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Inflation: thinking aloud
Galina Shelar, 16 December 2007

Today, due to quite understandable reasons, growth of prices for basic food products, such as milk, butter, bread represents a concern both for the government and the population. According to the official statistic data, to a large extent these are the very goods that caused increased prices in the economy as a whole

Social-economic analysis on Transnistrian region
Maxim Kuzovlev, 16 December 2007

Transnistria is paid a very intense attention. The advancement of the European Union border to the Republic of Moldova is the first explanation in this respect

Inflation is thickening
Iurie Gotisan, 16 November 2007

Official data of the National Bureau for Statistics (NBS) have confirmed our forecasts from the precedent issue of the e-journal Governing and Democracy in Moldova regarding the inflation for October 2007

Political consensus vs. competitiveness of public policies
Iurie Gotisan, 30 September 2007

I have recently attended an International Conference organised by the Independent Analytical Centre Expert-Grup in partnership with the Ministry of Economy and Commerce, which focussed on the National Development Plan (NDP)

Reflections on draft budget law for 2008
Iurie Gotisan, 15 September 2007

The draft budget law for 2008 may be commented from two viewpoints or on two directions in terms of quantity and quality, if saying this way

Statistical trends vs. economic expectations
Iurie Gotisan, 17 July 2007

I have recently read several articles about data on economic growth and inflation, in particular, concerning the correctness of these figures. As a sentence cannot synthesise an economic book, I will also try to explain these indicators, especially the inflation rate

Salaries correlate with productivity, too
Iurie Gotisan, 30 June 2007

The Government has plans to increase three-fold the salaries of budgetary workers by 2009, while the minimum monthly pay is expected to grow up to 400 lei; official statistics reveal that the things go in the right direction regarding the monthly advance of medium wage on economy

Strong leu, great leu or new heights for the dollar?!
Iurie Gotisan, 15 May 2007

Beyond various figures advanced by economists, bankers or analysts of financial market in their commentaries on exchange rates, two words revealing a convergence of opinions are often found

Problem of exchange rate and currency market
Iurie Gotisan, 15 April 2007

The leu appreciated by nearly 4 percent versus dollar and more than 1 percent versus euro in the past three months. The appreciation of the leu versus euro and U.S. dollar seems to be excessive and unsustainable on long term and unbalances of economy could produce an abrupt depreciation soon

Fiscal revolution: for or against?
Iurie Gotisan, 1 April 2007

The Government has recently examined the draft tax policy of Moldova for 2008–2010, in which several scenarios of policies have been evaluated, including very bold ones on reduction of taxes

About salaries and productivity
Iurie Gotisan, 18 March 2007

Speaking about the preliminary macroeconomic forecasts for the next three years, the Government has recently promised that the medium monthly nominal salary on economy will grow 1.6-fold in 2008–2010, up to 3,250 lei in 2010

Heating, the dearest electoral agent
Iurie Gotisan, 16 February 2007

The introduction of reference prices for the heating supplied to population in the centralised system increased approximately 2.4-fold the price of a gigacalory starting January 1, 2007. Of course, a rise of heating tariffs was expectable after the natural gas prices have grown

"Happy" accident and foreign financing
Iurie Gotisan, 31 January 2007

The National Bureau for Statistics (NBS) released last week updated data on economic growth for 2005. According to NBS, a 7.5-percent growth was registered in 2005, which is by 0.4 percentage points more than officially announced (7.1 percent) in March 2006






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