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Electoral News

December 11, 2005
Preliminary results of the repeated elections of the Chisinau mayor[]
December 5, 2005
Two more contestants withdrew their candidatures[]
December 1, 2005
Less candidates will participate[]
November 29, 2005
Repeated municipal elections[]
November 24, 2005
Observers for new elections[]
November 22, 2005
The readiness of polling stations[]
November 18, 2005
A new CEC leadership[]
November 11, 2005
New members of CEC[]
November 10, 2005
Democratic Party supports Vasile Ursu[]
November 8, 2005
Financial resources and electoral debates[]
November 2, 2005
A single independent candidate will participate in municipal elections[]
October 31, 2005
The election campaign of some contestants will be very short[]
October 28, 2005
5 registered contestants and 5 aspirants[]
October 27, 2005
The submission of candidatures has finished[]
October 26, 2005
On the last but one day before the ending of the registration term two more candidates[]
October 25, 2005
SLP representative has submitted the documents Oleg Cerneui has repeatedly submitted the documents[]
October 24, 2005
The interim-mayor registered as candidate[]
October 21, 2005
Two more candidates registered[]
October 20, 2005
October 19, 2005
Three potential candidates[]
October 18, 2005
Vasile Ursu undecided[]
October 17, 2005
The Chisinau municipal electoral council registered Dorin Chirtoacã and Valentin Krilov as candidates[]
October 14, 2005
Eduard Musuc will participate in the new local elections as a representative of SDPM[]
October 11, 2005
Interim-mayor of Chisinau announced his intention to participate as independent[]
October 10, 2005
Valentin Krilov and Dorin Chirtoaca submitted to the municipal electoral council the package of documents for registration as candidates[]
October 7, 2005
Candidates for the Chisinau mayor-general post will be able to submit their kits to the Chisinau Constituency Election Council (CECMC) for registration in electoral race starting October 10[]
October 4, 2005
CEC passed the decision on creation of the Chisinau municipal electoral constituency council and the regulation on order of reception of documents for registration[]
September 30, 2005
CEC approved the spending estimate for preparation and conduct of new local elections[]
September 27, 2005
The number of candidacies of members of electoral constituency councils and electoral offices of voting stations with the right to deliberative vote CEC approved the schedule of actions stipulated by Electoral Code regarding organisation and conduct of new local elections[]
September 23, 2005
The date of new local elections[]