Alegerile parlamentare din 2021 în Republica Moldova -

Daily Election News on the 2009 Early Parliamentary Elections

August 7, 2009
PCRM ready to vote an opposition candidate to President office, with one condition Democratic parties: the negotiations’ results made public after the Constitutional Court pronounces on election outcome APEL gives marks to televisions’ performance in election race Public broadcaster claims it was not biased in the election race Hearings on Moldovan elections in the US Congress PL, AMN to ask Constitutional Court to re-distribute parliamentary seats First sitting of the newly-elected Parliament be hold on August 28 The Party of Communists may go into opposition AMN backs PLDM in seeking the office of Parliament Speaker Serafim Urcheanu would accept the Prime-Minister office[]
August 6, 2009
CEC submitted the final election results protocols to the Constitutional Court PPCD insists on the vote recount Chisinau Court of Appeal backs out from examining the AMN and PL applications over distribution of parliamentary seats MAE forwards proposals to the future democratic coalition New Parliament maybe dissolved on January 2010 Vlad Filat denies the deadlock in negotiations between the democratic parties PLDM grateful to voters[]
August 5, 2009
CEC changes minutes on totalizing elections Communists are still popular in one-third of Moldovan districts Hearings on Moldovan democracy in US Congress CEC to deny access to voter lists MAE ready to stage rally in support of future alliance between PLDM, PL, AMN and PDM Liberals asks the Court of Appeal to give the opposition one more parliamentary seat PL leaders met with the Russian Ambassador in Chisinau[]
August 4, 2009
CEC presented the final election results Constitutional Court declines the PPCD’s request to recount ballots Eurasia Foundation’s observers note no abnormalities at polling stations abroad CE Committee Chairman makes statement on elections in Moldova Leaders of democratic parties claim they are not distributing roles in the would-be coalition Chirtoaca hopes democratic coalition will not share the fate of coalition in Chisinau City Hall Filat tries to stop the run of capital belonging to the PCRM affiliated persons Opinion leaders sign manifesto for future government[]
August 3, 2009
PPCD seeks vote recount Leaders of former Opposition certain Moldova will have a democratic future Marian Lupu: Democrats will find necessary votes in PCRM faction PL position: Lupu — President, Filat — Prime-minister, Ghimpu — Speaker Analyst suggests Voronin to withdraw as Yeltsin or Shevardnadze LADOM says July 29 elections were partially free and partially fair European officials comment on elections in Moldova Ecological Party urges future Communist MPs to participate in election of head of state Communists ready to go into opposition, if coalition talks fail PPCD leader urges the opposition parties to enter into dialog with Communists 17 Members of the new parliament should renounce the second citizenship[]
July 31, 2009
PDM to insist on wide coalition US Senator Kerry comments on Moldova elections Liberal Party most popular with Moldovan voters abroad German MPs: Moldovan opposition’s victory — a clear vote for Europe[]
July 30, 2009
National observers say elections partially unfair Five persons suffered injuries in Sangera incident Final election results will be made public on Friday CIS observers: Early parliamentary elections were conducted in accordance with electoral legislation Coalition 2009: Elections not fair, neither totally free Vlad Filat: Principles, not persons will form basis of coalition International observers say identified irregularities did not affect elections Dorin Chirtoaca about victory over Communism PCRM won a clear victory[]
July 28, 2009
Electors allowed casting their ballots upon expired identity cards CEC notes that the 29th of July is a day-off “Coalition 2009” keeps an eye on elections Huge fines for campaigning on Election and Silence days Moldovan political parties have spent 16 million lei in election campaign Five observers from Russia and Belarus obliged to leave Balti city Observers expelled ENEMO observers decide to quit Moldova Interior Ministry: Current election campaign saw fewer violations than previous one Moldovan police shall prevent any violence after Election Day PCRM accuses violation of Election Code Balti electoral “records” CEC forced to present copies of voter rolls to Alliance CCAII Trasnistrians are urged to boycott Moldovan elections[]
July 27, 2009
All polling stations are ready for elections Chisinau ready for parliamentary elections 785 candidates for 101 parliamentary seats SIS does not allow Georgian observers to monitor election in Moldova LADOM Monitoring report: Nothing has changed for the better Regress in media coverage of elections Opposition confident of election victory PDM warns electoral irresponsibility can degenerate into civil war Promo-Lex: Race, full of breaches in districts close to Transnistria “Posta Moldovei” refutes the accusation of promoting an electoral contestant PCRM accuses the opposition of lying AMN: The shortest election campaign was the dirtiest PPCD: Members of parliamentary parties have old mentality “Green Alliance” accuses other parties of aggression MAE urges voters to vote Radoslaw Sikorski: Moldova-EU relationship depends on fairness of elections Civil Society Congress backs Communists “Coalition 2009” unhappy with Audiovisual Coordinating Council AMN: The police are being massively involved in election campaign The “Truth” has been said[]
