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Neither like Deng Xiaoping, nor like Charles de Gaulle — the battle goes on!

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Igor Botan / November 9, 2009
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The Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova (PCRM) has held a mad campaign in the last two weeks to persuade supporters that there is no other way but to lock up the election of chief of state and provoke early parliamentary elections. The campaign culminated with the PCRM-held protest meeting against governing of the Alliance for European Integration (AIE). The protest was occasioned by the October Revolution Day. Thus, the PCRM manifestation on November 7, 2009 was aimed to sweep out any doubt regarding the PCRM plans to lock up the November 10-scheduled election of chief of state.

It is worth noting the PCRM arguments for locking up the election of chief of state, bringing on the early parliamentary elections, and going into a new spiral of political confrontations:

Many PCRM arguments mentioned above are effective, but many others are exaggerations aimed to justify the decision to lock up the election of chief of state. In this context, the AIE counter arguments are as follows:

There is no doubt that after eight years of governance the PCRM is to blame for the deeply antagonised condition of local political forces and polarisation of society on the basis of the signalled antagonisms. PCRM leader Vladimir Voronin himself has publicly ceased the “political partisanship” after failing the June 2007 local elections, declaring in fact a “political war”. Consequences of that “war” run into the April 7, 2009 tragic events as well. The PCRM leader declared the July 29, 2009 early parliamentary elections as a plebiscite that Vladimir Voronin has lost.

Before April 7, 2009, PCRM leader Vladimir Voronin enjoyed the wonderful opportunity to make his public dream of becoming a kind of Deng Xiaoping of the Republic of Moldova come true. But he was unable to overcome reflexes and achieve this dream. After the July 29, 2009 “plebiscite” Vladimir Voronin enjoyed the wonderful opportunity to follow the example of Charles de Gaulle but he failed again. During the November 7 protest meeting, accompanied by the song “The battle goes on”, PCRM leader Vladimir Voronin explained his feelings — he is sore that his party has lost the ruling levers. According to Voronin, provoking early parliamentary elections is now the only way to regain political power and restore the democratic and social standards built during the PCRM ruling.

In this framework, the AIE conduct does not wake up any admiration. It seems that AIE treats PCRM accordingly to the proverb: “what you sow is what you will harvest”. This is not the most promising treatment, but it goes out from the threat to provoke early elections — the PCRM “will harvest storm, if it keeps planting wind”.

There is no doubt that both PCRM representatives and AIE members love their country, especially when they rule it. But pity of the Republic of Moldova!

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