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Parliamentary Elections in Moldova on November 30, 2014

On 30 November 2014, ordinary parliamentary elections will be held based on the absolute proportional system: one country — one electoral district. On election day, political parties and independent candidates will appear in a single ballot. The electoral threshold for a political organization is 6%; for an electoral bloc formed of 2 parties — 9%; for an electoral bloc formed of 3 and more parties — 11%; and for independent candidates — 2%. The mandates that should have gone to the electoral contestants that did not pass the electoral threshold shall be redistributed equally among the parties that passed the threshold.
General information on elections

Election News

November 25, 2014
3,226,446 citizens with the right to vote have been registered for parliamentary elections The CEC certified special ballots for the visually impaired The socialists will be supported by the “Ravnopravie (Equality)” Movement in parliamentary elections The Association of Former Deportees and Political Prisoners of Moldova supports the PLDM in parliamentary elections An independent candidate warned by the CEC His Eminence Vladimir urges citizens to exercise their right to vote[]