Alegerile parlamentare din 2019 în Republica Moldova -

Daily Election News on the 2009 Parliamentary Elections

May 5, 2009
The first sitting of Parliament lasted over 20 minutes Opposition will not vote for the Parliament’s leading bodies Opposition leaders say there is no consensus inside PCRM regarding speaker office Constitutional Court Chairman invites lawmakers to find a compromise EU Special Representative for Moldova believes in a compromise between authorities and opposition PCRM appoints negotiator with opposition parties PLDM states: PCRM proved their incapacity for dialogue with political opponents PCRM is confident of finding a vote for electing a president Moldovan trade unions call for a civilized political dialogue Liberal International calls for early elections in Moldova CNTM concerned about violation of human rights in Moldova[]
May 4, 2009
Each parliamentary sitting at the Palace of Republic will cost about 7,000–8,000 lei Greceanii Government tenders resignation Civil society comes up with a Road Map for national conciliation Moldovan journalists staged a protest to mark World Press Freedom Day European Parliament’s delegation signals serious strain and instability in Moldova Dorin Chirtoaca remains in the Chisinau Mayor’s Office MAE wants to be Christian democratic[]
April 30, 2009
Parliament’s first sitting will take place at Republican Palace The PCRM leader opposing a coalition government PACE adopted a resolution on Moldova and urges the Moldovan authorities to punish the guilty of human rights violations PCRM leader is sure that no early elections will be held, but he is ready for them Vladimir Voronin says about “coloured revolutions scenario” in Chisinau A second post-election investigation commission may be created Council of Europe commissioner: policemen who ill-treated inmates shall be punished Public broadcasters covered the electoral campaign with violation of law[]
April 29, 2009
EP Delegation has found grave violations of human rights European parliamentarian: Moldova-1 reform is an emergency NGO Council criticizes the Ministry of Justice and the Tax Inspectorate International NGOs demanding to stop intimidation of Moldovan NGOs Dorin Chirtoaca will table his mandate of lawmaker to keep the office of Chisinau Mayor PCRM wants a constructive dialogue with opposition Protests in Paris against the human rights violations in Moldova[]
April 28, 2009
Parliamentarians get their mandates Most active NGOs represented in “Coalition 2009” targeted by fiscal services PASOS directors concerned about situation in Moldova EU adopts statement to express concern about situation in Moldova EU representative in Chisinau: the destiny of Moldova is in hands of political elite PCRM is open for dialogue Vladimir Voronin: political crisis is over Conservators call upon opposition to challenge early elections Two persons still missing after April 7 riots PACE will debate on Moldova Council of Europe seeks correct recasting of postelection events in Moldova Opposition representatives could participate in the state Commission for investigating the post-election events Opposition insists on an international investigation commission Opposition has informed Solana “about all crimes of the totalitarian regime” in Moldova EU delegation meets representatives of Moldovan media and media NGOs PLDM, PL and AMN undergo a financial control[]
April 24, 2009
New Parliament to convene in first sitting on May 5 CoE Committee of Ministers chairman calls on Moldovan parties to engage in dialogue European Union to pass a resolution on Moldova OSCE seeks negotiations between Moldovan authorities and opposition AMN: the election validation procedure violated principles of free and fair elections CEC expresses gratitude ECHR asks the Moldovan Government to give explanations about the mistreatment of one detained protester State commission for the elucidation of the April 7–8 events promises to be fair[]
April 23, 2009
Elected parliamentarians will be handed in credentials on April 25 Opposition was too slow, Constitutional Court Chairman says Opposition hopes for early parliamentary elections PLDM describes the CC decision which validates the elections as illegal EU must prove capacity to help stabilising the situation in Moldova EU condemns violence and excessive force used by law enforcement bodies EU likely to deploy experts to Moldova to investigate violation of human rights Javier Solana to visit Chisinau PGO got 54 complaints on ill-treatment of inmates “Coalition 2009” demands Ministry of Justice to apologise publicly Vote recount costs about 3.7 million lei Moldova’s representative in Strasbourg leaves sitting of EP Commission for Foreign Policy[]
April 22, 2009
Constitutional Court has validated the April 5 elections Opposition asks Constitutional Court to invalidate the elections and hold a repeat voting EU insists on the necessity of a national consensus in Moldova Opposition presents election rigging proofs to Czech prime-minister 20 future parliamentarians have started the procedure for renunciation of Romanian citizenship PL leader claims revealing 20 thousands electoral breaches in 10 rayons Supreme Court leaves in force prohibition to make copies of voter rolls Attorneys condemn authorities’ attitude towards inmates 20 criminal cases filed against participants in massive disturbances Vladimir Voronin: we will hold out all organisers of these disturbances Viorel Cibotaru not willing to be member of the state commission made by President Voronin PLDM accuses authorities of manipulation by establishing state commission to investigate the April 7–8 developments Opposition declares that the vote recount was useless PCRM leader: we will protect electors’ will like Lenin defended the1917 revolution results Chisinau City Hall reports first totals of victims of protests Authorities recognizes the existence of one victim connected with April 7 riots[]
April 21, 2009
