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Parliament activity, December 15-19, 2003
26 December 2003

Law on the Social Security Budget for Year 2004. Law on measures for economic and financial recovery of economic agents in the field of agriculture. Law on modifying the Law on cancelling the penalties and financial sanctions. Law on the modification of the Law on the Consumer Protection. Law on the modification and completion of legal acts on audio-visual advertising. Resolution on designation of a new membership of the Central Electoral Commission. Resolution on the structure and personnel of the Court of Accounts. Resolution on changing the name of a parliamentary faction. Draft law on the obligatory medical insurance fund for year 2004. Draft law on the audio-visual public institution.

Parliament activity, December 8-12, 2003
18 December 2003

Law on rectifying the Law on State Budget for Year 2003. Law on the modification of the Law on Public Service. Law on exempting state road administration from paying the money necessary for compensating the losses incurred due to the exclusion of certain plots from the agricultural fund. Law on the modification of the Law on Local Public Administration. Law on the ratification of the status of the Nuclear Research Institution. Draft law on the modification of the law on the fingerprint registration. Draft law on the modification of the legislation on the production and circulation of alcohol products. Draft law on the modification of the Law on Enforcement of the Penal Code.

Parliament activity, December 1-5, 2003
8 December 2003

Resolution on the Conception of State Frontier Security. Law on changing the deadline for installing fiscal memory cash registries at the petrol stations. Law on cancelling the penalties and sanctions not paid by consumer co-operative societies. Law on the modification of the Law on the Status of Elected Official. Law on banning the import of packaging by economic units which do not recycle or destroy it. Resolutions on appointments and oustings. Draft law on Alimentary Products.

Parliament activity, November 17-21, 2003
27 November 2003

Law on Information and State Information Resources. Law on the Modification and Completion of the Law on Political Parties. Law on Modifying the Law on State Social Insurance Budget. Law on the Modification of the Law on Compulsory Health Insurance. Draft law on guaranteeing bank deposits.

Parliament activity, November 10-14, 2003
24 November 2003

Law on Approval of the Frame-Regulation on establishing and operation of local and rayon councils. Law on the Status of Foreign Military Forces. Law on Modification and Completion on the Law on Public Teleradio-Moldova Institution. Law on the Modification and Completion of Legal Acts related to Water. Law on Modification of Legal Acts on the Refugees Entry and Exit. Draft law on modification of the Code of Administrative Offence.

Parliament activity, November 3-6, 2003
10 November 2003

Law on Sample-Statute of the Village and City. Draft law on the State Budget for Year 2004. Draft law on establishing administrative sanctions for illegal actions of state representatives in economic units. Draft law on the modification of the Law on Compulsory Medical Insurance. Draft law on exemption from VAT devices for the assembly of glass heating furnace.

Parliament activity, October 27-31, 2003
3 November 2003

Law on Ratifying the Penal Convention on Corruption. Law on Modifying Legal Acts regulating state fiscal and budgetary policy. Law on Changing the Deadline for Introducing Inspection before Expedition. Law on Ratifying the second amendment to the Agreement between Republic of Moldova and "Dresner-Bank (Germany)" on surety of payment. Draft law on modifying the Law on Licensing in the Field of Alcohol Production and Sale. Draft law on the modification of legal acts on the use of Russian language in patenting. Draft law on canceling penalties and sanctions accrued by cooperative enterprises.

Parliament activity, October 20-24, 2003
27 October 2003

Law on Completing the Law on Notary. Law on exempting from VAT construction works at several museums. Resolution on approving the National Action Plan on Human Rights. Draft law on the sample-statute of the village (commune), city (Municipality). Draft law on approving the frame-regulation on establishment and functioning of local and rayon councils.

Parliament activity, October 13-17, 2003
20 October 2003

Law on Canceling Penalties accrued for delays in paying state social security. Law on Publishing International Treaties. Law on the modification of the Code of Civil Procedure. Law on completing the Law on Energy. Law on transferring summer camp in village Romanesti in return for debts. Law on modifying the privatization plan. Resolution on the results of parliamentary commission's control over the IT Department. Draft law on modifying the Law on "Teleradio-Moldova" audiovisual public institution.

