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Mircea Tiron

Mircea Tiron

Hydrotechnical engineer, main specialist at the Chisinau Municipality City Hall

Electoral program

I will complete my mission with your trust and support, God blesses us!

Election Results

Final results of the Mircea Tiron in parliamentary elections of March 6, 2005: valid votes garnered — 284 (0.02%) therefore it did not pass the 3% threshold of representation[]

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Biographical Data

Born in 1948 in Rezina, former county of Orhei, Moldova, in a family of farmers. Christian-Orthodox. Married, two children.

Graduate from the Rezina-based Russian-Moldovan secondary school and the Agrarian University in the Chisinau municipality, water-supply engineer.

He worked in the Moldovan Ministry for Improvement and Administration of Waters

for nine years, was chief specialist of the state inspectorate for control on architecture and construction of the Chisinau municipality since 1979, head of the municipal inspectorate for urban building, deputy chief of the directorate for control on urban building, and now chief specialist of the directorate for control on urban regime of the Chisinau City Hall, for 26 years.