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Economy: retrospectives 2009 vs. forecasts 2010
Iurie Gotisan, 31 December 2009

The economic crisis had more or less devastating effects on Moldova in 2009 for sure. The Moldovan crisis does not have distinct particularities in general. This crisis is afferent to an economy which is quasi dependent on external factors, as the economic growth in the latest period was particularly due to earnings of Moldovan migrants working abroad, which means that the economy is mainly based on consumption »»»

Government, IMF and public funds
Iurie Gotisan, 18 October 2009

The IMF Mission which started working in Chisinau last week seems to have been long-awaited, particularly by authorities. The potential assistance of the Fund could be a "life buoy". At the same time, the advantage of signing an external funding agreement with IMF is that "import of credibility" if you want, respectively the absence of such an agreement is a major risk for the way Moldova is regarded by foreign investors, especially in the current economic and political conjuncture »»»

Reflections: investments vs. justice
Iurie Gotisan, 31 July 2009

The specialised media and others have often debated in the latest period the topic of potential credits expected from the Russian Federation and China. However, little was said and published about conditions to be respected for these credits and about the fact if the granting formalities will be strictly applied and adjusted to international financial standards »»»

Wine industry, once upon a time
Iurie Gotisan, 15 July 2009

The effects of the global crisis and decline of demand on the Russian market put the domestic wine industry in a pretty difficult economic-financial condition. In fact, it could be described as dramatic, with technological capacities being overcharged two months before the start of the new winemaking season, a fact confirmed by both specialists and authorities »»»

Moldovan economy and IMF
Iurie Gotisan, 31 May 2009

Unquestionably, the IMF and WB are the key creditors of the Republic of Moldova. Absolutely, the assistance provided by these organisations was very important throughout years. But one should note that sometimes the policies of these organisations towards Moldova did not always meet the social security interests of population »»»

International ratings, external deficits, exchange rate…
Iurie Gotisan, 31 March 2009

The Economist Intelligence Unit, part of the well-known British magazine The Economist, has recently published a report on vulnerability of countries of the world to consequences of the world economic crisis. The report ranks the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and Bosnia-Herzegovina as most politically unstable countries and therefore, very vulnerable to economic developments »»»






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