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Vasile Severin

Vasile Severin

Public administration manager, Director of the “Convoi Past Severin” IE.

Electoral program

Less, but better

Election Results

Final results of the Vasile Severin in parliamentary elections of February 25, 2001: valid votes garnered — 1,025 (0.06%) therefore it did not pass the 3% threshold of representation[]

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Biographical Data

Unaffiliated to any party, socio-political organization or leaders of the three branches of power: legislative, executive and judicial.

Born on February 2, 1953, in Lucaseuca village, Orhei county, Republic of Moldova. Moldovan, high education: in 1981 graduated Supreme Military School of the MAIURSS, Ordjonikidze city.

1981–1989: military service in Georgia, Armenia.

1990–1991: Commander of the Special Police Squad of the Home Office of the Republic of Moldova.

1992–1996: Chief of the General staff of 1001 military unit of the carabineer troops of the Home Office of the Republic of Moldova.

1999: graduated Public Administration Academy of the Government of the Republic of Moldova.

1996–2001: Director of the “Convoi Past Severin”.

Experience in military conflict and exceptional situations settlement in Armenia and Transnistria.

Aware of the fact that only direct participation and involvement of the independent deputies in the activity of the legislative body may enable complete and efficient settlement of the problems faced by various categories of the Moldovan citizens.

Slogan “Better less but better” is the essence of the Vasile Severin program.