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Democracy and governing in Moldova


e-journal, year IV, issue 87, December 16-31, 2006

Political year 2006. Elections in Gagauzia – a new beginning or deja vu? Dilemma of economic growth. Implications of Romania’s accession to EU on Moldovan-Romanian bilateral relations »»»

e-journal, year IV, issue 86, December 2-15, 2006

GDP is on the rise, but citizen does not feel it much!!!??? »»»

e-journal, year IV, issue 85, 16 November - 1 December 2006

Elections in Gagauzia. Leu - "holy column" of economy »»»

e-journal, year IV, issue 84, 1-15 November 2006

Thawing postponed. Gagauzia: The Region of Development »»»

e-journal, year IV, issue 83, 16-31 October 2006

State budget for 2007 »»»

e-journal, year IV, issue 82, 1-15 October 2006

Governmental monitoring of the EU-Moldova Action Plan's implementation process »»»

e-journal, year IV, issue 81, 16-30 September 2006

Appeal of GUAM and eventual implications. Liberalisation of economy: between myth and reality »»»

e-journal, year IV, issue 80, 1-15 September 2006

The three deteriorated pillars. Inflation growth adjusted to statistics »»»

e-journal, year IV, issue 79, 1-31 August 2006

Referendum on background of explosions. National particularities of declaring incomes and estate. "Independence" of Moldovan economy. »»»

e-journal, year IV, issue 78, 17-31 July 2006

Macroeconomic trends in 2006... and forecasts. European integration remains a priority of the Republic of Moldova »»»

e-journal, year IV, issue 77, 1-16 July 2006

Activity of Public Institutions. Economic Policies. Transdnistrian Conflict. Foreign Affairs. »»»

e-journal, year IV, issue 76, 15-30 June 2006

Farmers will have to look for other niches to export phytosanitary products »»»

e-journal, year IV, issue 75, 31 May - 14 June 2006

Electoral race begins in Transnistria »»»

e-journal, year IV, issue 74, 16-30 May 2006

"Europe must not forget: gas is coming from East"! New customs regime and Ukrainian factor: Main piece of resistance or weak link? »»»

e-journal, year IV, issue 73, 29 April - 15 May 2006

Driving away from CIS. Therapy of International Monetary Fund »»»

e-journal, year IV, issue 72, 12-28 April 2006

Public opinion in Moldova concerning Euro-Atlantic integration. External deficits vs. deficit of economic stability »»»

e-journal, IV year, no. 71, 29 March - 11 April 2006

Parliamentary consensus on current legislative activity. Wine crisis goes on... »»»

e-journal, IV year, no. 70, 15-28 March 2006

Summary of ECHR judgments and decisions on appeals vs Moldova »»»

e-journal, IV year, no. 69, 1-14 March 2006

The hostages of Transnistrian regime. Potential economic consequences of new customs regime. »»»

e-journal, IV year, no. 68, 15-28 February 2006

Improvement of electoral legislation. Betting on exchange rate. »»»

e-journal, IV year, no. 67, 1-14 February 2006

New concepts on foreign policy and national security. Hedgehopping of Moldovan economy. »»»

e-journal, IV year, no. 66, 16-31 January 2006

Touchstones of parliamentary consensus. Moldovan wines - between reality and statistics. »»»

e-journal, IV year, no. 65, 20 December 2005 - 15 January 2006

Quo vadis?.. Syntheses of 2005 and major financial uncertainties of 2006. »»»


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Results of the first round of elections in Gagauzia
The first round of elections to the People’s Assembly of Gagauzia ended on September 9, 2012 with the election of 13 out of 35 deputies. Representatives of the three main political parties from the region were satisfied both with their results and with the way the campaign developed »»»

/Igor Botan, September 13, 2012/

Illegal visas to maintain legality
At its sitting of April 8, 2009, immediately after the verbal instruction of the outgoing Moldovan President was made public, the Government adopted Decision no. 269 on imposing visa regime with Romania »»»

/Sergiu Grosu, 15 April 2009/


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