July 24, 2009
CEC summing up the results Polling stations set up in Moldova and abroad will work according to similar program Elections will decide for Moldova to be or not to be — Voronin IDOM found out irregularities in voter rolls Quality and accuracy of voter rolls remains a major problem, national observers Filat to public servants: I know it’s hard Young Liberals distribute ribbons with words “For Your Freedom” to passersby Bishop of Balti and Falesti calls upon believers to vote “for preservation of statehood” Transnistrian war veterans calling to vote for opposition AMN candidate for Parliament detained by police Police say AMN candidate was held on “blackmail” charges PDM: Authorities destabilizing situations in the localities PL: All the state machinery works against Liberal Party and other opposition parties Patria Rodina again calls on voters to vote Communists Young Patriots from Causeni support PCRM[]
July 23, 2009
Eurasia monitors to oversee Moldovan elections at polling stations abroad ENEMO Mission to monitor the July 29 parliamentary elections Six parties may enter the new Parliament — Vox Populi Media observers uncloak techniques used by Moldova 1 to distort messages CCA gives warnings to six TV stations PPCD candidates say health insurance sector should be reformed PCRM accuses “Vocea Basarabiei” “Sf. Gheorge Biruitorul” organisation supports PCRM Unequal access of political parties to financial resources Electoral contestants may use state symbols in ads Civic Control Coalition 2009 casts doubt on the PL’s financial report PLDM accuses Communists of ignoring Constitution AMN: PCRM will try to rig elections with hundreds of thousands of fake ballots[]
July 22, 2009
MAE officially quits electoral race Voters can ask for mobile box until 15.00 on Election Day Election information hotline receives around 20 calls per day Romanian lawmaker to lead European Parliament Observers’ Delegation to Moldovan elections EU calls Moldovan authorities and electoral contestants to hold fair and free elections Liberal Democrats suggest setting up one more state agency for citizens staying abroad Provincial Communist leader joins Democratic Party of Moldova Liberals demand from Government to stop interference in policy of entering higher educational institutions By 56,000 more ballots will be printed for the July 29 early elections Young AMN members seek financial assistance from international organizations to transport students to polling stations Posta Moldovei accused of electioneering for PCRM PSD and UCM accuse Communists of improper privatization of state property[]
July 21, 2009
Voting certificates available until July 28 inclusive NGOs expose 38 “bad candidates” for Parliament Exit poll will be carried out on July 29 too Media observers find out track breaches of law Promo-LEX: Influences on voters compromise correctness of the July 29 elections Edinaya Gagauzia argues in support of IJC president from Gagauzia CEC to send 65,000 ballots abroad PCRM is represented most by ethnic minorities in Moldova PL, PLDM and AMN calling democratic electorate to mobilization PL, PLDM and AMN: We will not cooperate with the Democratic Party of Moldova PPCD proposes solutions to dwelling problems PD and PCRM are champions of spending for electoral campaign[]
July 20, 2009
Next Moldovan parliament to have four factions — barometer OSCE PA spokesman highlights electoral problems remaining in Moldova IJC president in Gagauzia says he is persecuted by Communists More than 45 percent of Moldovans say the April 6–8, 2009 actions were unjustified Marian Lupu elected as Democratic Party chairman Police detain LP deputy chairman for alleged violation of public order rules Liberals blame Communists for country impoverishment Democratic Party counting on Socialist International’s help IPP manipulates public opinion — AMN PLDM car assaulted by 7 individuals AMN accuses PCRM of preparing for rigging July 29 polls helps Moldovan electors decide what candidate to vote PPCD candidates propose solutions to avoid possible political crisis PCRM says some Media are hampering its campaigning European Action Movement asks Voronin for explanations on reports of federalization Moldovan veterans call for election of PCRM Protection of importers by authorities causing bankruptcy of agricultural producers — PSD CEC approves form of ballots[]
July 17, 2009
