The Exit Poll Results

Carried out by IPP, IMAS-INC, CIVIS, CBS-AXA with the financial support of Soros-Moldova Foundation, IPP, PRO TV, NIT, OSCE, Alliance Francaise, and Jolly Alon on 220 polling stations

Marked in bold are electoral contestants who passed the threshold of representation (3% for independent candidates, 6% for political parties, 9% for a bloc of two parties, and 12% for a bloc of more than three parties).
Data indicated in the “seats” column are calculated according to D’Hondt formula.

Electoral contestants%Seats
Electoral symbol of PCRMParty of Communists of the Republic of Moldova (PCRM)40%49
Electoral symbol of PPCDChristian Democratic People’s Party (PPCD)14%17
Electoral symbol of BMD“Moldova Democrata (Democratic Moldova)” Electoral Bloc (BMD)29%35
Electoral symbol of PSDMSocial Democratic Party of Moldova (PSDM)5%0
Electoral symbol of BePRElectoral Bloc “Patria-Rodina” (BePR)4%0
Electoral symbol of Silvia KirillovSilvia Kirillov (independent candidate)<2%0
Electoral symbol of MRRRepublican Social-political Movement “Ravnopravie (Equality)” (MRR)3%0
Electoral symbol of UCMCentrist Union of Moldova (UCM)<2%0
Electoral symbol of Alexandru BusmachiuAlexandru Busmachiu (independent candidate)<2%0
Electoral symbol of UMPRLabour Union “Patria-Rodina (Motherland)” (UMPR)<2%0
Electoral symbol of Maia LagutaMaia Laguta (independent candidate)<2%0
Electoral symbol of Stefan MateiStefan Matei (independent candidate)<2%0
Electoral symbol of PTCDMPeasants’ Christian Democratic Party of Moldova (PTCDM)<2%0
Electoral symbol of Andrei IvantocAndrei Ivantoc (independent candidate)<2%0
 Alexandru Arsenii (independent candidate)<2%0
 Alexei Busuioc (independent candidate)<2%0
Electoral symbol of Tudor TataruTudor Tataru (independent candidate)<2%0
Electoral symbol of Fiodor GheliciFiodor Ghelici (independent candidate)<2%0
 Victor Slivinschi (independent candidate)<2%0
 Anatolii Soloviov (independent candidate)<2%0
Electoral symbol of PRMRepublican Party of Moldova (PRM)<2%0
 Mircea Tiron (independent candidate)<2%0
Electoral symbol of PDSEMParty of the Socio-Economic Justice of Moldova (PDSEM)<2%0