Daily Election News on the 2010 Early Parliamentary Elections

December 26, 2010
Parliament is convened for December 28 Great Assembly of Voters PL requirements cause surprises[]
December 24, 2010
Constitutional Court confirmed the legality of the parliamentary elections Speaker and interim President summarizes his activity[]
December 16, 2010
EU supports us, but wants the continuation of reforms PLDM leader is optimistic President of Romania is pro-AIE PCRM continues to appeal[]
December 15, 2010
Justice rejects PCRM’ additional requests Diaspora representatives accuses CEC and MFAEI PDM ordinary members continue to express concerns PCRM is not satisfied by the recount before its outcome[]
December 14, 2010
PCRM has new additional requests, and CEC is governed by law Territorial leaders are concerned by PDM position[]
December 13, 2010
Expenses for vote recount affect PCRM and state budget Civil society supports pro-European coalition PDM is dissatisfied with pressures and comes up with proposals[]
December 11, 2010
The recount of votes will take place on December 15[]
December 10, 2010
Constitutional Court ordered the recount Comments on the decision of Constitutional Court EU supports Moldova Public organizations support a pro-European coalition A step towards the AIE 2 PCRM and PDM discussed about the organization of future Government PCRM could vote for President even in case of a centre-right coalition[]
December 9, 2010
U.S. supports democratic reforms and the path towards European integration Extra-parliamentary parties negotiate their own coalitions Russian Ambassador comments on the Kremlin’s envoy visit PLDM comes up with the reasons for the coalition offer Social networks support AIE 2[]
December 8, 2010
EU envoys wish a coalition with European vector Negotiations between PLDM, PDM and PL[]
December 7, 2010
The media has done a good campaign Academicians call for responsibility and consensus PCRM is empowered to ally with PDM The offer of PLDM[]
December 6, 2010
EU Special Representative welcomes the Parliamentary Elections CEC totalled the election results The votes on A4 sheets are invalid The bodyguards of Vladimir Voronin had acted lawfully Parties declare reduced expenditures in the campaign PLDM wants restoration of AIE[]
December 2, 2010
CEC further denies the biased information PLDM — PDM negotiations Institute of CIS Countries is not satisfied with the elections in Moldova Train Basescu’s statements are criticized WikiLeaks achieve Moldova too PCRM submits requirements to CEC[]
December 1, 2010
European assessments and support for Moldova CEC reasonably denies allegations of manipulation with supplementary lists[]
November 30, 2010
Statements by senior EU officials Civil society considers the lections free and partially fair CEC informs about invalid votes[]
November 29, 2010
The preliminary results of elections The elections were in line with international standards Leaders of the EIA parties will negotiate PCRM alleges major violations, but is ready to govern[]
November 26, 2010
Everything is ready for elections The last pre-electoral observation report Voter lists are better prepared Delegation of European observers Final Financial Report of competitors Post-election protests have been not announced Youth Information Campaign CCA agreed with Publika TV Former deportees and political prisoners support AMN and PL PLDM warns about possible discrediting actions Summarizing the campaign by leaders of the PL, PLDM and PCRM leaders[]
November 25, 2010
Documentation of citizens will be also made on election day CEC warns about prohibition of agitation in the last 2 days Ballots are ready False leaflets on government behalf Political PR and crisis communication MIA considers the campaign as being much calmer than before Trade Unions Call PCRM leader characterizes the electoral campaign PPCD considers as “explosive” the situation on the eve of elections Veterans of Transnistrian conflict support AMN, PL and AIE A PUM knight gives up the title Fatal road accident[]
November 24, 2010
The theme of fighting corruption is rather a propagandistic one The campaign for a Clean Parliament minds both the Democrats and the Communists Expenditures reported in the campaign does not reflect the reality Child rights and protection are missing from the electoral messages Prime Minister discusses with CIS observers PUM wants “an alternative EU” and does not claim any state positions Vlad Filat insists on debates with PCRM leader Conservative leaders deny any involvement in kidnapping and mistreating their godfather AMN has received a PCRM memory stick New cases of electoral vandalism regarding PL Diaspora in Italy supports PL[]
November 23, 2010
Corjova voters will vote in Cocieri CEC meeting Progen Alliance still has objections to the lists of candidates and electoral platforms Same trends in media coverage of the campaign Civic Initiative for a Clean Parliament is attacked by parties AMN asks for confirmation of the intent to form a new coalition PUM requests to ban demonstrations and criticises the visit of Saakashvili PCRM invokes the Agony of Regime MAE proposes a public debate PSM supports PCRM PPCD warns the EPP President[]
November 22, 2010
Resolution of the US Senate A news portal attacked Latest pre-election polls PLDM is supported by the European People’s Party Unfortunate incident at PLDM electoral show PUM refuses to debate on media outlets controlled by PDM candidates Three independent candidates propose a pact to modernize Moldova Gagauz politicians insist on a referendum on Russian language[]
