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Electoral platform of the Democratic Party of Moldova

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1. Establishing a favorable business environment

Sustainable development strategy for the Republic of Moldova relies on improved economy, which in its turn envisages:

The key elements in establishing a financial system adequate to the market needs are:

1.1 Observing rights on property

To ensure an equitable legal framework for all the forms of property, Democratic Party will:

1.2 Equal opportunities to competitors

The objective of the Democratic Party policy is to establish a favorable environment for free and fair competition which would facilitate economic growth and would facilitate efficient distribution of resources. These shall be achieved by:

1.3 Non-regulation of the economy

To establish a favorable business environment in Moldova, to protect businessmen legal rights and interests, as well as those of the consumers it is necessary to:

1.4 Modernizing banking system

To increase the banking system efficiency the following problems should be solved:

1.5 Developing securities market and investment institutions

The policy is aimed to establish a security market capable of stimulating investments and stop cash flow out of the country. To achieve this it is necessary to:

2. Macroeconomic policy

State efforts to establish a favorable environment for business will be successful only upon promoting an adequate macroeconomic policy, namely budgetary, fiscal and customs ones.

2.1 Main priorities of the budgetary policy

Establishing an efficient budgetary system is part of the process of edifying a viable state, a market economy and an open society. Budgetary policy will have a key role in the state policy and will have the following functions:

To achieve the above said it is necessary to:

2.1 Fiscal and customs policy

Fiscal and customs policy should not be an obstacle in developing free initiatives of the market players, which is to be achieved via:

3. Structural policy

The priority of the Democratic Party structural policy is to increase Moldovan economic competitiveness via achieving the following goals:

Democratic Party structural policy will be promoted by applying the following basic principles:

As a result of implementing Democratic Party’s structural policy Moldovan economy should have similar structure to developed countries’ one: increasing industry and service provision share in the economy by reducing the agriculture share.

4. Social policy

DPM shall fulfill the following series of objectives in order to improve the living standard, alleviate poverty and ensure citizen social protection:

4.1 Development of the System of Education

To develop a system of education adequately responding to the actual need of the society, the DPM shall ensure:

4.2 Development of the health insurance system

The strategic goal of improving people’s health shall be reached by:

4.3 Politics in the field of culture

DPM will promote the following strategic objectives in the field of culture:

To achieve these goals, the DPM shall:

4.4 Labor relations and population employment level

To create a civilized labor market, the DPM shall work towards:

4.6 Social assistance for the population

The DPM shall further promote the system of nominal assistance for disadvantaged categories of population and shall ensure:

This program is founded on actual opportunities and Moldova’s actual economic potential. Its implementation shall ensure sustainable economic growth, sustained improvement of the living standard and the level of citizens’ social protection and bring Moldova closer to its accession to the European Union. The DPM shall rely on the support of all citizens of Moldova and hereby assumes the obligation to make all possible effort to fulfil the proposed objectives.

/“Dialog”, No 3(217), January 19, 2001/