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Election of President of the Republic of Moldova from April 4, 2005

The election of President of the Republic of Moldova on April 4, 2005 was the second essay of the Parliament to elect the chief of state, following the July 2000 amendments to the Constitution annulling direct popular election of the President. Vladimir Voronin was re-elected Moldova’s head of state by Communist MPs backed up by MPs from PPCD, PDM and PSL.

Elections of April 4, 2005

The first registered candidate for President, the PCRM leader Vladimir Voronin was nominated by a group of 34 Communist Members of Parliament (MPs). The decision to nominate Vladimir Voronin was approved by the plenary meeting of the PCRM Central Committee held on March 23, 2005. Because the other parliamentary factions did not nominate their own candidates for President and in order to respect the electoral law requirement on having at least two candidates running in presidential elections, another group of 16 Communist MPs nominated an alternative candidate, Gheorghe Duca, President of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova.

56 PCRM MPs, 8 PDM MPs, 11 PPCD MPs and 3 PSL MPs participated in elections for President. The voting procedure brought a surprise: the unexpected participation of the PPCD faction and the PSL parliamentary group in elections. 18 members of the former Electoral Bloc Moldova Democrata (composed of the Alliance Moldova Noastra (AMN) — 23 MPs, Democratic Party of Moldova — 8 MPs and Social-Liberal Party (PSL) — 3 MPs), representing their primary party — Alliance Moldova Noastra, did not participate in elections, while other 5 AMN MPs were absent. As a consequence, 75 out 78 Members of Parliament which cast their vote in presidential elections voted for Vladimir Voronin. His counter candidate, Gheorghe Duca only got one vote, and 2 ballots were declared invalid. Thus, Vladimir Voronin was re-elected to a second four-year term as President of the Republic of Moldova.

On April 6, 2005 the Constitutional Court validated both the presidential elections and Vladimir Voronin for the position of the President of the Republic of Moldova.

On April 7, 2006 President Vladimir Voronin took the oath of office for a second term.

Biography of Vladimir Voronin

Vladimir Voronin

Born on May 25, 1941, in Corjova village, Dubasari rayon. Married, has a son and daughter.


  • 1961 — Cooperative College in Chisinau;
  • 1971 — Institute of Food Industry of Moldova;
  • 1983 — Academy of Social Science under the Central Committee (CC) of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union;
  • 1991 — Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of USSR.


  • Engineer-economist, political scientist, lawyer.

Professional activity:

  • 1966–1971 — Director of a baking factory in Criuleni, then Dubasari;
  • 1971–1981 — Activity in rayon Communist party bodies, chairperson of the Ungheni Raion Executive Committee;
  • 1980–1990 — Deputy in the Supreme Soviet of the MSSR of the X and XII legislature;
  • 1983 — Inspector, later Deputy Chief of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Moldova;
  • 1985 — Department Chief of the Council of Ministers of the MSSR;
  • 1985–1990 — First secretary of the Bender town Party Committee;
  • 1989–1990 — Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova, military degree: general-major;
  • 1990–1993 — Reserves of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Activity in state bodies of the Republic of Moldova:

  • March 1998 — March 2001 — Deputy in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova of the XIV legislature, leader of the Communist faction, member of the Permanent Bureau;
  • On February 25, 2001 elected to the Parliament of the XV legislature;
  • On April 4, 2001 elected as the President of the Republic of Moldova (71 votes out of 89 participants);
  • On March 6, 2004 elected to the Parliament of the XVI legislature.

Party activity:

  • October 1993 elected Co-chair of the Steering Committee of the Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova;
  • In 1994 elected first secretary of the Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova, re-elected as chairman at the party congresses in 1997, 2001, 2004.

Biography of Gheorghe Duca

Gheorghe Duca

Date of birth — February 29, 1952, Copaceni village, Singerei district, Republic of Moldova.


