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Andrei Ivantoc

Andrei Ivantoc

Driver, political detainee of the Tiraspol separatist regime

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Vote for freedom, vote for Andrei Ivantoc!

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Final results of the Andrei Ivantoc in parliamentary elections of March 6, 2005: valid votes garnered — 1,678 (0.11%) therefore it did not pass the 3% threshold of representation[]

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Biographical Data

In March 1992 Andrei Ivantoc was called to defend the motherland. Four months later he was arrested by the secessionist forces from Tiraspol, together with other members of the Ilascu group. For almost 13 years political detainee has continued to fight for justice, faith, independence and freedom. Albeit ECHR ruled that he should be freed, Andrei is still in the captivity of the Tiraspol regime.

Today, Andrei Ivantoc is not alone in his fight for freedom. He is an independent candidate and is supported by all those who would vote for him on March 6. Vote for freedom, vote for Andrei Ivantoc!