Association for Promotion of Legal Clinics will check electoral rolls IDOM experts identify irregularities in drawing up electoral rolls PCRM sabotages electoral meeting of PD in Balti New abuse against journalists Democratic Party announces its foreign policy priorities Lie is more often employed by opponents, PCRM Patria-Rodina party speaks out in Communists’ support MAE traces symbolic contour of April 7 victims NGOs call on parties to discuss publicly with voters Board of “April 2009” Fund intends to build monument to victims of torture in Chisinau CEC reacts to statements concerning possible election fraud Local deputies from AMN complain that communist authorities left them without financial resources PL accuses “Teleradio-Moldova”, while the company rejects the accusations European Parliament to deploy election observance delegation[]
July 16, 2009
LADOM concerned with course of election campaign… PNL announces its withdrawal from electoral race Marian Lupu is target for disinformation, PDM Moldovan voters to receive free juridical consultations by means of special telephone line Civil Control-2009 Coalition underscores positive moments Kalman Mizsei expects free and fair election in Moldova Media NGOs find media functioning climate worsens in Moldova CEC contributes to disguise PCRM’s donors, investigative reporter AMN accuses authorities of neglecting foreign experts’ proposals on combating drug trafficking AMN accuses President Vladimir Voronin of bribing Constitutional Court judges PLDM works out special program on improving medical services for population PL concerned about human rights violations during electoral campaign Police sanction 75 minibus drivers in capital for displaying electoral advertising of PL Interior Ministry assures that it does not meddle into electoral campaign Vladimir Voronin reconfirms the intention of country’s leadership to ensure a democratic electoral process PCRM condemns dirty methods and technologies Members of the association of veterans of balneo-sanatorium constructions invite electors to vote for PSD MAE tells “The Story of a Hero” in front of Emergency Hospital[]
July 15, 2009
Vladimir Voronin met the head of the OSCE/ODIHR Election Observation Mission Electoral bureaus start functioning Five Moldovan parties to enter Parliament — “Vox Populi 2009” Vladimir Voronin, Dorin Chirtoaca and Vladimir Filat enjoy the highest confidence of the population — “Vox Populi 2009” Almost one third of Moldova’s population believes that the ruling Party of Communists gained the most from the 7–8 April protests in Chisinau PLDM seeks condamnation of the XXI century Communism PCRM will plead for political consensus in future Parliament, even if it will hold more than 60 mandates Vladimir Voronin praises opposition Republican Social-political Movement “Ravnopravie (Equality)” (MRR) supports the Party of Communists Healthcare system should be a national priority, PL Young PPCD members hold news conference at Central Market in Chisinau AMN, compelled to withdraw electoral ad[]
July 14, 2009
Starting Tuesday, electors may check their names in voter rolls PNL will quit the electoral race US Senator calls Moldovan Government to provide access for all electoral participants and civil society experts to public media Eleven polling places will be set up for Transnistrian voters Promo-Lex Association to conduct monitoring in 7 electoral districts PLDM: Communist government hinders settlement of Transnistrian conflict Marian Lupu in Paris on a visit Patentees invite Government to talks Supreme Court rules Gurbulea’s and Zubic’c assertions that Urecheanu and Plesca tried to assassinate Rosca are unsupported PCRM slaps opponents’ movies,"dirty technologies" PCRM seeks the revelation of frauds signalled by opposition parties Vasile Tarlev: Communists ruin Moldovan producers PL accuses government of allowing deterioration of rural infrastructure MAE says four of its members were detained by order of PCRM[]
July 13, 2009
NGOs ask election runners to consciously guarantee social protection of every citizen 70 CIS monitors to oversee electoral campaign and July 29 elections Moldova Fund in Washington launches campaign on mobilizing votes for elections Chisinau City Hall gets 1,900 applications to rectify data from electoral lists CoE secretary: Clearly Moldovan State Television has much to learn about responsible journalism BCC warns broadcasters to observe electoral law Mihail Formuzal: Elections in Gagauzia will not be rigged PLDM supporter says he was attacked by masked persons while guarding party’s election poster PL, PD criticise education system One part of UCM supports PDM at July 29, 2009 early parliamentary elections Vasile Tarlev accuses Mihai Petrache of “willing to destroy UCM” Deputy chairman of Causeni rayon, PPCD member joins PSDM AMN claims Moldtelecom is compelled to buy failing company Komsomolists praise youth policy of PCRM MAE quits electoral race Ecological Party “Green Alliance” aims to poll 10–12% of vote Liberal Democrats accuse Communists of organizing provocations PPCD candidates gather ideas to renovate Moldova[]
July 10, 2009
