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Election News from February 11, 2009

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The Party of Socialists supports PCRM

The Party of Socialists of Moldova Patria-Rodina (PSMPR) has told a press conference that it will refrain from direct participation in the parliamentary electoral campaign, supporting the Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova (PCRM), as it supports the PCRM programme and activity developed in the last years. PSMPR said that it supports the PCRM because the later firmly calls for the statehood of the Republic of Moldova, while “opposition forces have a single goal — to gain and share the authority among them, have a destructive and anti-state position seeking Moldova’s accession to NATO and the exclusion of our country from the CIS. Their European integration calls and slogans are a lure for people. Their final goal is to see Moldova part of Romania.” A PSMPR leader, Mrs. Veronica Abramciuc, is included in the PCRM candidates list. In fact, the PCRM has issued “common lists”, as the leader of the Agrarian Party of Moldova, Anatol Popusoi, is among PCRM candidates as well.

National Public Broadcaster TeleRadio-Moldova releases internal election coverage regulation

The National Public Broadcaster TeleRadio-Moldova (NPB) has approved the concept and internal regulations on coverage of the electoral campaign for parliamentary elections. NPB aims to guarantee the coverage of opinions and electoral offers of all contestants on radio and television during “Electoral Debates”. Debates will be organised under fair conditions during electoral campaign, 90 minutes of airtime a day, except for Saturday and Sunday. Debates will be organised during March 9 — April 3. Electoral contestants will have access to pay for airtime, two minutes a day, both on radio and television. Electoral advertising will last at least 20 seconds.

Moldovan communities abroad seek respect for their electoral right

Nine communities of Moldovans from other countries, such as the United States, Italy, Ireland and Portugal have sent an open letter to President Vladimir Voronin, Speaker Marian Lupu, Premier Zinaida Grecianii, the chairman of the Central Electoral Commission (CEC), Mr. Eugen Stirbu demanding respect for their electoral right. “We ask the Parliament leadership and political parties represented in the Parliament to modify the electoral legislation in order to also authorise the remote voting, online or by post, like in many other countries. We also ask international organisations — the Council of Europe, the OSCE, as well as the European Union, governments of countries assisting the Republic of Moldova to monitor these elections and eventually to provide financial support and expertise needed by Moldova, encouraging Moldovan authorities to give green light to our requests.” (according to INFOTAG)

33 polling stations to open abroad

CEC Secretary Iurie Ciocan has stated to the OMEGA news agency that polling stations for the April 5 parliamentary elections will be opened in 33 embassies, consulates and representations of Moldova abroad. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration (MFAEI), Moldova is represented by 26 embassies in Europe, Asia and the United States, including the Mission to the European Community in Brussels, 4 consulates, 2 permanent representations to the United Nations in New-York and Geneva and the Moldovan representation to the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. The CEC secretary noted that 800,000 lei will be allocated to open polling stations abroad.

AMN introduces its electoral platform

The Moldova Noastra (Our Moldova) Alliance (AMN) has introduced its electoral platform “The European integration by the ruling AMN”. According to the new political programme of the party, AMN proposes the accession to the European Union as a “national idea”. It promises that, if elected to rule, it will attract foreign direct investments worth 1.2–1.6 billion a year; will cancel the VAT on technological equipment imports; develop the necessary infrastructure for business; double the GDP by 2013, ensuring an annual growth of 12–15 percent; achieve 19-percent annual rises in agriculture and 15 percent in industry, and keeping a maximum annual inflation rate of 5–7 percent etc. As well, AMN pledges to open 350,000 new jobs by 2013, raise the medium wage on economy up to 500 Euros and the pension up to 175 Euros. (According to INFOTAG)

Former premier Tarlev disappointed with democracy in Moldova

In an interview with “Cabinetul din umbra” (The Shadow Cabinet) published on former premier Tarlev, leader of the Centrist Union of Moldova (UCM), has dismissed allegations that his political project was inspired by the ruling party and its leader Vladimir Voronin. Tarlev noted that a group inside the PCRM which is concentrated in the electoral staff of PCRM has made a scenario to intimidate and harass him and his party, being confident that President Voronin is not involved in reprehensible actions. Tarlev was disappointed with violation of human rights, including the right of association, right of peaceful assembly by governors.

PSD faces losses

The leader of the Cantemir-based territorial organisation of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) has stated that the branch concerned quits the party and joins the Centrist Union of Moldova. It seems that this is the third manifestation of discontentment with the compilation of “lists of candidates”. Earlier, scandals relating to candidates lists have emerged inside the Liberal Party and Moldova Noastra Alliance.