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Monitoring of the Republic of Moldova - European Union Action Plan

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In 2005, the Association for Participatory Democracy ADEPT and the Centre Expert-Grup launched a joint project "Republic of Moldova-EU Action Plan accessible document to the public" in order to create a wide and open framework for knowledge, promotion and debating the implementation of the Moldova-EU Action Plan, signed on February 22, 2005. The project was financed by the UK Department for International Development (DFID).

Afterwards, the project’s objectives and activities with the most known among them being the independent monitoring of the Moldova-EU Action Plan implementation (final result – EUROMONITOR) continued to be implemented within two follow-up projects: "Republic of Moldova-EU Action Plan accessible document to the public (II)" (January-December 2007) and "Moldova-EU Relations – Improving Public Information and Debate on Key Developments" (January 2008 – February 2009). Both projects were carried out by Association ADEPT in partnership with the Centre Expert-Grup with the financial support of the Soros Foundation-Moldova.

In 2009, ADEPT and Expert-Grup continued to monitor the Moldova-EU dialogue in the context of the new internal political and European realities (approval of mandate for negotiating new framework agreement between Moldova and EU, launch of the Eastern Partnership initiative) within the project "EU-Moldova Relations – Monitoring progress within the framework of the Eastern Partnership", financed by the Soros Foundation-Moldova. The project is aimed to strengthen the framework of public debates on European integration policy of Moldova, built within previous similar projects implemented by ADEPT and Expert-Grup, and help improving governmental policies associated with the European integration process of Moldova.

Starting with 2012 ADEPT and Expert-Grup adopted a new progress monitoring mechanism. The main conclusions are now presented on webpage that covers Moldova’s European integration progress in a more intuitive and user friendly way. The webpage also presents the starting point in Moldova’s EU integration efforts (2005), the current situation (2012) and the quarterly progress achieved in each of the 28 monitored sectors.

Key objectives:

  • Monitoring evolutions in the EU-Moldova relations and conducting relevant analyses;
  • Enhancing awareness and improving knowledge about major political developments in the Moldova-EU dialogue;
  • Providing information assistance and advisory upon request to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration during the negotiation of a new agreement between Moldova and European Union.
Main expected results:
  • Monitoring report of the progress in the implementation of the European Union - Republic of Moldova Action Plan for the years 2005-2012 (Romanian version only)
  • Quarterly independent monitoring reports on the evolution of EU-Moldova relations (EUROMONITOR);
  • Analytical and synthesis review «Governance and Democracy: European perspectives»;
  • Independent commentaries on the present situation and implementation of reforms in key fields established by the Moldova-EU Action Plan and the 2009 Agenda for European Integration.


All those interested are welcome to send their proposals, recommendations and objections concerning the documents drafted by ADEPT and Expert-Grup to:

Address ADEPT: 97 V. Alecsandri Street, MD-2012, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova


Results of the first round of elections in Gagauzia
The first round of elections to the People’s Assembly of Gagauzia ended on September 9, 2012 with the election of 13 out of 35 deputies. Representatives of the three main political parties from the region were satisfied both with their results and with the way the campaign developed »»»

/Igor Botan, September 13, 2012/

Illegal visas to maintain legality
At its sitting of April 8, 2009, immediately after the verbal instruction of the outgoing Moldovan President was made public, the Government adopted Decision no. 269 on imposing visa regime with Romania »»»

/Sergiu Grosu, 15 April 2009/


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