Parliament Activity, 6-10 October, 2003
13 October 2003

Law on Ratification of the Agreement on mutual protection and promotion of investments, concluded between the Republic of Moldova and Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Law on Modification and Completion of the Law on Imprisonment on Suspicion. Draft law on the state informational resources. Draft law on modifying the Regulation on settling matters related to the administrative-territorial division of the Republic of Moldova. Draft law on modifying and completing the Law on Publishing Activity. Draft law on canceling the penalties imposed for the failure to transfer on time state social insurance contributions.

Parliament Activity, 29 September - 3 October, 2003
8 October 2003

Resolution on establishing a Commission to examine the Conception of National State Policy. Law on Modifying the State Budget for Year 2003. Law on modifying legal acts regulating economic activity. Law on Modifying the Law on State Tax. Draft law on modifying the Customs Code. Draft law on modifying the Law on Tourism.

Beginning of the fall Parliament session
29 September 2003

Law on the Ratification of the Protocol on canceling the exceptions to the Free Trade Agreement with Russian Federation. Law on Modification of the Law on Supreme Court of Justice. Law on the Modification of the Law on Social State Allocations for Certain Citizen Categories. Law on Simplified Visa Regime. Draft law on local public finances. Draft law on patient rights and responsibilities. Draft law on medical practice.

Parliament activity review during summer - winter session
15 September 2003

The Parliament is due to resume its activity soon. The fall session commences at the end of September and is much shorter than the spring - summer one. A review of the latter is provided below

Closing of the 2003 Spring-summer Parliament Session
5 August 2003

Law on Exempting from Taxes the Goods Delivered from Transnistria. Law on the Amendment of Pension Laws. Law on the Remuneration and Other Rights of State Notaries. Law on Exempting Grain Imports from Taxes. Law on Abolishing the Historic Debts of some State Publishing Houses. Law on Amending the Definition of the Notion "Money laundering" in the Criminal Code.

Parliament Activity during 21-25 July 2003
28 July 2003

Law on National Defence. Law on Introducing a Safeguard Tax on Sugar Imports. Law on Amending the Law on the National Bank of Moldova (NBM). Decisions on Cuts in the National Army Personnel and the Staff of the Security and Information Service (SIS). Decisions on the System of Prosecution Bodies.

Activity of Parliament during 14-18 July 2003
22 July 2003

As a rule, the laws adopted in emergency regime at the end of winter and summer sessions are flawed and are later disputed in the Constitutional Court. This time too it seems that certain adopted laws could be regarded as imperfect

Parlament Activity, July 7-11, 2003
15 July 2003

During the two plenary sessions of the referred period, the greatest attention was paid to the examination of a number of legislative documents, among which the Law on the Amendment of the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova and the Law on the Amendment of the State Budget for the current year

Parliament Activity, July 1-4, 2003
8 July 2003

On the eve of the session the leader of the "Social-Democratic Alliance" stated that the respective parliament fraction would boycott the Parliament plenary meetings

Activity of Parliament during 23-27 June 2003
3 July 2003

During this period, the Parliament examined and adopted a series of legislative acts primarily aimed at fulfilling the commitments to the international financial institutions. In addition, the Parliament heard the report of the Governor of the National Bank on 2002

The Activity of Parliament during 16-20 June 2003
23 June 2003

During last week's plenary meetings, the atmosphere of debates was rather calm and the hottest debates referred to the new Law on Inspection before Expedition. At the same time, among the drafts examined by the Parliament, there have been a series of important drafts, whose socio-economic consequences will soon emerge

Parliament Activity during 9-13 June 2003
17 June 2003

During this period, the Parliament heard the Government report on the implementation of the 2002 plan of activities, as well as the Finance Ministry report on the execution of the 2002 state budget

Parliament Activity during 2-6 June 2003
9 June 2003

During this period, one single plenary session was held, following which the Parliament left for the summer break until 13 June 2003. At the session on 5 June, the Parliament examined a considerable number of legislative acts, including some of great importance

Parliament Activity during 26-30 May 2003
2 June 2003

After the first round of elections held on 25 May 2003, the Moldovan Deputies resumed their legislative activity, although, over the next two weeks the entire attention of the public opinion will be focused on the second round of elections, whose major outcome will be the election of the General Mayor of Chisinau Municipality

