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Political analyses and commentaries published in 2001

Presidential elections in Transdnestria
December 11, 2001
Despite the fact that several weeks ago, the President of the Republic of Moldova declared that upcoming elections in Transdnestria are illegitimate, presidential elections were conducted on December 9, 2001. As it was to be expected, Igor Smirnov won[]


A new electoral system for Moldova!
Igor Botan, October 26, 2001
There are ten main variations of the electoral systems employed in elections all over the world. There is no good or bad electoral system, but rather system appropriate or inappropriate for the election of representative bodies in a certain country[]


Observing presidential elections in Belarus Republic
Igor Botan, September 17, 2001
Monitoring democratic and electoral processes in the Republic of Moldova, Central Europe and CIS is the main mission of the Association for the Development of Participatory Democracy “ADEPT”[]