Vote recount did not change the distribution of parliamentary seats OSCE releases interim report on parliamentary elections CEC denies any shortcomings related to issuance of voter rolls PL Deputy Chairman considers that PCRM could not win more than 40% State commission to investigate the April 7 developments About 100 participants in massive disturbances released Chisinau City Hall claims three persons are still missing after protests “Coalition 2009” denies its involvement in the April 7 riots Moldovan opposition will be heard by the European Parliament “Coalition 2009” reports breaches committed on Election Day “Coalition 2009” signals violations and irregularities in voter rolls European Left makes common cause with PCRM European liberals seek repeat elections in Moldova[]
April 17, 2009
Results of the vote recount will be reported on Tuesday, April 21 Council of Europe will back the civic conciliation dialogue in Moldova Majority of protesters released Chisinau City Hall says “terror goes on” Anti-Torture “Act Moldova” Alliance created US Department of State concerned about developments in Moldova US ambassador meets journalists and civil society representatives Council of Europe will help redressing human rights situation PL: government is trying to hide own crimes under the cover of national consensus Helsinki-Moldova Committee seeks resignation of Interior Minister[]
April 16, 2009
Results of the vote recount to be reported on Friday, April 17 CEC says access to electoral lists is free Vote recount confirms the previous results Vladimir Voronin orders end of arrests and release of inmates Prosecutor’s Office opens proceedings to revoke repressive measures Counsil of Europe welcomes the intiative to amnesty people arrested after protests Chisinau City Hall claims that over one thousand people are detained PLDM criticises Voronin’s statement on youth amnesty UNICEF concerned about ill-treatment of children held in Moldova Prosecutor-General’s Office investigates police-committed torture MAE pickets Interior Ministry building Expulsion of NDI-Chisinau director outlawed European Parliament is preparing a resolution on Moldova[]
April 15, 2009
The ballots are recounted PL, PLDM and AMN provides evidence on “election fraud” US citizen expelled from Moldova International media organisations concerned about situation of the press in Moldova MID rejects accusations that dead people were included in voter rolls Incumbent premier of Czech Republic, chair of the EU, will visit Moldova CoE envoy comes to Chisinau to collect facts UN representative says Moldovan inmates are beaten President Voronin chairs sitting on April 7 protests Leaders of parties represented in the newly-elected Parliament must work on national peace[]
April 14, 2009
PL, PLDM and AMN not willing to participate in vote recount Opposition has no right to make copies of electoral lists CEC releases list of newly-elected parliamentarians, inclusively of those who hold dual citizenship OSCE calls upon Moldovan authorities to ensure free access for foreign media EU is ready to deploy mission to Chisinau to watch the post-electoral situation Mass media in elections — journalism “close to democracy and to attachment” MAE leader seeks US and EU intervention to release the held young people United Nations about “extreme violence” in Moldova International media organisations raise concern with situation in Moldova[]
April 13, 2009
22 persons must choose between parliamentary seat and second citizenship PCRM signals intimidations by the opposition against electors First violations of the voting process Municipal councillor advises Moldovan authorities to mediate the conflict At least 19 children held by police after April 7 protests PSD seeks the involvement of Russian and Romanian presidents to relieve the situation in Moldova One day to recount ballots — April 15 PDM will not participate in the vote recount CEC notifies: the voting is secret Chisinau mayor seeks active involvement of international community Gagauz People’s Assembly concerned with actions against Moldova’s statehood Committee for free elections in Moldova established in Bucharest Website about April 5 electoral frauds —[]
April 12, 2009
CEC submitted to the Constitutional Court the final report on election conduct Constitutional Court gives green light to vote recount Prosecutor’s Office refutes allegations on causes of Valeriu Boboc’s death Protest rally of opposition parties PL, PLDM and AMN Resolution on governance’s repressive actions adopted by the protest rally[]
April 11, 2009
Three CEC members have reservations over election results President Vladimir Voronin chairs sitting of Supreme Security Council Joint declaration of PL, PLDM and AMN on repressive actions of the governance Statement by Civic Control — Elections 2009 Coalition Eight electoral contestants applied for access to electoral lists President Voronin, Havier Solana agree on a fact-collection mission U.S. ambassador’s comments concerning April 7, 2009 events General Police Department releases list of organisers of disturbances Board of Rectors disapproves and condemns the storming at Presidency and Parliament headquarters Vladimir Socor analyses April 7, 2009 assaults Statement by PASOS — Moldovan elections were rigged[]
April 10, 2009
Carrying flowers to protests ECHR Grand Chamber accepts application on dual citizenship case European observer regrets that the OSCE report is “too warm” Opposition signals restricted access to voter rolls Vladimir Voronin calls for recount of ballots in April 5 vote U.S Ambassador welcomes PCRM initiatives on recounting of ballot papers Independent expert group signals premises for setting up a dictatorial regime in Moldova Media NGOs concerned by “worsening situation of the press” Coalition-2009 seeks access to electoral lists[]
April 9, 2009
