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General Information on the 2001 Early Parliamentary Elections

Date of electionsFebruary 25, 2001
Type of electionsEarly Parliamentary Elections
Electoral threshold for
political parties6%
electoral blocks6%
independent candidates3%
Voter turnout to validate election »»»
Number of electoral contestants
political parties12
electoral blocks5
independent candidates10
Voter turnout »»»
Seats distribution

Early parliamentary elections of February 25, 2001 were held after the Parliament failed to elect the chief of state in December 2000. The Parliament gained the right to elect a chief of state on July 5, 2000, after the constitutional provision on the election of the chief of state by public vote was amended. The February 25, 2001 elections to the Parliament was the second early parliamentary elections in the brief history of Moldova and the 3rd electoral competition for Parliament since the Republic of Moldova declared its independence. Parliamentary elections were held under a proportional system, whereby the whole country forms one constituency that elected 101 members of Parliament. The period of electoral campaign was short due to limited time frame.

The main amendments to the electoral legislation by the February 25, 2001 elections:

For the February 25, 2001 elections there were created 12 electoral constituencies within the boundaries of the second tier administrative-territorial units, 1962 polling stations, out of which 1942 within the country and 20 in the diplomatic and consular missions of the Republic of Moldova abroad. 12 political parties, 5 electoral blocs and 10 independent candidates run for Parliament.

The voter turnout was 67.52% and only three contestants — PCRM, BeAB and PPCD passed the electoral threshold. None of the independent candidates got 3% of the valid cast votes to enter the Parliament. PCRM gained 794,808 votes (50.07%), BeAB — 212,071 votes (13.36%) and PPCD — 130,810 votes (8.24%). Respectively, under the d’Hondt formula, the 101 deputy seats were distributed as follows:

According to international observers the February 25, 2001 early parliamentary elections were conducted in accordance with OSCE commitments and other international standards for democratic elections. It was also observed an improvement of the electoral legal framework and the electoral process as compared to previous elections. Local observers shared the findings of international observers.