Composition of the 5th People’s Assembly of Gagauzia (2012–2016)

Independent candidates (25 seats)

Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova (7 seats)

Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (2 seats)

Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova (1 seat)

DistrictFirst and last namesYear of birthPolitical affiliation
1ComratConstantinov DmitriiConstantinov Dmitrii1952IC
zoo-engineer, director, “ComVinCom” L.T.D., manager “MoldLugVin” L.T.D.
2ComratMardari IvanMardari Ivan1963IC
lawyer, director, “Bascalean-Agro” L.T.D.
3ComratTarnavschii AlexandrTarnavschii Alexandr1977IC
accountant, specialist in public administration, vice-mayor, mun. Comrat
4ComratMorari GrigoriiMorari Grigorii1979IC
manager, director, “Aidin” J.S.C.
5Ceadir-LungaCaici OlegCaici Oleg1975PCRM
economist, director, “Ceadir-Lunga-gaz” branch L.T.D.
6Ceadir-LungaLeiciu GheorghiiLeiciu Gheorghii1963IC
lawyer, interim prosecutor, A.T.U. Gagauzia
7Ceadir-LungaTopal AnatoliiTopal Anatolii1972PLDM
professional contract soldier, educational specialist, psychologist, lawyer, specialist in public administration, deputy commander, territorial military center, A.T.U. Gagauzia
8VulcanestiPetrioglu VictorPetrioglu Victor1974IC
specialist in public administration
9VulcanestiPetrioglo VictorPetrioglo Victor1962IC
lawyer, director, S.E. “Service-Paza”, t. Vulcanesti
10VulcanestiTiutin RomanTiutin Roman1980PCRM
lawyer, chairman, Town Council, t. Vulcanesti
11AvdarmaDinjos AlexandrDinjos Alexandr1963IC
veterinary, head of the farm “Asmut aaci”
12BaurciCadin GrigoriiCadin Grigorii1970IC
technician-mechanic, lawyer, chief, Territorial directorate of the transport registration and drivers qualification, t. Ceadir-Lunga
13BesalmaBogdan SimionBogdan Simion1961PCRM
hydrotechnic-engineer, accountant, I.E. “Bodur”
14BesghiozCaraja IvanCaraja Ivan1961IC
pilot-engineer, director, “ZETO” J.S.C.
15BugeacCissa VladimirCissa Vladimir1980IC
economic law, chairman, Commission for Youth, Sport and Tourism, People’s Assembly of ATU Gagauzia
16CismichioiMadjar PiotrMadjar Piotr1969IC
manager, “Nefis” L.T.D.
17Cioc-MaidanIanioglo FiodorIanioglo Fiodor1959PCRM
engineer-mechanic, director, “Maidan-grup” L.T.D.
18DezghingeaGrossu PanteleiGrossu Pantelei1968PCRM
lawyer, manager, “Dagota-Trans” L.T.D.
19JoltaiSoseva NataliaSoseva Natalia1964IC
pharmacist, chief, “Faramcon” L.T.D. branch, t. Ceadir-Lunga
20EtuliaArnaut IvanArnaut Ivan1958IC
engineer-mechanic, director, “Burun-Agro” L.T.D.
21FerapontievcaTopal IvanTopal Ivan1963IC
technologist, lawyer, director, National Bureau of Statistics, A.T.U. Gagauzia
22GaidarGagauz FiodorGagauz Fiodor1958IC
lawyer, specialist in public administration, chair of the Civic Movement “United Gagauzia”, mun. Comrat
23CarbaliaGaidarji ValentinGaidarji Valentin1984IC
natural resources preservation and management, manager, “Autoneon” L.T.D.
24CazacliaChior NicolaiChior Nicolai1960PCRM
historian, teacher of history and civic education, theoretical lyceum, v. Cazaclia
25Chiriet-LungaBurgudji IvanBurgudji Ivan1953IC
lawyer, chief, The Official Representative of Gagauzia in Transnistria
26ChirsovaSarioglo StepanSarioglo Stepan1974IC
narcologist, medical assistant, central rayonal hospital, mun. Comrat
27CongazFedorov IvanFedorov Ivan1963IC
engineer-mechanic, director, “Tehnomas” L.T.D.
28CongazCaraseni DemianCaraseni Demian1966IC
teacher, vice-chairman, People’s Assembly of Gagauzia
29Congazcicul de SusMitul ZaharMitul Zahar1958IC
agronomist, head, “Mitul Z. S.”
30CopceacDragan NicolaiDragan Nicolai1965PCRM
lawyer, chairman, labour collective “Pobeda”, v. Copceac
31CopceacManastirli DmitriiManastirli Dmitrii1967IC
professor of biology and chemistry, theoretical lyceum “B. Ianacoglo”, v. Copceac
32CotovscoeOrmanji NicolaiOrmanji Nicolai1973PLDM
veterinary, specialist in accounting and auditing, master in public law, director, Regional Social Center “Together for life” for HIV infected
33Chioselia RusaUzun IliaUzun Ilia1967PSRM
veterinary, director, “Fortress” L.T.D.
34SvetliiCiavdari PiotrCiavdari Piotr1950IC
hydrotechnic-engineer, senior electrician, “Megagronomia plus” L.T.D.
35TomaiCimpoies SergheiCimpoies Serghei1966IC
entrepreneur, director, “Basarabia-Agroexpast” L.T.D.