PCRM will not be able to elect the new Moldovan president alone PL, PLDM and AMN have four days to verify the voter rolls used in elections Protests in Great National Assembly Square go on Coalition-2009 calls upon media to fairly cover the developments in country EU calls for resumption of normal Moldovan-Romanian relations Protesters demand the publication of voter rolls in Monitorul Oficial Medvedev about Chisinau’s conduct over protesters PCRM does not step backward with regard to protests PL asks EU and CoE to deploy a violence monitoring mission PC does not recognise the election results MAE seeks repeated elections Civil Society Congress accuses authorities of provoking violent actions Anti-communist protests in London, Dublin, Paris, Bucharest United Russia about “lilac revolution” in Moldova Ukrainian political party accuses Romania of meddling in Moldova’s interior affairs Former presidential adviser Sergiu Mocanu accused of usurpation of state power PLDM leaders under criminal charges for instigating to massive unrest[]
April 8, 2009
Peaceful protests in the Great National Assembly Square Nearly 100 policemen injured Night fires and takeover of control by police Interior Ministry explains why it did not use special means Approximately 200 people held Protesters urge the Interior Ministry to release all arrested people Prevention of bloodsheds is the main success, says Vladimir Voronin Experts evaluate damages Romanian ambassador declared persona non-grata, while Romanian citizens will be required visas Moldova introduces visas for Romanians starting April 9 Romanian Foreign Ministry is indignant Russian Foreign Ministry is “deeply concerned” Chisinau asks the West to help settle situation related to massive disorders U.N. Secretary-General is concerned over violence in Moldova European commissioner demands halt to violent demonstrations Council of Europe calls upon parties to refrain from violence U.S. Embassy calls for refraining from violent actions European observer surprised by election results NGO council calls upon protestors to stop violence Gagauz Bashkan calls for calm AMN demands immediate release of all arrested people PLDM seeks investigation of vandalism UCM supports riots PPCD accuses Russia of arranging storms in Chisinau downtown PDM accuses PCRM of present situation UCM seeks new elections PSD does not recognise the election results CEC provides the opposition with access to reports on ballot counting[]
April 7, 2009
Riots and vandalism actions on the President and Parliament headquartes “Coalition-2009”: elections were unfair but partly free PL does not recognise the results of elections PL provides evidence on election fraud PPCD members to sign an oath Vladimir Voronin: elections were free and fair Initiative group “I Am Anti-Communist” seeks the recounting of ballot papers European Commissioner for Neighbourhood Policy greets Moldovans for active participation in elections Moldovan elections give positive emotions to Europeans OSCE recorded a number of faults during elections MAE does not recognise the results of elections PLDM does not recognise the election results AMN does not recognise the election results[]
April 3, 2009
U.S. Senate approves resolution on Moldovan elections PSD says 250,000 electors will vote it MAE will not cooperate with PCRM, PPCD and UCM PLDM releases “Communism File” PCRM wants elections to be hold in compliance with international standards PDM deputy chairman of tells election tricking techniques N4, EU TV gravely violate election coverage regulations Moldovan citizens from Transnistria discriminated in terms of electoral right CEC makes totals of electoral activities CCA turns down AMN applications vs. 3 TV stations CEC introduces information system to collect and provide data on elections PL calls upon electors to vote the “long-expected change” EU signals problems related to electoral process in Moldova UMPR withdraws in favour of AMN OSCE urges Tiraspol to guarantee electoral right of citizens from Corjova village Gagauz Bashkan credits three parties with chances in autonomy Ukrainian Party of Regions supports UCM[]
April 2, 2009
Behaviour which undermines competitiveness of electoral process Gender dimension is less present in electoral programmes PSD hopes to win 17–20 percent of the ballots 3,134 national and international observers will monitor the elections PLDM gives up round o’clock protests in front of Government Maintaining present majority is the No.1 goal for PCRM Armed policemen escort ballot papers to polling stations Balti-based AMN branch signals “potshots” against itself PD accuses PLDM of cooperating with PCRM in Ialoveni rayon PLDM says it holds evidence that 200,000 ballot papers were illegally printed PCRM invites electors to make a bold choice Interior Ministry says it identified the individuals who vandalised the PLDM headquarters Destroyers of electoral billboards sanctioned UMPR: corruption exists, but is not of first importance[]
April 1, 2009
Tiraspol CEC decides for Moldovan citizens from Transnistria CCA turns down PCRM application “Moldova Unita” expects ballots of elderly PCRM accused of using administrative resources AMN says violations endanger validation of elections MAE refutes reports that it withdraws from electoral competition AMN pickets CEC headquarters PCRM spent most on elections Trends in media coverage of elections persist PLDM leader met with the head of the European Commission Delegation to Moldova Voter’s guidebook released Youth organisation of PL calls upon young people to vote Former local leader of PLDM arrested “Viitorul” is litigating PLDM, PL reconfirm readiness to make a post-electoral coalition Chisinau police fighting with PLDM tents About 2,500 national and international observers to monitor elections[]
March 31, 2009
MAE says “No to Corruption! Yes to EU!” PLDM condemns assaults on a Balti journalist during a PCRM-held electoral meeting Premier says Moldova faces information assaults “Boxers” from Balti landed a blow to AMN members Orhei police accused of coordinating anti-opposition provocations CSJ outlaws Vasile Tarlev’s chairmanship in UCM PLDM headquarters vandalised Independent candidate calls out the chief of state Combatants invited to support “Moldova Unita” CEC asks international community to secure elections in Corjova village Independent candidate Valentina Cusnir withdraws in favour of PLDM Greens withdraw in favour of PLDM Chisinau residents able to learn online where to vote Printing of ballot papers is over PC leader: anti-corruption fight is present only in electoral campaign[]
March 30, 2009
