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Electoral platform of politicians promoting re-unification with Romania

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October 20, 2016
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The subject of a possible re-unification of Republic of Moldova with Romania, called unionism, as an electoral theme in this presidential election campaign is the central theme of two candidates — Mihai Ghimpu, leader of the Liberal Party (PL), and Ana Gutu, leader of the political party “Right” (PD). Both presidential candidates used to be colleagues, members of the parliamentary faction of the Liberal Party in the period of 2009–2013. They have followed distinct political paths since 2013, after a dispute within the Liberal Party. Both candidates were and continue to be promoters of the Romanian identity of the bessarabian population as well as of unionism — the idea of a possible reunification of Republic of Moldova with Romania. On one hand Mihai Ghimpu promoted unionism in a more detailed and personified manner. On the other hand, Ana Gutu promoted unionism much more bluntly. However, there are no major differences between their messages or political offers. Any differences are in fact the expression of an interpersonal conflict. Mihai Ghimpu has the advantage of a wider political experience and he emphasizes that his political career includes 30 years of fighting for Latin script and Romanian language, tricolor national flag, freedom and independence, Romanian history and reunification with Romania. Nevertheless, this advantage is undermined by the burden of his prior crucial political decisions, that often had a negative impact, during the past seven years, time when he was one of the leaders of the three governing parties in Moldova. Ghimpu’s attempt to belittle Ana Gutu political experience by saying that she entered politics just 6 years earlier through PL, is parried by her exactly by referring to his poor decisions and behavior of Mihai Ghimpu during all this period.

Main themes and messages of the PL candidate, Mihai Ghimpu

During the electoral campaign for the presidential election, Ghimpu promises to be the President that accomplished the re-unification, a bridge between the generation who witnessed the independence of Republic of Moldova and that who witnessed the re-unification.

In his communication with the citizens, PL leader has presented his electoral offer outlining his the key tasks while in office and explained what benefits will citizens have as a result of the re-unification with Romania.

Arguments in favor of the unionist project
Main tasks during the presidential term
Benefits for citizens

Presidential candidate Mihai Ghimpu reassures voters for them that re-unification with Romania means the following:

Main themes and messages of the Party “Right” candidate, Ana Gutu

In campaign for the presidential election, Ana Gutu also promises to become the President of the Re-unification. In her electoral program she presented the electoral offer and outlined the main tasks of her mandate.

Arguments in favor of the unionist project

Republic of Moldova re-unification with Romania is the shortest path for integration into European and NATO. The re-union is the only chance that can save Moldovan citizens from ruin and can ensure them a decent life, fair justice, economic and social security, as well as political stability.

Main tasks during the presidential term

Presidential candidate Ana Gutu promises that “The day when Re-unification of Romania and Moldova will be accomplished — I will resign from the President’s office and will not claim any public office in the reunited Romanian state”

The rationale behind the idea of a single presidential decree