The ballots for the July 29 elections will contain 10 parties CEC accerdits national and international observers 297 polling stations will open in Chisinau municipality Chisinau Council entitled interim mayor to sign the lists of electoral bureau members More than 100 electors called the Hotline service of CEC Election runners can apply for interest-free loans during one more week Students will vote only at the place where they have temporary visa of residence Some televisions return to bad practices Court of appeal declines AMN’s appeal on deprivation of right for retort MoI evidences only opposition damages election advertising posters PLDM asks for russian-language election debates PSD compiles “Moldovan traitors list” PCRM about its economic policies: We feel we did it right Liberals accuse Communists of isolating Moldova MAE seeks the dismissal of Prosecutor-General CEC forbids several TV spots of PCRM[]
July 9, 2009
Coalition 2009 concerned about media bias in parliamentary Bodyguard of premier threatens journalists with weapon Marian Lupu considers that Vladimir Voronin should not opt for one of the three supreme state posts PLDM slams Government’s education policy National minorities are not motivated to support any opposition party — Patria-Rodina PCRM talks big results in agriculture PL signals violations of consumers’ rights Vasile Tarlev tells the “myths” of communists Current electoral campaign is more aggressive than the precedent one, says “Civic Control”[]
July 8, 2009
First debates on public radio and TV will take place on July 9 Nationwide-coverage broadcasters get more partisan, media observers “Magnificent 7” present their electoral platform Independent candidate at the 5 April elections calls on voters to vote for PL, PLDM or AMN PL asks government to stop undermining authority of local public administration AMN defending farmers Young Liberals request to extend deadline to submit change of residence applications until July 24 PCRM declares country reintegration as No.1 issue of Moldovan statehood PSD entered officially the electoral race PLDM demands from General Prosecutor’s Office to investigate propaganda of ethnic hatred by some mass media[]
July 7, 2009
Twelve electoral candidates likely to attend the early parliamentary elections PSD registered in electoral race CEC started to check the voter rolls PCRM is champion of spending for elections MAE runs in elections with own list of candidates “Moldova Unita” (United Moldova) Party won’t participate in elections PDM candidate likely to be dismissed under political criteria Eduard Musuc calls on former supporters to vote for PCRM Young Democrats demand stopping “hunt” for young people PLDM: This government should not recite poems, but leave Moldova Noastra Alliance throws shoes at Communists Ravnopravye not to participate in snap elections PL requests CEC to extend deadline to submit applications on voting place until July 20 Sanctions for deteriorated billboards[]
July 6, 2009
CEC gets electronic voter rolls Offices for Documentation of Population will work on Election Day Chisinau residents may check online their names on voter rolls MAE applies to CEC for participation in elections There are over 170 authorized places for electoral posters in Chisinau municipality PSD members from the rayon of Glodeni join PDM PSD belies the withdrawal of the Glodeni branch “Together for Moldova” — electoral slogan of PLDM NGO leader says Marian Lupu was one of April 7 provokers AMN ready to create a post-election coalition with PL and PLDM AMN accuses communists of poor organization of bachelor exams PCRM has no scenarios implemented in other political parties, says a PCRM candidate PSD and UCM compare post-riot events with Stalinist repressions LADOM identifies irregularities in campaign for early legislative elections[]
July 3, 2009
CEC sets up hotline intended for voters Orhei-based PL office set on fire PLDM leader founds special fund — “April-2009” Andrei Popov: Democrats may become second strongest force in the new Parliament Over 1000 ballot paper found in the basement of Riscani district Praetor’s Office of Chisinau PNL registered by CEC, enabled to start electoral campaign PSD and UCM file joint list to CEC Liberals demand dismissal of essential officials Gagauzians changed their electoral preferences, says a PCRM representative AMN demands the investigation of Deputy Vladimir Turcan “Teleradio-Moldova” to open electoral debates on July 8 Tatiana Timbalist likely to be registered as independent[]
July 2, 2009
Electoral debates to start in a week and half Chisinau City Hall allotted 288 thousand lei for elections PCRM asks CEC to dismiss Nicolae Garbu Transnistrian communists backing PCRM Moldovan group from Italy demands PPCD leader “to stop hitting the opposition” Marian Lupu was target of a “bomb attempt” “Forta Noua” supports PDM in elections A high-ranking OSCE official refutes “Moldpres” news concerning the fairness of elections Liberal Democrats demand public condemnation of stalinist deportations Party for Nation and Country calls to vote for AMN Voting rules for Moldovans abroad will not change Kalman Mizsei: the legitimacy of elections will prove Moldova’s commitment to European integration PD billboards assaulted by “guerrilla elements” Authorities admit that Valeriu Boboc was killed[]
July 1, 2009