Electors are welcome to apply for temporary identity cards F-9 TV stations Moldova-1, NIT, N4 and EU TV keep making political partisanship Petru Lucinschi invites electors to vote for a change of generation PLDM accuses PPCD of diversions Balti-based branch of PDM calls for solidarity AMN seeks commission to investigate “dictatorial regime” Community of Moldovans from Romania wishes good luck to PCRM UCM is concerned with possible election fraud AMN says PCRM would print 150,000 ballot papers, while CEC refutes this information CEC accredits 157 more international observers PLDM appeals to law courts in connection with “violation of freedom of circulation” MAE accuses PCRM of compromising electoral concerts For a Clean Parliament — 47 candidates have integrity-related problems Expired identity cards will be accepted at April 5 elections Exit poll will cover approximately 10 percent of polling stations PDM criticises recent Barometer of Public Opinion conducted by Institute for Public Policy MAE organises anti-corruption march on key avenue of capital PDSMU leader: incumbent governing failed and will fail anti-corruption fight Vladimir Voronin clamoured down by soccer fans[]
March 29, 2009
Reactions to effects of PCRM “internationalism” PCRM leader participates in festivity on connection to gas pipeline PCRM organises “Leftwing March” in capital MAE march against corruption and abuses by communist police regime[]
March 28, 2009
PCRM is a party of true internationalists PLDM about PCRM “internationalism” MAE about PCRM “internationalism”[]
March 27, 2009
One third of Moldovans would like column “Against All” in ballot papers 63,000 ballot papers will be printed for voting outside Moldova Only 0.5 percent of citizens do not warm “ELECTIONS 05.04.09” stamp Holders of expired identity cards will be able to vote CEC accredits national and international observers PDM shares opinions about European integration of Moldova PDM is confident — “You Deserve Real Facts!” PDLM marks 91st anniversary of the Union of Bessarabia with the Kingdom of Romania PL marks 91st anniversary of the Union of Bessarabia with Romania Vladimir Voronin accuses opposition parties of populism PCRM withdraws from electoral debates PCRM fans assault independent councillor from Balti Business associations advise political parties MAE makes Economic Council MAE: corruption is No.1 cause of poverty in Moldova[]
March 26, 2009
CBS-AXA, IMAS-INC to conduct the exit poll on April 5 Several press directors call upon PLDM, PL and AMN to make a coalition Cautious checking of voter rolls Mass media keeps making political partisanship Christian democratic mayors are grateful to PPCD and PCRM lawmakers AMN leader addresses Moldovan nationals from other countries Printing of ballot papers is underway “Pentru Neam si Tara” Party withdraws in favour of AMN CEC deletes a candidate from ballot papers Opposition parties under “Civic control” again Vasile Tarlev awarded “Alexei Kosighin” prize Former PNL deputy chairman calls for a coalition of PLDM, PL and AMN CEC concerned with assaults on media institutions PCRM doctrine focuses on building a social state 1,977 polling stations established for April 5 parliamentary elections Former premier Vasile Tarlev: corruption has become one of most serious problems in Moldova TRM asks competent bodies to protect its employees AMN suspends protests in front of “Teleradio-Moldova”[]
March 25, 2009
OSCE will not monitor April 5 parliamentary elections outside Moldova AMN, PL and PLDM have plans to make a post-electoral coalition MAE conditionally supports idea to build a democratic coalition Test Your Vote at Catholics from Moldova invited to take part in elections AMN pickets “Teleradio-Moldova” Company PSD replies to PDM concerning Transnistrian settlement Fabricated survey PLDM erases a candidate from its list Policemen safeguard only electoral billboards of PCRM, say PDM representatives People record and documentation offices will have a special work programme on Election Day AMN leader says he does not have rivals to office of chief of state CReDO advises electoral contestants to focus on anti-corruption policies Independent candidate seeks new format of debates aired by some TV stations PDM leader: political corruption is No.1 problem in Moldova[]
March 24, 2009
Future Parliament will be made of at least three parties UCM leader: Barometer of Public Opinion was ordered by certain political forces MAE: Barometer of Public Opinion — No.1 misinformation in electoral campaign AMN leader: Barometer of Public Opinion “is a clown show” Exit poll to be organised on Election Day Gagauz authorities concerned with voter rolls Moldovan citizens from Transnistria are discriminated in terms of electoral right PDM criticises PSD initiative on concession of Transnistria PDM changes campaign strategy CEC approves circulation of ballot papers for 13 electoral constituencies CCA sanctions TV stations for violation of electoral legislation AMN to picket “Teleradio-Moldova” Company Gravity of corruption should not be underrated[]
March 23, 2009
UCM releases social programme Electoral campaign based on “blackmail, terror and corruption” PL accuses Russian Federation of “brutally meddling” in Moldova’s interior affairs CEC opens Posta Moldovei managers dismissed for participation in electoral campaign Several electoral bureaus in capital cannot start working Civil society condemns aggression against Omega journalists Journalists assaulted during meeting “Do Not Be Afraid of Voting!” Journalists from TV channels loyal to communist governing PLDM signals new violations Nearly 106,000 ballot papers for Balti PDM concerned with demographic situation in Moldova Constitutional Court likely to consider constitutionality of PCRM AMN recommends “2+4” format for Transnistrian settlement negotiations AMN: “top level corruption” shall be our No.1 concern[]
March 22, 2009
PCRM leader participates in opening of aqueduct PLDM organises meeting PLDM appeal upon voters PLDM Resolution — Do Not Be Afraid of Voting! Serafim Urechean reiterates national idea PSD loses its chairwoman in full electoral campaign[]