November 19, 2010
The list of compromised candidates causes discontent Another pre-election poll Prosecution Office gives priority to electoral notifications Romania grants free transportation to Moldovan voters Latest changes in the lists of candidates Vladimir Voronin insulted Gagauz people Publika TV will have a special program on election day BCC sanctions again NIT and warns Moldova 1 Mihai Ghimpu wants “EIA again” gift[]
November 18, 2010
“Robin Hood” formula remains legal and enforceable Constitutional Court rejects the notifications on “voting without evidence” and about the PNL constitutionality Traian Basescu supports the EIA governance The first two ex-presidents support EIA PCRM videos restricted by court PNL notifies about possibilities of fraud PUM leader forgives debts and wishes general amnesty A alpinist on PSD lists A PL billboard was stolen PCRM leader — banned at Publika TV MAE will sue NIT[]
November 17, 2010
CEC gives up voting in Corjova Contestants neglect gender criteria Independent candidates want to be taken into account Civil education abroad Challenge of the ministers’ signatures PSD affirms that it created a new branch of economy PUM insists that the Metropolitan may be a compromise figure MAE calls for peace within the AEI and accuses intimidations PMUEM requests consolidation Two environmentalists quit with scandal the PEMAVE list PPCD proposes solutions for the political crisis[]
November 16, 2010
Barometer of Public Opinion, November 2010 Additional polling stations for the inhabitants from the left bank of Dniester River The observers from CIS appreciate positively the activity of the electoral bodies PDM was sanctioned by CEC for non-corresponding campaigning (seeds of parsley, onion and carrot) Media monitoring confirms the same trends PLDM denies the accusations related to personal data use PNL criticizes the messages delivered by Victor Stepaniuc PCRM cannot be sanctioned for receiving doubtful donations The Acting President criticises MIA and the Prime Minister PUM is becoming active PSM requests some contestants to quit the electoral course[]
November 15, 2010
Supreme Court of Justice allowed the PCRM spot PLDM files a request regarding the voting by Transnistrian residents PMUEM also condemns the address to NATO PLDM reports about new electoral incidents AMN appeals against the PUM’ religious spot, and PUM appeals against AMN’ “sun”[]
November 14, 2010
MIA Information Only three candidates in Gagauzia PDM considered dangerous Ghimpu’s address to NATO PLDM submits evidences and invokes abuses MAE bans by statute the alliance with PCRM and is supported by a Romanian MP Gabriel Stati gathers “supporters” Valeriu Pasat do not support any more the sale of MiGs[]
November 12, 2010
CEC approved the model and text of the ballot CEC allows voting with expired documents An electoral candidate withdraws Vox-Populi Poll Mihai Ghimpu writes to NATO Secretary General PCRM requests an individual plan for integration into EU PL billboards are attacked PDM is campaigning in kindergarten The Party United Moldova insists on reviewing the tariffs[]
November 11, 2010
Promo-LEX Report finds intensification of violations CEC mandate has expired, but is justifiably extended Documentation offices will work on election day Ombudsman for child rights notifies irregularities A poll that is hard to identify Forbidden and allowed PCRM clip PCRM challenges the “Robin Hood” formula of distributing the seats PL also challenges the Electoral Code An independent candidate has an electoral anthem[]
November 10, 2010
Remarkable decision of the BCC Prohibitions on the involvement of pupils and students in the electoral campaign A new test for the AIS “Elections” Civic campaigns and online promotion PLDM is committed to young people and communicate the “Truth about poverty” AMN relies on women PCRM promises free education and invokes threats of electoral fraud Armed forces veterans support EIA[]
November 9, 2010
CEC meeting CIS observers start their activity Article 13 of the Electoral Code is constitutional ICJ Monitoring Report Check the electoral lists! PLDM cures and defends PUM proposes a large coalition and the Metropolitan as President Gabriel Stati wants cooperation for the benefit of the citizen Victor Stepaniuc against PNL Investors look forward for appropriate actions from the new governance[]
November 8, 2010
OSCE / ODIHR evaluates the campaign CEC holds training seminars Election incidents PSD picks up the glove thrown to communists PNL invokes obstacles in placing the electoral advertising Youth Parliament motivates young voters[]
November 5, 2010
MAE appeals CEC detaches from polls The entry order in the ballot is final Unanswered appeals Invitation to debates: PLDM vs. PCRM BCC warns the private TV station NIT[]
November 4, 2010
BCC Report Verification of voter lists online Controversial survey Further information by MIA about electoral offences Valeriu Plesca proposes “resetting” the political system PCRM proposes a Strategy to prevent the impact of natural hazards[]
November 3, 2010
Interim President assures free and fair election New provocations in Corjova Details on meetings with voters Survey on pre-electoral opinions Events with participation of electoral competitors Interview by CEC President[]
November 2, 2010
In total — 40 electoral competitors Church is no longer involved in politics NGOs consider the voters are obstructed Media monitoring finds increasing electoral propaganda Prior registration continues[]
November 1, 2010
