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Results of the February 25, 2001 Early Parliamentary Elections

Results of the February 25, 2001 Early Parliamentary Elections

Following the February 25 elections, three contestants — Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova (50.07% votes, 71 seats), “Braghis Alliance” Electoral Bloc (13.36%, 19 seats) and Christian Democratic People’s Party (8.24%, 11 seats) — passed the electoral threshold and will be represented in the Moldovan Parliament (15th Legislature). The other 24 contestants gained together 28.33% of the votes cast and these votes were proportionally distributed between the three winning parties, according to the D’Hondt formula. 67.52% of voters included in the voter rolls participated in elections.

Voter Turnout on February 25, 2001Number of voters included in the voter lists2,256,241
Number of voters included in supplementary lists123,250
Number of voters who received ballots1,607,095
Number of voters who participated in voting1,606,703
Number of invalid ballots19,446
Number of total ballots cast1,587,257

Gained Ballots and Seats

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Voter Turnout and Election Results by Districts

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Total per country 2,379,491 67.52%
Balti 331,989 66.61%
Cahul 109,590 75.40%
Chisinau 256,988 68.23%
Edinet 203,440 71.93%
Lapusna 163,241 75.62%
Orhei 192,841 71.71%
Soroca 177,921 76.18%
Taraclia 30,121 77.11%
Tighina 110,714 70.22%
Ungheni 159,292 69.74%
Chisinau Municipality 548,525 57.77%
Gagauz Yeri 94,829 58.06%