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Gas is coming from East
Iurie Gotisan, 21 December 2005

The rise of the natural gas price is being discussed much but the topic has turned from a genuine rhetoric into practical actions

Economic growth of conjuncture
Iurie Gotisan, 9 November 2005

President Voronin has recently attended an ordinary cabinet sitting and bitterly criticized the executive, indicating in particular the low quality of economic growth, lack of initiative and poor execution discipline

Banks punished
Iurie Gotisan, 25 October 2005

The bank system in Moldova has visibly developed the past years in spite of a not very favorable external environment. Indicators of financial position of commercial banks have remained relatively high, while year 2004 confirmed this evolution one more time

"Economic competitiveness is a heavy burden for Moldova"
Ion Basiul, 11 October 2005

Moldova continues to hold the red light in Europe and the world because it does not have competitive advantages, advantages based on a modern work

GDP is on the rise despite unfavorable circumstances
Iurie Gotisan, 26 September 2005

Despite some negative circumstances, GDP is on the rise

Real estate market in a deadlock
Iurie Gotisan, 12 September 2005

Real estate market seems to be stymied by the skyrocketed prices as well as some psychological factors

Unemployment: a curse of transition
Valeriu Prohnitchi, 1 September 2005

According to statistics data youth ranging 15-29 is the most affected by poverty

Transnistria Economy: Regional Dimension
Galina Selari, 29 July 2005

The new challenges, events and decisions of the last years (2000-2005) that brought about worsening economic relations between Moldova and Transnistria (so-called "economic blockade", boosting privatization process and its legitimacy, autonomy of the region's infrastructure), highlight the economic component of the "Transdnistrian issue"

Foreseeing for inflation: optimism of authorities will "face" the bitter reality
Iurie Gotisan, 11 July 2005

Internal and external dangers threaten the 10-percent annual inflation rate

Macroeconomic evolutions. Tendencies for future
Iurie Gotisan, 23 June 2005

Statistics on macroeconomic evolutions in the first quarter of 2005 followed the general expectations for the year

Vegetables and fruits might temper swelling inflation
Iurie Gotisan, 9 June 2005

In the summer the price on many food products goes down, thus slowing down inflation

Chisinau's economic dependence on Moscow
Iurie Gotisan, 4 May 2005

Moldova morphed into a subject of Russia's economic policy, and this because it lacks an active stance in negotiations

Foreign deficits, inflation, exchange rate...
Iurie Gotisan, 14 March 2005

Fitch Ratings warns that the economic and political situation in Moldova remains "very difficult" amidst growth of foreign debt, high domestic inflation and strong exchange rate

Positive economic signals between Chisinau and Bucharest
Iurie Gotisan, 3 February 2005

The recently visit at Chisinau of Romanian President Traian Basescu put an end to overshadowed relations because Moldavian government had accused Romania of "expansionism" and interference in Moldova's domestic affairs

Economic retrospectives & perspectives
Iurie Gotisan, 18 January 2005

Economic growth, which according to the preliminary data might reach 7%, made this year quite special, fact acknowledged by economy-watchers, even the most sceptical ones






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