results on Chisinau mayor, Chisinau municipal council, and general country results.
  • 5 000 copies of flyer "Why vote? Learn about your and local authorities responsibilities" in Romanian and Russian;
  • Radio clip "Vote Smart" (Romanian and Russian version).


Results of the first round of elections in Gagauzia
The first round of elections to the People’s Assembly of Gagauzia ended on September 9, 2012 with the election of 13 out of 35 deputies. Representatives of the three main political parties from the region were satisfied both with their results and with the way the campaign developed »»»

/Igor Botan, September 13, 2012/

Illegal visas to maintain legality
At its sitting of April 8, 2009, immediately after the verbal instruction of the outgoing Moldovan President was made public, the Government adopted Decision no. 269 on imposing visa regime with Romania »»»

/Sergiu Grosu, 15 April 2009/


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