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Theses from the electoral program “Revival of the Country” of the “Patria-Rodina (Motherland)” Electoral Bloc

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Adherence of the Republic of Moldova to the Common Economic Space (CES)

Full rights of being in economic alliance with the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan will allow Moldova, based on the overall economic potential of all CES member countries, to modernize its industry and agriculture, create new work places and, not in the least, solve the Moldovan product commercialization issue. Due to the economic prosperity, the population’s living standards will also significantly increase. Moldova’s participation in CES will allow for the legalization of the stay of Moldovan emigrants on the territory of the Russian Federation and Ukraine and will create political, economic and social premises for the country’s unification.

Territorial unification of Moldova

We think that the first step towards unification must be the acknowledgement of the right to self-determination of the Transdnistrian population in the make-up of the Republic of Moldova. Also, we plead for the acknowledgement of Transdnistrian citizens’ rights to the property located on the territory of Transnistria and for the free functioning of three languages — Romanian, Russian and Ukraine — in the region. In accordance with the unification plan of Moldova, we propose to apply the Kozak Memorandum, which, amended as necessary, should be set forth for voting within a national referendum.

International recognition of the Republic of Moldova as a neutral state

We plead for the acknowledgement of the Republic Moldova as a neutral state by the UNO as well as for Moldova’s non-adherence to various military blocks.

Free education

We plead for the preservation and free distribution of secondary and higher education, and for the right to study in one’s native language.

Accessible healthcare services

We plead for the re-establishment of free healthcare services. Thus, we propose cancellation of taxes on most important medicines and introduction of maximal ceiling for the commercial increase, which will allow for a decrease in prices, thus making them accessible to any social group of people.

Liquidation of the office of state president

We plead for a political reformation, and namely, for the liquidation of the state president’s office and assignment of full executive power to the Moldovan Government, to be formed by the parliamentary majority, made up of the political parties and blocks having passed the electoral threshold to the Parliament.

Fight against corruption and criminality

We plead for final measures, directed towards the cleaning of leading bodies, courts, prosecutor’s offices, Ministry of Internal Affairs and other state authorities of the people that compromised themselves while holding the respective positions. Also, we plead for the combat of “nepotism” and “cover-up” relations, and propose that people having been involved in such relations be replaced with new, honest specialists, with high professional training. Thus, in the country there should be set up a single system to control the activity of the leadership and of law-enforcement bodies.