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Democracy and governing in Moldova


No. 21, 17 December 2003

An overview of the 2003 political year, an assessment of the macroeconomic impact of the money sent from abroad »»»

No. 20, 3 December 2003

An overview of the recent developments in settling the Transdnistrian conflict in the aftermath of the "Kozak Plan", a review of the Law on State Budget for Year 2004 »»»

No. 19, 19 November 2003

Analysis of deteriorating economic relations between Moldova and Transdnistria; overview of the causes of trade balance deficit »»»

No. 18, 5 November 2003

Analysis of the causes of corruption in judiciary and economy of the Republic of Moldova; impact corruption has and actions to be taken to combat it »»»

No. 17, 21 October 2003

An analysis of the de-urbanization of the Republic of Moldova; an overview of how and when European integration became an issue in Moldova »»»

No. 16, 8 October 2003

A discussion on the outcomes of the Yalta Summit and an economic assessment of the options for Moldova's regional integration »»»

No. 15, 23 September 2003

A discussion of the role of trade unions within the social partnership in Moldova and an economic outlook on the Conception of European Integration of Moldova »»»

No. 14, 9 September 2003

Analyses include a sociological portrait of the new elect Moldovan mayors and a critical discussion of the draft of the state budget for 2004 »»»

No. 13, 19 August 2003

An analysis of the investment policy of the Republic of Moldova and an ample comment on the recently constituted political party, the Alliance "Moldova Noastra" (Our Moldova) »»»

No. 12, 5 August 2003

An overview of the size, sources and contents of the shadow economy of Moldova and a number of recommended steps to curtail it; a retrospective analysis of the state of affairs in the field of military reform, including a glance at past and current legislation and trends in the field »»»

No. 11, 22 July 2003

This issue includes an analysis of the government policy of export promotion, which manifests in the form of various overlapping regulations i.e. "on paper" rather than through concrete measures of removing barriers and facilitating exports and a discussion of the current legal requirements for practising law in Moldova from the point of view of the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights and of the Moldovan Constitutional Court »»»

No. 10, 4 July 2003

An analysis of the progress made in the Transdnistrian conflict resolution process after a new proposal on solving the conflict through the federalisation of Moldova was proposed by the OSCE one year ago in Kiev and a discussion of two currently most debated issues in the Moldovan-Transdnistrian relations: the issue of Moldovan customs stamps to Transdnistrian exports and the legality of the process of privatisation in Transdnistria »»»

No. 9, 18 June 2003

The analyses include a discussion of the factors that have determined the recent change of Moldova's foreign policy course towards integration into the EU, and a review of the various territorial administrative reforms carried out on the territory of Moldova over the past 50 years and of the lessons that might be drawn from these with regard to the current reform »»»

No. 8, 5 June 2003

The behavior of the Moldovan communist elite as observed in their strategy of "interests wherever"; the introduction of the mixed private-public institution of the notary, and the issues likely to arise upon the application of the new Law on Notaries »»»

No. 7, 20 May 2003

The current issue includes a review of the factors that have brought about growth in the agriculture of Moldova over the past two years and puts forward a number of recommendations on how to upkeep that growth. The second article tackles the state of the Moldovan army and touches upon, among other things, the relationship between the current communist government and the defense policy-making in Moldova »»»

No. 6, 7 May 2003

Analyses tackle the prospects of Moldova joining the EU and EU's policy paper on relations with its new neighbours, as well as the issue of the Moldovan currency exchange rate floating »»»

No. 5, 22 April 2003

An economic and political review of Moldovan public institutions in the aftermath of the 2001 parliamentary elections »»»

No. 4, April 8, 2003

Revising administrative-territorial division, state policies on social security, unemployment rate, etc »»»

No. 3, March 25, 2003

Financial challenges lying ahead of the Republic of Moldova in 2003; budget enforcement; relations with international monetary organizations; insurance market »»»

No. 2, March 11, 2003

The issue features economic forecasts for 2003, reformation of the "Teleradio-Moldova" and an overview of the public institutions' activity »»»

No. 1, February 25, 2003

Featuring an economic overview for 2002 and forecasts for 2003, and consequences of frequent legislation modification »»»


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Results of the first round of elections in Gagauzia
The first round of elections to the People’s Assembly of Gagauzia ended on September 9, 2012 with the election of 13 out of 35 deputies. Representatives of the three main political parties from the region were satisfied both with their results and with the way the campaign developed »»»

/Igor Botan, September 13, 2012/

Illegal visas to maintain legality
At its sitting of April 8, 2009, immediately after the verbal instruction of the outgoing Moldovan President was made public, the Government adopted Decision no. 269 on imposing visa regime with Romania »»»

/Sergiu Grosu, 15 April 2009/


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