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Elections to the People’s Assembly of Gagauzia of September 9 and 23, 2012

The autonomous territorial unit with special status Gagauzia (Gagauz Yeri) held elections to the 5th People’s Assembly (Halk Toplusu) in 35 uninominal electoral districts in September 2012. As many as 163 candidates (83 representatives of political parties and 80 independents) ran for elections. Both rounds of elections were validated; the turnout was 50.65 percent in the first round and 50.96 percent in the runoff vote. The newly elected People’s Assembly is made of 7 PCRM representatives, 2 PLDM representatives, 1 PSRM representative and 25 independents.
Composition of the 5th People’s Assembly of Gagauzia

Laws and Relevant Regulations

Laws of the RM, normative acts of Gagauzia, international documents on election standards[]

Election Process Monitoring

Reports and analyses covering election campaign, Election Day and post-election period[]

CEC Găgăuzia

Composition, orders, regulations[]

Election Results

Independent candidates — 25  Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova — 7  Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova — 2  Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova — 1
The new People’s Assembly elected for 2012–2016 is made of 7 PCRM deputies, 2 PLDM deputies, 1 PSRM deputy and 25 independent members[]

Composition of the People’s Assembly

Composition of the 5th People’s Assembly of Gagauzia (2012–2016)[]