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Governing Platform of the Christian Democratic People’s Party

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This Platform is the reference document for the future Governing Program of the Christian-Democratic Peoples’ Party.

The Christian-Democratic Peoples’ Party, member of the Christian-Democratic International and partner of the European Popular Party, being the expression of the right-centrist political movement and having a constructive Program focused on the classical doctrine of the European Christian democracy, commits to the promotion of democracy, European values and a functional market economy, aiming at the sustainable economic development of the Republic of Moldova, growth of the citizens’ wellbeing and regaining of the national dignity.

Fundamental objectives

The fundamental objectives of the Christian-Democratic Peoples’ Party for the following 4 years are:

  1. Reduction of poverty, creation of work places, growth of incomes and prevention of migration;
  2. Support and consolidation of the average class of the population, ensuring sustainable economic development, implementation of a functional market economy;
  3. Combat of corruption and organized crime, optimization of and making more efficient the public administration;
  4. Surpassing the state of occupation and recovery of the territorial unity of the country;
  5. Re-establishment and consolidation of democratic institutions, observance of fundamental human rights and freedoms, increasing the security of the citizen and of the family;
  6. Support of the young generation, of the pensioners and of other socially vulnerable groups;
  7. Reviving the educational system and increasing the social prestige of teachers;
  8. Development of the infrastructure and energetic security of the country;
  9. Adoption of practical measures for the observance of the rights of the minorities;
  10. Development and implementation of strategies for the pre-adherence of the Republic of Moldova to the European Union and NATO.

Priorities and implementation measures

Democratization of the society by:
Ending the state of occupation and re-establishing the country’s territorial integrity by:
Fighting and preventing corruption by:
Restoration of the autonomy of local state authorities by:
Restricting the state’s intervention into the economy by:
Consolidation of private property by:
A balanced monetary-foreign currency policy by:
Incentive fiscal policy by promoting the “4S” principle:
Efficient policy of public expenditures by:
Improving business environment by:
Boosting competition by:
Bolstering exports by:
Consolidation of the middle class of the population by:
Regional development of the urban system by:
Development of the village by:
Development of infrastructure and ensuring energy security by:
Edification of the information society by:
Eradication of poverty by:
Reviving the educational system by:
Improvement of public health by:
Development of culture by:
An active social protection by:
Supporting the young generation by:
Support of the family by:
Environmental protection by:
European integration, regional and international cooperation by:
National security and Euro-Atlantic integration by:
May God help us!