The campaign “Vote, people!” Other campaign messages Distant duel between PDM and PLDM Teleradio-Moldova launched election debates[]
October 29, 2010
There are 27 registered electoral contestants Romania feels as electoral object Warning for AMN and PDM A new post of MAE NIT sanctioned by BCC The PUM’ “strange” steps Ombudsmen discuss with political parties[]
October 28, 2010
The number of competitors may reach 40 75 polling stations abroad are proposed Notifications concerning the accuracy of parties’ funding Observers note violations Interim President expresses concerns CEC provides clarifications on impossibility to extend the number of candidates UCM renounces to run in elections Municipal resources for elections[]
October 27, 2010
Additional five potential candidates PACE pre-electoral mission statement MAE has amended its list of candidates[]
October 26, 2010
The number of registered competitors reached 21 The financial statements of electoral candidates Moldovan Mail Service refutes A broadcaster claims its production is used in election spots PCRM sues the PLDM Registration of OSCE/ODIHR observers Despite declared efforts, the perception of corruption is increased[]
October 25, 2010
ODIHR starts monitoring the elections Another four potential contestants Monitoring the funding of parties during elections Unprecedented methods for collecting the support signatures[]
October 22, 2010
Gabriel Stati is registered Two additional potential independent candidates PLDM disputed the PCRM statements and requests operative investigation on abuse BCC dismisses the complaint on Pro TV CEC informs the voters and secures the voting PACE interested in Moldovan elections Prior registration period extended Additional electoral responsibilities PCRM complaint dismissed[]
October 21, 2010
Resolution of the European Parliament on the Republic of Moldova European Commission hopes that the new Government would have an European agenda Constitutional Court couldn’t examine the problem of suspending the ministers from their duties Priorities of PNL PL supported by anticommunist sportsmen AMN launched its campaign in the capital of the North A PLDM representative assaulted []
October 20, 2010
Office of PDM in Soroca devastated PLDM will renounce the immunity PDM presented the list of candidates for the Parliament MAE launched the Plan for modernization of Moldova “For Nation and Country” Party presented its electoral program PNL is not invited anymore to talk-shows PSD, MR as well as independent candidate Victor Stepaniuc will participate in elections for the Parliament Chief of European Union Delegation recommends restraint[]
October 19, 2010
CEC decided about the polling stations abroad Independent candidate Valeriu Plesca promises “order in the country” PDM leader, Marian Lupu, about the relationship with political opponents Humanist Party of Moldova advocates for the customs union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan A Decalogue for a fair campaign by Moldova Noastra Alliance Leader of the Liberal Party advocates for free and fair elections Popular Republican Party urges to be voted normal people… Appeal of the Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova to the European Commission[]
October 18, 2010
Over 40 potential independent contestants Post-electoral pre-advising PL announces it's accession to ELDR[]
October 17, 2010
PDM gets involved in campaign[]
October 16, 2010
PLDM and PMUEM enter the campaign[]
October 15, 2010
PLDM may start electoral campaign Additional independent candidate has applied for registration PpNT warned Expiration of the term granted to broadcasters for getting involved in the campaign NERA and SCM indirectly involved in electoral campaign[]
October 13, 2010
The 14th party files papers with CEC CEC declines its competence on the issue of a referendum on Russian language AMN campaign launched “United Moldova” wants to bring “Order in the Country”[]
October 12, 2010
Appeal to observe the principles of free and fair elections First independent candidate files papers PCRM campaign launched Challenging the constitutionality of certain provisions of the Electoral Code Problems with organizing elections in Gagauzia[]
October 11, 2010
Registration of first 12 contestants PLDM has filed the registration papers Parliamentary Committee didn’t vote to lift the parliamentary immunity of some candidates Another possible independent candidate[]
October 9, 2010
PCRM starts running the campaign Congress of the “Anti-mafia Movement” A parallel electoral campaign in ATU Gagauzia[]
October 8, 2010
Media coverage of electoral campaign Establishing district councils, instructions regarding the electoral documents and accreditation of observers OSCE will monitor the parliamentary elections City Hall rejects the accusations of prohibiting some billboards Declaration of the European United Left group[]
October 7, 2010
PL withdraws its ministers from the list of candidates Efforts to ensure voting in Corjova CEC consults with ombudsmen PPCD Electoral Manifesto[]
October 5, 2010
Civic Initiative for a Clean Parliament launched Significant increase of the expenditure ceiling Accreditation of first observers CEC decisions Requests for revision of the lists of candidates Additional four possible independent candidates[]
October 4, 2010
The first 12 potential contestants The low threshold stimulates the independent candidates[]
September 30, 2010
Young Voter Day CEC website is inoperative[]
September 29, 2010
The Decree on dissolving the Parliament CEC has begun preparations for elections PDM will run independently in elections[]