March 21, 2009
Ministry of Reintegration comments on statements by Russian representative to CUC Moldpres says PCRM disapproves opposition’s insinuations Moldpres concerned that UCM “does not know situation of farmers” Moldpres reports expected arrival of protestors from Romania MFAEI convokes Romanian Ambassador Filip Teodorescu Chief of state highly appreciates help of popular guards in maintaining public order Voronin meets popular guards in private AMN condemns speculations by pro-communist media AMN leader meeting masses AMN, PLDM supporters boo Voronin in Nisporeni PCRM disseminates critical leaflets against PL, PLDM and AMN from a helicopter Conference of PLDM students IPP invites at presentation of findings of the Barometer of Public Opinion — March 2009[]
March 20, 2009
Transnistrian customs bodies sequester ballot boxes for Corjova village Tiraspolul describes opening of Corjova polling station as “provocation” CEC approves the ballot paper form and contents Electors without permanent registration will be able to vote in area of last residence European People’s Party supports PPCD in elections Young PDM members symbolically open new Olympic stadium MAE equals PCRM and PLDM PSD proposes concession of Transnistria to Russian Federation for 30 years PSD proposes the institution of Public Chamber of Republic of Moldova PCRM has 30,000 member Supreme Court of Justice awards victory to API PL leader: corruption has become a generalised phenomenon PLDM signals intensified assaults and provocations by PCRM PLDM prevents eventual provocations during March 22 protests Parliament “prohibited” to retirees Electoral humanitarian aid “Cleaning” lists of candidates[]
March 19, 2009
MAE representatives surround Parliament building Who turned off the light? PSD: situation is grave, but there are no reasons for panic Unionist Movement supports the Liberal Party Electoral campaign generally meets legal limits, says Coalition-2009 Media outlets do not provide unbiased election coverage The Women’s Political Club “50/50” criticises new-born parties “Civic Control” on opposition parties 1,399 candidates run for 101 mandates PL headquarters assaulted again PPCD list of candidates includes most of female candidates — 34 PLDM: statement signed by Vladimir Voronin in Moscow has an electoral nature Former premier of Belgium to monitor elections in Moldova Russian political researcher says Russia not staking on UCM at Moldovan elections PLDM invites opposition parties to refrain from reciprocal assaults Former premier Dumitru Braghis says Moldova is the state of corrupt functionaries U.S. senator asks Moldovan authorities to ensure fair elections Transporters from Balti have an “exclusive contract” with PCRM[]
March 18, 2009
AMN leader accused of intellectual theft AMN accuses PCRM staff of “diversions” Opposition sceptical over results of President Vladimir Voronin’s visit to Moscow MAE prepares “white resignation” MAE: PL estranged itself from ideals of democratic rightwing Only three TV channels respect the electoral legislation PDM invites opposition parties to check voter rolls Electoral meetings in Romania PL not willing to participate in EU TV debates any longer MAI invites electoral contestants to refrain from politicising police activity PCRM spent largest amount on elections — 3.8 million lei CEC forewarns PCRM[]
March 17, 2009
CEC accredits 28 more international observers Young UCM members support “friendship” belt around Moldova PCRM commits most breaches of electoral legislation Transnistria not expecting anything from parliamentary elections Two parties tabled wrong financial reports OSCE/PA delegation is optimistic that elections will be free and fair PDM invites political forces to join efforts PLDM raises concern with Vladimir Voronin’s participation in “2+1”consultations “VoTare” campaign opened Nearly 2.55 million electors included in voters’ rolls CEC secretary urges Comunistul newspaper to publish “unbiased and right reports” Vladimir Voronin: either continuing positive changes or the country will collapse PL assaults PLDM[]
March 16, 2009
AMN, PLDM not willing to participate in EuTV-organised electoral debates 80 CIS observers to monitor parliamentary elections in Moldova “Ravnopravie” reconfirms support to UCM UCM leader claims that his party is the target of misinforming campaign “Do Not Be Afraid of Voting” in Great National Assembly Square PDM wants a democratic post-electoral coalition PDM alarmed with governmental pressures against business CEC trains heads of electoral bureaus Pre-electoral delegation of OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Elections — an important test for maturity of political class and all society AMN says adieu to communist governing Liberal democrats make student clubs[]
March 14, 2009
AMN accuses PCRM of paint assault on protest group Court of Appeal turns down API application “Ravnopravie” Movement has a new chairman MAE opens anti-corruption marches CEC forewarns PL, PLDM and PD BNM defends leu CEC accredits another 17 foreign and 19 national observers[]
March 13, 2009
Moldovan diaspora seeks mobile or postal voting Court of Appeal obliges Ministry of Justice to recognise Vasile Tarlev as UCM chairman CCA demands daily reports on electoral advertising Public broadcaster keeps advantaging the ruling party Marian Lupu accuses the opposition of destabilising economic situation Yellows sprinkled with green paint by supporters of reds PLDM reports 3-million-leu election-related spending in media MAE candidates declare their estates PLDM invites opposition parties not to walk into the trap of ruling party 239 polling stations will open in capital Municipal councillor accuses some parties of election fraud attempt PRO TV Chisinau — electoral debates Electoral debates on Teleradio-Balti suspended[]
March 12, 2009