The activity of the Parliament during 12-16 May 2003
21 May 2003

Early this week the OSCE organised a seminar of the issue of federalisation addressed to authorities from Chisinau and Tiraspol. The seminar was to contribute towards the efforts of drafting a new Constitution of the Republic of Moldova

Parliament Activity, 5-9 May 2003
12 May 2003

On 9 May 2003 the Republic of Moldova celebrated the Day of Victory and Commemoration of the victims of fascism

The New Code of Criminal Procedure
7 May 2003

Recently, the Moldovan Parliament has adopted the new Code of Criminal Procedure of the Republic of Moldova, a fundamental document on criminal investigation and the exercise of justice in criminal matters

The Activity of Parliament during 21-25 April 2003
29 April 2003

During this period of time, the Parliament examined and adopted a series of highly important legislative acts, both related to the economic activity and to the juridical reform

Parliament Activity Review 14-18 April 2003
April 23, 2003

Law on Amending the Law on Civil State Documents. The Law on Amending the Code of Offences. Law on amending the Law on Customs Tariff. Decision on appointing the members of the Commission for the drafting of the new Constitution of the Republic of Moldova. The new Code of Civil Procedure.

Parliament Activity Review April 7-11, 2003
April 15, 2003

One may realize that the electoral campaign has started not only because of the frequent declarations made by politicians, but also because of the increased attention to the electorate

The Activity of Parliament during March 31 - April 4, 2003
April 7, 2003

Although the Parliament decisions on nuclear wastes initially spurred a huge scandal, they did not lead to huge protest rallies of the environmental NGOs

Parliament Activity Review March 24-28, 2003
April 2, 2003

Once the electoral period commenced, opposition gave up boycotting Parliament session and resumed their legislative activity

Parliament Activity Review March 17-21, 2003
March 24, 2003

Last week was marked by several extremely important events. The first one, was the decision of the Foreign Affairs Department of the breakaway Transdnistrian Republic to declare the leadership of the Republic of Moldova

Parliament Activity Review March 10-14, 2003
March 17, 2003

Council of Europe monitoring mission has influenced to a large extent authorities' agenda. Moldovan authorities have kept some of the previously assumed to enforce PACE resolutions

Parliament Activity Review March 3-7, 2003
March 11, 2003

Law on modification of the Law on Privatization. Law on the modification of the Law on the Deputy Status. Law on modification and completion of the Penal Code and Code of Administrative Offence. Law on the modification of the Law on Access to Information.

Parliament Activity Review February 24-28, 2003
March 5, 2003

Law on modification and completion of the Law on Audiovisual. Law on extending the deadline for submitting the income declarations by public officers. Law on state policy on innovations and know-how. Law on Local Public Administration.

Parliament Activity Review February 17-21, 2003
February 24, 2003

Opposition is still boycotting the Parliament sessions. During the week, MPs focussed on the Law on Fighting Extremism as well as the draft laws on changing the status of the National TV

Parliament Activity Review February 10-14, 2003
February 17, 2003

Law on modification and completion of the Electoral Code; Law on modification and completion of the Law on the Status of the Deputy in Parliament

Parliament spring session
February 10, 2003

The Parliament of the Republic of Moldova resumed its activity on February 6. As in 2002 the Parliament session was inaugurated by protest rallies

Retrospective of legislative activity in 2002
January 28, 2003

Last year was marked by legal and institutional reforms, efforts to fight crime and corruption. Here is an overview of the most important events in this respect

Retrospective 2002: Social security
January 21, 2003

Parliamentary majority has declared itself a socially oriented party. That is why enforcement of the social program goals has become a priority for the Communist Party

Retrospective 2002: Economy
January 21, 2003

Political events of the 2002 determined the Parliament to focus on legal and institutional reforms, social security and foreign policy

Retrospective 2002: Foreign Affairs
January 21, 2003

Although to a less degree than President and Government, still the Parliament was actively involved in foreign affairs throughout 2002

Retrospective 2002: Enforcement of PACE Resolutions
January 21, 2003

Protest rallies staged by opposition in early 2002 resulted in a hearing of the Council of Europe specialized structures on the situation in the Republic of Moldova






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