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Elections to the People’s Assembly of Gagauzia of November 20 and December 4, 2016

The autonomous territorial unit with special status Gagauzia (Gagauz Yeri) held elections to the 6th People’s Assembly (Halk Toplusu) in 35 uninominal electoral districts in November-December 2016. As many as 126 candidates (31 representatives of political parties and 95 independents) ran for elections. The turnout was 42.8 percent in the first round and 42.2 percent in the runoff vote. The newly elected People’s Assembly is made of 6 PSRM representatives, 1 PDM representative and 28 independents.

Composition of the 6th People’s Assembly of Gagauzia

DistrictFirst and last namesYear of birthPolitical affiliation
Elections 2012
1ComratDragoi VitaliiDragoi Vitalii1968IC
physician, deputy director, National Centre for Emergency Medicine
2ComratZlatov ConstantinZlatov Constantin1961IC
zoo technician, manager, “Moldagrohimprotect” L.T.D.
3ComratTarnavski AlexandrTarnavski Alexandr1977IC
economist, vice-chairman, People’s Assembly of Gagauzia
4ComratSuhodolski AlexandrSuhodolski Alexandr1989PSRM
jurist, vice-mayor, mun. Comrat
5Ceadir-LungaIvanciuc NicolaiIvanciuc Nicolai1962IC
agronomist, director, “Jemciujina” L.T.D.
6Ceadir-LungaLeiciu GheorghiLeiciu Gheorghi1963IC
jurist, lawyer, I.E. “Gheorghe Leiciu”
7Ceadir-LungaGarbali RuslanGarbali Ruslan1970PSRM
economist, director, “Transtrim-M” L.T.D.
8VulcanestiCernev SergheiCernev Serghei1966IC
jurist, temporarily not employed
9VulcanestiUzun GrigoriiUzun Grigorii1986PSRM
petroleum engineer, temporarily not employed
10VulcanestiFazli PiotrFazli Piotr1953PSRM
художник, директор, Детская художественная школа г. Вулканешты
11AvdarmaCaramit ElenaCaramit Elena1975IC
manager, director, theoretical lyceum, v. Аvdarma
12BaurciCadin GrigoriiCadin Grigorii1970IC
jurist, head DQD (Drivers Qualification Department) mun. Ceadir-Lunga, S.E. CSIR “Registru”
13BesalmaDiulgher GrigoriDiulgher Grigori1981IC
accountant, sales manager, “Vinuri de Comrat” J.S.C.
14BesghiozEfteni GheorghiEfteni Gheorghi1974IC
engineer, specialist in public administration, head, Department of gas accounting, “Gagauz-Gaz” L.T.D.
15BugeacCissa VladimirCissa Vladimir1980PDM
jurist, head DQD (Drivers Qualification Department) mun. Comrat, S.E. CSIR “Registru”
16CismichioiJecova EcaterinaJecova Ecaterina1971IC
journalist, director, media centre “Zaman”
17Cioc-MaidanIanioglo FiodorIanioglo Fiodor1959IC
doctor of science, director, “Maidan-Grup” L.T.D.
18DezghingeaRaia NicolaiRaia Nicolai1970IC
teacher, temporarily not employed
19JoltaiSoseva NataliaSoseva Natalia1964IC
pharmacist, vice-chairman, People’s Assembly of Gagauzia
20EtuliaArnaut IvanArnaut Ivan1958IC
mechanical engineer, director, “Burun-Agro” L.T.D.
21FerapontievcaCebanu VitaliCebanu Vitali1970IC
financier, temporarily not employed
22GaidarUzun NicolaiUzun Nicolai1965IC
mechanical engineer, director, “Uzvig-Com” L.T.D.
23CarbaliaGaidarji ValentinGaidarji Valentin1984IC
engineer, director, “Zegor Grup” L.T.D.
24CazacliaKoksal IvannaKoksal Ivanna1978IC
philologist, chief editor, Public Company “Teleradio-Gagauzia” (GRT)
25Chiriet-LungaJelezoglo MihailJelezoglo Mihail1968IC
jurist, main specialist, Legal Department, People’s Assembly of Gagauzia
26ChirsovaSarioglo StepanSarioglo Stepan1974IC
narcologist, medical assistant, Central rayonal hospital, mun. Comrat
27CongazManolov MihailManolov Mihail1986IC
master of public administration, manager, “Demir-Agro” L.T.D.
28CongazCiobanov DmitriCiobanov Dmitri1955PSRM
agronomist, director, Agricultural Cooperative “Eniija”
29Congazcicul de SusZaharia SergheiZaharia Serghei1971IC
PhD in history, lecturer, dean, Faculty of Law, Comrat State University
30CopceacDragan NicolaiDragan Nicolai1965IC
jurist, director, “Pobeda” Colhoz
31CopceacManastirli DmitriManastirli Dmitri1967IC
teacher, chairman, Permanent Commission on science and education, People’s Assembly of Gagauzia
32CotovscoeOrmanji NicolaiOrmanji Nicolai1973IC
master of public administration, director, Regional Social Center “Together for life” for HIV infected
33Chioselia RusaUzun IliaUzun Ilia1967IC
veterinarian, director, “Fortress” L.T.D.
34SvetliiCeavdari PiotrCeavdari Piotr1950PSRM
water engineer, electrical engineer, “Mecagronomia-Plus” L.T.D.
35TomaiCimpoes SergheiCimpoes Serghei1966IC
manager, director, “Basarabia-Agroexport” L.T.D.