Alegerile parlamentare din 2021 în Republica Moldova -

Electoral News

July 22, 2005
Certain experts forecast the participation of only 15 percent of eligible citizens[]
July 21, 2005
Draft laws on modification of the Election Code The annexes to identity cards with the “voted” stamp will be changed for free[]
July 19, 2005
Two candidates still attend the electoral race Eight out of ten candidates have withdrawn from the electoral race The repeated elections will take place on July 24[]
July 15, 2005
July 10 elections were not validated CEC remarks CEC approved the budget breakdown A number of candidates have announced that they withdrew from the electoral race[]
July 9, 2005
Refusing to accredit independent observers Maya Laguta made an appeal Citizens would be denied the right to vote The possibility of raising the tariffs on natural gas[]
July 8, 2005
Iuliana Gorea-Costin held a press conference Political repressions in Moldova International youth corporation “Proriv” (Breakthrough) protested National and international observers[]
July 6, 2005
Dumitru Braghis’ electoral staff held a press conference Gheorghe Sima addressed an appeal to Ion Stratulat[]
July 5, 2005
The Federation of Student and Youth Organisations (FSYO) held a roundtable Electoral bureaus completed with new members[]
July 4, 2005
The Hyde Park association released the 4th report[]
July 2, 2005
Mihai Severovan has contested the actions of the public television channel Moldova-1[]
July 1, 2005
Dorin Chirtoaca has promised The political advertising[]
June 30, 2005
Independent Journalism Centre announced that it would monitor elections Veaceaslav Untila made a statement[]
June 29, 2005
The need of a movement to monitor the elections Mihai Severovan decided to stop the broadcasting of an electoral add[]
June 28, 2005
The Moldovan Federation of Student and Youth Organisations (FOSTM) protested Iuliana Giorea-Costin made public a declaration The CEC sought the assistance of public institutions[]
June 27, 2005
Serafim Urechean called on Chisinau residents Retirees will be allowed to vote on basis of Soviet-type passports[]
June 24, 2005
Candidate Valerii Klimenco and his supporters published the newsletter PATRIA-RODINA-RAVNOPRAVYE Dumitru Braghis released a communication[]
June 23, 2005
The symbols of candidates are approved CECC approved the texts of ballot papers Gheorghe Sima demands the suspension of publication of Patria-Rodina-Ravnopravye[]
June 22, 2005
Accreditation for election monitoring for CIS-EMO observers[]
June 20, 2005
Mihai Severovan made a number of declarations and appeals at a news conference[]
June 16, 2005
Iuliana Gorea-Costin, Dumitru Braghis, Mihai Severovan were registered as candidates[]
June 13, 2005
Vladimir Garaba and Dorin Chirtoaca were registered Electoral advertising broadcast[]
June 7, 2005
Zinaida Greceanii registered as candidate CECC refuses to register candidacy of Vladimir Turcan 5 candidates registered[]
June 1, 2005
Serafim Urechean gives up on Mayor seat CDPP designated its own candidate Gheorghe Susarenco SDPM announced that it would have its own candidate Liberal Party had designated Dorin Chirtoaca Vasile Ursu was designated as the Interim Mayor CEC set the new elections day The Conception of Elections Coverage in Mass Media Raising tariffs on public transportation had declined Chisinau electoral council elected its leadership Gheorghe Sima addressed his voters Valerii Klimenco would opt for reducing unemployment The ceiling of expenses for contestants[]