PPCD introduces its electoral platform Young people open “digital offensive” Candidates holding dual citizenship under “Civic Control” CEC draws attention on issuance of electoral lists CEC explains special stamp “ELECTIONS 05.04.09” PSD seeks election of judges by people Criminal charges against director of the Nisporeni-based TV station Albasat Conflicts inside “Ravnopravie” Movement and Congress of Russian Communities PLDM invites AMN and PL to consolidate their forces against abuses committed by governing PLDM leader discontent with operation of foreign election observance missions Son of PLDM candidate says police assaulted him PCRM leader: interest of electors is like in 2001 PDM explains secret of interest for PCRM and eventual consequences[]
March 11, 2009
Mihail Formuzal on visit to Coalition for Free and Fair Elections Media makes political partisanship PSD pleads for decisive state intervention in economy Young PLDM members call: “Wake up Moldova!” CEC not willing to register electoral symbol of independent Stefan Uratu CEC will take attitude about the disparity between incomes and expenses declared by some candidates TV 7 opens electoral debates 5 out of 28 registered parties do not participate in elections at all IPP director: risk of invalid elections is pretty low Five parties sign an “anti-corruption pact” PLDM supports “Anti-Corruption Pact”[]
March 10, 2009
Ballot paper will include 21 electoral candidates Oleg Bolotnicov accuses CEC of “unmotivated refusal” to register him in electoral race Moldovan citizens from Transnistria will be able to vote at 10 special polling stations CEC accredits international observers CEC obliges AMN, PL to withdraw two electoral spots AMN subscribes to MAE-released Anti-Corruption Pact MAE says its anti-corruption fight troubles spotted politicians AMN says authorities prepare election fraud AMN against SIS Labour Union “Patria-Rodina” willing to cooperate with AMN and PLDM in future Parliament PL calls upon EU member states PCRM accuses four electoral contestants of not declaring all funds spent on elections Following AMN, PDM does not warm the regulation on electoral debates PDM says governing loses control on situation of domestic economy PPCD and PL in electoral duel on Moldova-1[]
March 9, 2009
Police search again the Nisporeni-based station Albasat TV Prime minister, who stands for elections, meets electors in private “Pentru Neam si Tara” Party joins electoral campaign MAE seeks seizure of illicit estate of dignitaries MAE regrets lack of cooperation between liberal parties, doubts of UCM success UCM asks Government to take emergent actions against economic and social collapse PLDM is electioneering in Italy AMN not warming quality of debates on public radio and television PDM says breaches of electoral legislation compromise democratic transfer of governing Dorin Chirtoaca meets Moldovans from Italy Independent candidate Sergiu Banari joins electoral campaign 628,000 Moldovans are in other countries — official accounts 23 TV and 7 radio channels will organise electoral debates[]
March 7, 2009
Mandate of the 16th Legislature is over on March 7 Young liberal democrats say goodbye to acting parliament Pre-electoral PACE delegation is content and disappointed EURO TV Chisinau invites electoral contestants to attend debates Order of participation in electoral debates on Moldova-1 and Radio Moldova established Council of Europe optimistic that parliamentary elections in Moldova will be fair[]
March 6, 2009
CEC accredits 36 OSCE observers CEC sets supplementary tasks for a number of institutions Mobile voting CEC forewarns AMN, PL and PLDM TV spot of PL prohibited CEC registers four more electoral contestants Parties using undeclared sources likely to be excluded from electoral race Application deadline for registration with electoral race is over President Vladimir Voronin assures that elections will be free and fair AMN will contest refusal to open supplementary polling stations abroad in ECHR Present elections are the beginning of a change of generations in politics PPCD leader recommends constitutional reform Policemen squared by journalists[]
March 5, 2009
Ballot paper will include 23 electoral contestants Chairwoman of the Gagauz People’s Assembly calls against party interests PD concerned with condition of agriculture Idea to sign anti-communist political agreement fails PLDM calls upon OSCE to monitor elections at polling stations abroad as well MAE invites parties to sign Anti-Corruption Pact 19 TV and 6 radio channels will organise electoral debates Guide to political parties on funding electoral campaign PLDM signals lots of breaches and abuses by PCRM Coalition-2009 calls for responsibility and normality “Quite and civilised” electoral campaign under “Civic Control” Minister of Justice is confident: forthcoming elections will be fairer than last polls PSD opens website to discuss anti-crisis actions Parliamentary elections must be a clear message on continuity of democratic reforms Government accuses authorities of AMN-led rayons Approximately 150 Calarasi residents left Vladimir Voronin President Vladimir Voronin clamoured down by Vorniceni residents[]
March 4, 2009
Three more candidates apply for participation in parliamentary race CCA sanctions Moldova-1 and forewarns EURO TV PPR revolted again against the conduct of Moldova-1 PDM sued by Romanian football club PSD recommends Government to contract 1-billion-dollar credit from U.S. bank AMN asks Ministry of Justice to confirm the PCRM registration MAE: corruption walks both on leftwing and rightwing of political scene Only PCRM members and saints do not have criminal cases in Moldova Socialists support PCRM “for maintaining stability and development direction of country” Young people promote and support conscious participation in elections PACE pre-electoral mission Oleg Serebrian and Anatol Petrenco in “political duel” Dirtiest electoral campaign CEC against Obiectiv PSD — No.1 spender in electoral campaign[]
March 3, 2009