LADOM looks for national observers Interior Ministry assures that it does not meddle into the electoral campaign Four members from the Communist Singera community subdivision join PDM Liberal Democrats accuse Communists of splitting society PPR will not run for the July 29 elections Party of Socialists of Moldova “Patria-Rodina” backing PCRM “Pro Europa” President: “Lupu” project is criminal AMN: Democratic forces must save Moldova from Communists PL wants to terminate the “communist dictatorship” CEC secretary: PL contradicts itself[]
June 30, 2009
CEC calls upon broadcasters to start electoral debates “as soon as possible” 49 radio and TV stations will cover the electoral campaign OSCE/ODIHR Mission to elections in Moldova First observers accredited PNL applied to the CEC for the registration as electoral candidate Some opposition candidates have not suspended main jobs MAE looking for solutions Conservative Party insists on a common list for opposition Social Democrats keep on leaving PSD Observers find insignificant changes in editorial policies of Moldovan televisions Gagauzia Governor demands local mayors to check voter rolls CC Chairman contests the evidence of rigging elections lodged by opposition PCRM: the evidence of rigging the April 5 elections is false Democratic youth demands voting conditions for students[]
June 29, 2009
Training seminar for members of precinct councils National Council of Moldovan NGOs recommends parties to pay more attention to civil society OSCE PA gets report on Moldovan elections Hincesti mayor joins Democratic Party of Moldova Communists hope to win minimum 61 seats on July 29 Liberal Democrats will challenge the new Administrative Code before the Constitutional Court AMN said it discovered over 6,500 voter frauds in April elections PDM proposes setting up an Anti-crisis Cooperation Council MAE is ready to support a political construction of democratic parties AMN to stand for Parliament under slogan “Let’s unite, Moldovans!” An AMN Member of Parliament calls Russia-promised credit an electoral myth[]
June 26, 2009
Interior Ministry obliged to ensure personal security of all candidates PACE commission to monitor election campaign in Moldova OSCE/ODIHR Election Observation Mission starts working in Moldova Opposition will appeal to ECHR to prove the election fraud Young AMN members towards the Interior Ministry: “Down with Mafia!”, “Down with Dictatorship!”, “Down with Torture!” PCRM ripostes to criticism of the situation in economy PSD and UCM to run together in snap elections Marian Lupu maintains his coming over to PDM is not communist project Iurie Rosca deny rumors about his becoming head of state PL says communist mayor banned it to electioneer PL criticizing the Government’s anti-crisis plan PD calls on PCRM to give up dividing citizens into “patriots and traitors” Youth liberal-democrats launch the “TRUTH” campaign[]
June 25, 2009
“Teleradio-Moldova” Company promises to provide fair conditions to electoral contestants Electoral contestants to shortly announce amounts to spend in race Communists condemning extremist and xenophobic trends PL denies any relation with the legionary movement “Noua Dreapta” PLDM suggests ignoring communists’ accusations Vladimir Voronin: Secession of some members from PCRM is nothing but gossip PLDM regards as purely populist the government’s decision concerning Investprivatbank PSD: Marian Lupu has a “mission” from the Party of Communists PD: stopping the war among political actors is the only solution for Moldova[]
June 24, 2009
CEC recalls the voting procedure to students PSD and UCM may go together in early elections PCRM: the July 29 vote will be a choice between extremists and state-minded forces Conservative Party calls on voters to boycott elections PACE ascertained numerous violations during the April 5 elections PPCD makes electoral stake on the youth The officials on the PCRM electoral list will not appear on the public audiovisual but on election-related news Vladimir Voronin accuses the opposition of being directed “by some criminal forces” Former speaker Marian Lupu would like an alliance with pro-European parties PL: we will win the elections even if we walk more[]
June 23, 2009
First electoral contestants registered 35 electoral councils formed 28 political organizations may participate in the early parliamentary elections CEC approved the Regulation on media coverage of the electoral campaign Special stamp “29.07.09 ALEGERI (Elections)” PCRM: April 5 elections were the most fair and democratic in the state history PLDM wants to know terms of Russia’s financial assistance PD welcomes the loan from Russia, but asks for transparency PD accuses the opponents of pressure and blackmail The parties’ financing will be strictly monitored[]
June 22, 2009
CEC explains how students may vote PL, PLDM and AMN set up a Political Council for Dialogue and Cooperation CEC has set the limit of electoral campaign spending for electoral contestants Government will provide over 22 mln lei for early parliamentary elections PACE Co-rapporteurs welcome recent ammendments to the Election Code European Liberals calling EU and OSCE to monitor the elections in Moldova more attentively[]