  • 1969–1974 — State University of Moldova, Faculty of Chemistry;
  • 1996–1979 — Doctoral thesis at the State University of Moldova, Chair of Physical Chemistry;
  • 1985–1986 — Post-doctoral training at the Institute of Chemical Physics of the Academy of Sciences of Russia;
  • 1989–1990 — Courses in the field of environmental engineering at the University “La Sapienza”, Rome, Italy;
  • 1993 — Training courses “Ecological Management” at EERO, Holland;
  • 1996 — Training courses “Environmental Impact Assessment” at the Central European University, Budapest, Hungary;
  • 2000 — Training courses “Environmental Education” at the University of California, Riverside, USA.

Honourable and Scientific Titles:

  • 1979 — Doctor of Science, specialty 02.00.04 — physical chemistry, State University of Moldova;
  • 1983 — Laureate of the Prize for Youth in the fields of science and technique of Moldova;
  • 1989 — Habilite Doctor of Science, specialty 11.00.11 — environment protection, 02.00.44 — kinetics and catalysis, University of Odessa, the Ukraine;
  • 1990 — Professor, State University of Moldova;
  • 1992 — Correspondent Member of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova;
  • 1996 — Was awarded the honourable title “Om emerit” (“Honoured Person”);
  • 1997 — Member of the American Chemical Society, Environmental Department;
  • 1999 — Member of the Central European Academy of Sciences and Arts;
  • 1999 — Member of the International Academy of Informatics;
  • 1999 — Member of the Pedagogical Academy of Russia;
  • 2000 — Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Moldova;
  • 2000 — Doctor Honoris Causa, University “Gh.Asachi” Iasi, Romania;
  • 2000 — Laureate of the State Prize for Science, Techniques, and Production of the Republic of Moldova;
  • 2003 — Was awarded the Medal for Inventions of Belgium.

Managerial Experience:

  • 1988–1992 — Head of the Chair of Physical Chemistry, State University of Moldova;
  • 1992–1998 — Head of the Industrial and Ecological Chemistry, State University of Moldova;
  • 1992–1995 — Dean of the Faculty of Ecology, International University of Moldova;
  • 1992–2003 — President of the Republican Committee for awarding prizes to young researchers in the field of science and technology;
  • 1994 — President of the Scientific Specialized Council for the nomination of the title of Doctor of Science;
  • 1998–2001 — President of the Commission for Culture, Science, Education, and Mass Media of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova;
  • 2000 — Honourable President of the Moldovan Research and Development Association of the Republic of Moldova (MRDA);
  • 2004 — President of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova.

Scientific Publications:

  • Author of more than 30 monographs and manuals, 65 brevets, 350 scientific articles in the fields of physical chemistry, ecological chemistry, and chemical technology.
  • Disciples of the Ecological Chemistry School: Ten doctoral students have defended their doctoral theses and six students are preparing their doctoral theses in the fields of physical chemistry and environment protection.

Additional Information:

  • 1998–2003 — Expert of the INTAS European Program;
  • 1999–2003 — Co-director of the project “Environmental Education Partnership Program” promoted by the University of California, Riverside and State University of Moldova;
  • 2001–2003 — Co-president of the Moldo-Polish, Intergovernmental, Mixed Commission for commercial, economic, scientific and technical cooperation;
  • 2001–2003 — Member of the administration council of the Regional Environmental Center (REC-Moldova);
  • 2002–2003 — Editor-in-Chief of the journal “Mediul ambiant”;
  • 2003 — Coordinator of the Republic of Moldova for the implementation of water supply program funded by the World Bank;
  • 2003 — Co-president of the Danube Convention;
  • 2003 — Member of the political focal point of the Global Environment Facility (GEF).

Owner of prizes and Gold and Silver Medals at International Exhibitions of Inventions:

  • 1995–2003 — Brussels, Belgium;
  • 1996–1998 — Budapest, Hungary;
  • 1996–2001 — Iasi, Romania;
  • 1997 — London, Great Britain;
  • 1997 — Sofia, Bulgaria.

Political activity:

  • 1998–2001 — Deputy in the Parliament of XIV legislature in the Bloc For A Democratic and Prosperous Moldova faction. Chair of the Parliamentary Commission on culture, science, education, mass media;
  • 2001 — Deputy in the Parliament of the XV legislature in the Braghis Alliance faction;
  • 2001–2004 — Minister of Environment, Constructions and Territory Planning.