CEC forewarns 2 TV channels — N4 and EURO TV Labour Union Patria-Rodina applies for registration as electoral candidate Nisporeni-based station Albasat TV accused of double-entry bookkeeping MAE: lists of AMN and PLDM candidates include persons involved in illegal actions Moldova Unita feels itself discriminated “from all sides” PSD blames PL for “unfavourable situation” of Chisinau City Hall Civic education campaign “voTare” Group of PPCD members from Criuleni migrates to MAE Telenesti-based branch New Generation assaulted Actor Vitalie Rusu wants to defend “the heart of Iurie Rosca” Protest and counter protest by young people UCM signs cooperation agreement with Moscow-based organisation of Yedinaya Rossia (United Russia) Party AMN says parties come to elections “undisguised” Nearly 4,000 persons declare new residence to vote on April 5 Teleradio-Moldova contests APEL’s monitoring report[]
March 2, 2009
CEC receives applications from two more candidates 24 independents likely to stand for elections CEC will accredit observers until March 30 Public television advantages the ruling party PPR concerned with “defaming and denigrating campaign” PCRM resorts to stratagems in accordance with Electoral Code of Conduct Congress of Civil Society gears electoral contestants on different carts PL brings Transnistrian resolution initiative Destroyed electoral billboards PPCD assumes 10 commitments in front of electors AMN brings back combatants’ problem to public attention AMN mayor arrested in front of law court Mobile telephony operators forewarned to respect electoral legislation PSD disseminates March amulets[]
March 1, 2009
AMN obliged to withdraw electoral advertising from broadcasting AMN struggles with PCRM campaigners PLDM keeps down-counting the PCRM governing PDM insists that “Moldova deserves more” PDM leader says PCRM uses “political gastarbeiters” MAE releases its platform in Cahul PPCD supporter mixes up “coalitions”, accusing Coalition for Free and Fair Elections[]
February 28, 2009
International Federation of Journalists demands respect for standards of press freedom “Wake up and vote!” in front of National Opera PACE delegation visits Chisinau to collect facts about elections Moldovan electorate is smarter than seems to be[]
February 27, 2009
Large police team assaults people at Straseni Law Court PCRM loses “duel” with information portal Unimedia MAE ready to provide free legal assistance to Moldovan journalists “Exit poll” to be organised during April 5 parliamentary elections CEC registers two more electoral contestants Instructions on organisation and conduct of parliamentary elections abroad 59 polling stations will open in Balti Patria Moldova ready to help our fellow countrymen to vote abroad PCRM competes for “at least” a parliamentary majority[]
February 26, 2009
Marian Lupu quitted by audience European Commission provides 3 million Euros for Moldovan parliamentary elections Independent candidate Serghei Banari calls for a “joint anti-communist front” PPCD leader accused of “having betrayed the national liberation movement” PSD asks Government to take actions against compromising the 2009 agricultural year Ravnopravie supports UCM at parliamentary elections Victor Stepaniuc likely to be investigated by prosecutor’s office PCRM prefers football instead of electoral debates AMN leader says football is a pretext to make up PCRM’s image AMN proposes anti-crisis plan Ambassador with “electoral missions” PDM describes demand to open supplementary polling stations as “very strange” More than 230 OSCE observers will monitor April 5 elections OSCE interested in voting by Moldovans from other countries and Transnistrian region Journalists Union demands dismissal of Interior Minister CCA concerned with police storm on TV station Albasat TV[]
February 25, 2009
OSCE Election Observation Mission starts working Public broadcaster advantages PCRM Police assault campaigners of opposition Electoral visits of PCRM leaders must be covered from electoral fund of this party Police storm offices of Nisporeni-based TV station Albasat TV PPCD uses its legislative successes in electoral campaign CEC registers first independent candidate ECHR examines application on opening of supplementary polling stations abroad Court of Appeal turns down application on supplementary polling stations Vladimir Voronin not willing more polling stations Parliamentary elections are decisive for EU-Moldova Association Agreement PCRM wants victory at all costs Justice Ministry canvasses in prisons[]
February 24, 2009
CEC turns down application by prosecutor CEC forewarns PCRM PCRM concerned with massive erasure of people from electoral lists Gagauzia Unita explains attachment to UCM Electoral SMS under “Civic control” “Let’s vote, let’s vote!” with domestic artists “For a Clean Parliament” — 40 investigative journalists check candidates to parliamentary seats Serafim Urechean feels himself trailed “Electronic Moldova” — accessible to the public! PCRM and Balti City Hall coordinate their efforts ProGen 2009 Alliance seeks respect for gender equality at elections MAE leader opens a blog 41 persons with criminal records bid for parliamentary seats Kommersant: Voronin is “the least evil” for Russia CHDOM chairman will go to the polls independently[]
February 23, 2009
API defends Obiectiv PSD considers that PCRM made favourable campaigning conditions for itself PPCD claims to have prepared projects under European funds Alianta Verde (Green Alliance) Ecologic Party of Moldova wants to succeed to the Parliament Political parties funded from outside run the risk to be excluded from electoral campaign PLDM signals deterioration of political and electoral climate PDM will publish booklet on voters’ wishes MAE launches electoral platform Team of Comrat mayor supports PSD AMN calls upon law courts to help open supplementary polling stations abroad More than 100 Moldovans from Ireland shouted “We want to vote” Brain-laundered electoral campaign Provocative statements by political opposition are to blame for depreciation of leu Christian-Evangelistic Church in Moldova manifests civic pleas[]
February 22, 2009
PLDM organises meeting on electoral right of nationals from other countries PLDM addresses Moldovans from other countries PLDM asks European institutions to make authorities open more polling stations Gagauzia Unita fears that President Voronin’s policy leads to disunion Pravda raises concern with electoral developments in Moldova[]
February 21, 2009
