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Early Parliamentary Elections in Moldova on February 25, 2001

Early parliamentary elections of February 25, 2001 were held after the Parliament failed to elect the chief of state in December 2000. 27 electoral contestants, including 5 electoral blocks, 12 parties and social-political movements and 10 independent candidates participated in elections. The voter turnout was 67.52%, and the seats were distributed as follows: PCRM — 71 seats, BeAB — 19 and PPCD — 11.
General information on elections

Electoral Contestants

Contestants who have passed threshold of representation

List of MPs

List of members of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova elected on February 25, 2001[]

Election Results

Results of the February 25, 2001 Parliamentary Elections
In the February 25 parliamentary elections three contestants passed the electoral threshold and entered the Moldovan Parliament (15th Legislature) — Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova (50.07% of the votes), “Braghis Alliance” Electoral Bloc (13.36%) and Christian Democratic People’s Party (8.24%)[]