Alegerile parlamentare din 2021 în Republica Moldova -

Voter Education for the 2009 Early Parliamentary Elections

Selection of voter education materials produced by ADEPT in view of July 29, 2009 early parliamentary elections

Poster “Protocol on election results”

Poster featuring the protocol of the polling station on the election results to be posted in each polling station

Poster “Protocol on election results”

Poster “Voting step by step”

Poster explaining voting procedure, available in each polling station

Poster “Voting step by step”

Motivational radio clips

Clips are available in MP3 format (320KBps, 44KHz)

“Check the electoral list”

Means that electors shall check the accuracy of electoral lists
[914 KbRO, 29 sec.]

“Take the ballot paper”

Explains the voting procedure for people who are somewhere else than in the locality of permanent residence
[938 KbRO, 30 sec.]

“This summer day will feed us four years”

Motivational spot warning that the next four years of our life will depend on the election results
[929 KbRO, 23 sec.; 812 KbRU, 20 sec.]

“Are you young? Would you like quality education and a better life? Get involved!”

Motivates the participation of young people in elections
[666 KbRO, 17 sec.]