PCRM satisfied (I) by Municipal Electoral Council No.1 UNIMEDIA rejects PCRM’s accusations categorically PCRM satisfied (II) by Municipal Electoral Council No.1 PCRM satisfied (III) by Municipal Electoral Council No.1 API categorically rejects accusations of breaching the electoral legislation[]
February 20, 2009
PCRM contests PL symbol PCRM contests UCM symbol PCRM is short of arguments AMN accuses PCRM of using administrative resources AMN pickets CEC office CEC modifies regulation on displaying of advertising Billboard “bombing” is underway MAE youths struggle with analysts APEL releases broadcasting monitoring report U.S. Embassy interested in monitoring electoral campaign[]
February 19, 2009
AMN leader demanded to pay compensation Group of NGOs self-declares civil society?! Civic control — Elections 2009 “takes the bull by the horns” PLDM gives “Green Light to Free Circulation!” AMN signals unprecedented rise in breaches of electoral legislation PSD focuses on social matters “Moldova Unita” introduces its electoral offer, while local leaders quit the party Conservative Party promises salaries of 10,000 lei! Roma want to attend elections, but do not know voting procedure[]
February 18, 2009
Could voting abroad destabilise the electoral process? TV watchers must not be bored during electoral campaign “Electoral” vodka-free beer — wasted money? PL accused of kidnapping PLDM accused of involving minors in politics PDM has strong grasp on ladies Government contests decision on dual citizenship in ECHR Grand Chamber[]
February 17, 2009
CEC not willing to revise the election coverage regulation CEC registers 11th electoral candidate CEC opens Protocol Office for Observers PCRM signals violations to CEC PLDM accuses governors of harassment UCM promises salaries of 700 Euros! AMN indignant over communists’ fortune, calls on awareness of youths PDM accuses communists of involving the Church and “dead people” in electoral campaign MAE contests CEC decision in law court, opens “Political and electoral file”[]
February 16, 2009
Bessarabian students seek more polling stations CEC will not open polling stations abroad but in diplomatic missions PSD launches its electoral offer AMN persuades youths from Straseni rayon Tarlev will cooperate with Moscow[]
February 15, 2009
PDM leader hands in credentials to electoral candidates PL releases its electoral programme[]
February 14, 2009
Love of PCRM PDM accuses PCRM of making electoral advertising on public funds “True love” of PDM AMN will be “closer to people and their needs” PL divulges PCRM’s methods[]
February 13, 2009
Mass media gets involved in election coverage Conservative Party applies for registration PSD loses positions in Chisinau Former premier Tarlev willing to be recognised UCM chairman PLDM opens the campaign “Let’s send vote to home” AMN announces “double victory” PDM knows what citizens deserve The Transnistrian settlement is becoming an electoral topic Do you want a clean Parliament? NGOs to motivate electorate[]
February 12, 2009
OSCE to monitor elections EU interested in Moldovan elections CEC takes extra-measures against multiple voting CEC equals obligations of public and private broadcasters CEC opens electoral councils CEC registers the 10th contestant CEC demands the relief of accounts of Chisinau City Hall PCRM candidates running governmental functions apply for relief PLDM sets protests for February 22 PPR to support UCM Former premier Tarlev signs agreement with former USSR premier Tarlev criticised by counter candidates Smirnov says Transnistrians will not participate in elections[]
February 11, 2009
The Party of Socialists supports PCRM National Public Broadcaster TeleRadio-Moldova releases internal election coverage regulation Moldovan communities abroad seek respect for their electoral right 33 polling stations to open abroad AMN introduces its electoral platform Former premier Tarlev disappointed with democracy in Moldova PSD faces losses[]
February 10, 2009
CEC registers 9 contestants CEC adopts advertising regulation CEC adopts expense estimate CEC registers 170 “anti-state” candidates CEC consults parties on the security of electoral process AMN seeks the exclusion of the PCRM from electoral race PSD to open its electoral campaign soon PLDM to apply to ECHR regarding voting abroad PDM contests the election coverage regulation PAM supports the PCRM Supporters of Gagauz governor stand for UCM as well PCRM contests PLDM actions[]
February 9, 2009
The blockage of the City Hall accounts undermines the preparations for the elections in Chisinau PLDM considers itself intimidated PL invokes international institutions for the electoral process monitoring Social or electoral bread?[]
February 8, 2009
PLDM’s pleading for ensuring the voting right for the Moldovan citizens who live abroad[]
February 7, 2009
PL demanded the opening of poling stations in all the countries were Moldovan citizens live[]
February 6, 2009
Two more parties handed in the registration documents Scandal at PL The maximum limit of the financial resources used by electoral competitors and the state loan amount The electoral constituency for Transnistrian voters Settling the number of trustees Observers’ accreditation[]
February 5, 2009
The lots for establishing insertion order on the ballot paper were drawn Scandal at AMN UCM identified its partners “Ravnopravie”, disappointed by UCM PLDM warned about possible governors’ provocations The US Embassy called to free and fair elections[]
February 4, 2009
Establishing the date and time of receiving the necessary documents for candidate registration PCRM will not change its foreign politics priorities after the elections PCRM has not yet established the president Voronin’s successor The PPR leader states that he is being harassed because of political reasons PCRM CC Plenary meeting[]
February 3, 2009
PSD launches an anti-crisis program PLDM proposes a Government structure reform and a new team PDM anti populism protest Pre-electoral intimidations[]
February 2, 2009
The Parliament established the election date The list of parties that may participate in the elections PNL and MAE will participate in the elections with a common list[]