Alegerile parlamentare din 2021 în Republica Moldova -

Electoral Contestants in the 2010 Early Parliamentary Elections

1  National Liberal Party (PNL)
2  Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM)
3  Liberal Party (PL)
4  “Moldova Unita (United Moldova)” Party (PMUEM)
5  Christian Democratic People’s Party (PPCD)
6  “Actiunea Europeana (European Action)” Movement (MAE)
7  “Patriots of Moldova” Party (PPM)
8  “Pentru Neam si Tara (For Nation and Country)” Party (PpNT)
9  Republican Party of Moldova (PRM)
10  “Moldova Noastra (Our Moldova)” Alliance (AMN)
11  Humanist Party of Moldova (PUM)
12  Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova (PCRM)
13  Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM)
14  Valeriu Plesca (independent candidate)
15  Conservative Party (PC)
16  Gabriel Stati (independent candidate)
17  Popular Republican Party (PPR)
18  “Ravnopravie (Equality)” Movement (MR)
19  Social Democratic Party (PSD)
20  Victor Stepaniuc (independent candidate)
21  Roma Movement of the Republic of Moldova (MRRM)
22  Evghenii Nazarenco (independent candidate)
23  Gheorghe Russu (independent candidate)
24  Labour Party (PM)
25  Maia Laguta (independent candidate)
26  Ecological Party of Moldova “Alianta Verde (Green Alliance)” (PEMAVE)
27  Tatiana Timbalist (independent candidate)
28  Romeo Cereteu (independent candidate)
29  Afanasie Birladeanu (independent candidate)
  Leonid Volneanschi (independent candidate)
withdrew out of the electoral competition
30  Oleg Bolotnicov (independent candidate)
31  Oleg Cazac (independent candidate)
32  Vitalie Taulean (independent candidate)
33  Elena Burghila-Leonte (independent candidate)
34  Valentina Cusnir (independent candidate)
35  Alexandru Demian (independent candidate)
36  Sergiu Iachim (independent candidate)
37  Natalia Axenova (independent candidate)
38  Vasile Lupascu (independent candidate)
39  Sergiu Banari (independent candidate)