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Electoral Platform of “Democratic Moldova” Bloc

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The Republic of Moldova is currently experiencing a decisive moment in its evolution. Throughout the last four years, the country, being ruled by an authoritative political regime, reached a state of humiliation, isolation and poverty. At present, Moldova doesn’t have a functional market economy, and Europe considers us a state with a “sick” democracy. Time has come to choose among development and regression, dignity and lack of hope, European Integration and isolation.

Such circumstances impose new requirements towards the political class, as well as towards the whole society in the view of accomplishing the fundamental objective — avoiding a profound crisis and a complete isolation, which would be impending under the leadership of the retrograde Communist Party.


The creation of an authentic democratic state is feasible only on a strong economic ground. An impoverished and starving nation can not be free if it is preoccupied only with its physical survival. DEMOCRATIC MOLDOVA Bloc proclaims as the main objective of its economic policies — the eradication of poverty and insurance of a decent way of life for all citizens, as well as the establishment of a stable orientation towards welfare and sustainable development.

DEMOCRATIC MOLDOVA Bloc has concrete programmes targeting at solving the country’s problems and at its integration into the European Union.

On the first place — the citizen!

Any reform, any investment will be directed towards our primary objective- the welfare of the citizen! In this respect, DEMOCRATIC MOLDOVA Bloc:

Family — the target of social policies!

The moral health of the society and the nation’s capacity to live in a modern world depend on the family’s durability. Social policies of DEMOCRATIC MOLDOVA Bloc will be mainly directed towards the protection of the family. In this respect, DEMOCRATIC MOLDOVA Bloc:

Modern communities in a prosperous state!

The power of a state lies in the level of development of its localities. Republic of Moldova has the chance to become a developed state by adjusting the infrastructure of the latter to the level of European standards. In this respect, DEMOCRATIC MOLDOVA Bloc:

A future for Moldova!

DEMOCRATIC MOLDOVA Bloc departs from the quotation that the state is only an instrument designed for achieving the interests of the society, citizen, family and community. In order to guide the activity of central and local public administration towards this direction, DEMOCRATIC MOLDOVA Bloc:

The electoral offer of DEMOCRATIC MOLDOVA Bloc will constitute the basis of the Governing Programme, the latter basing on the following FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES:

  1. Republic of Moldova is a sovereign, independent, unitary and indivisible state.
  2. The strategic objective of Republic of Moldova lies in its integration into the European Union and Euro-Atlantic structures, as well as the establishment of a sustainable partnership with the USA.
  3. Republic of Moldova concludes that the structures of the Community of Independent States have proved their inefficiency and Moldova will withdraw its membership from CIS, pleading for profound bilateral and mutually advantageous relationships with Russia, Ukraine and other states from the ex-Soviet territory.
  4. Republic of Moldova considers as illegal the presence of foreign armies on its territory and it requests the immediate, unconditioned and complete withdrawal of these armies and their military arsenals.
  5. Republic of Moldova insures, basing on the Declaration of Independence, the unity of the people and harmony of inter-ethnical relationships by means of integrating citizens of different ethnicity into the Moldavian society, according to the Copenhagen criteria.
  6. The state encourages the social solidarity and provides each citizen with a decent way of life through compensating payments at the level of minimal consumption budget.
  7. Republic of Moldova insures the observation of principles of a functional market economy that would guarantee the growth of citizens’ welfare.
  8. The state insures the optimal operation of democratic institutions and the real independence of the justice.
  9. The public sector is depoliticised, public officers are hired on a competition basis and they contribute to the increase of central and local administrative structures’ role in bettering the business environment and raising the efficiency of the economy.
  10. The Act of Governing is transparent, consistent and it insures continuity in accomplishing the strategic objectives of Republic of Moldova.

The warranties for performing this offer are: