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Election News from January 27, 2005

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“Solidaritatea” thanks authorities

During the session of the Council of the “Solidaritate” Trade Union Confederation, its leader Leonid Manea thanked the central government authorities for “raising the pensions and salaries”, i.e. for what is listed under the achievements in the ruling party’s electoral platform. That attitudes is very much different from that of the Trade Unions Confederation of the Republic of Moldova that during the last years accused the governors of suppressing its structures in an attempt to favour the former, allegedly affiliated to the ruling party.

A new case at ECHR

European Court for the Human Rights (ECHR) would examine the application of the Secretary of the Chisinau Municipality Council, Vladimir Serban, currently in jail while investigated for alleged corruption. Vladimir Serban has gone through all the internal mechanisms available to appeal the legality of his arrest. The case is of major interest especially as Serban case is viewed by many as an attempt to settle scores with the BMD leader, Serafim Urechean, General Mayor of Chisinau. Previously, BMD-affiliated media reported that by arresting officers working in the Chisinau Mayoralty, authorities seek to extort information so as to start investigation of Urechean.

ANTENA C statement

A press released issued by the administration of the “Antena C” radio station reads that it was baffled by “information included in the second report of the Coalition 2005 monitoring the electoral process claiming that «Antena C» favours «Moldova Democrata» Bloc (BMD). We believe that those claims are groundless and rather stem from some preconceived ideas… We believe that the allegations of self-censorship made in the report lack objectivity. Suspension of certain shows during this period is justified by the need to observe legal provision on election coverage in mass media”. Report authors claim that it covered the period December 3, 2004 — January 15, 2005, while “ANTENA C” refers to January 1 — 23, 2004.

Court of Appeal vs CEC

Court of Appeal (CA) cancelled the CEC decisions no. 675 on establishing district electoral council of Chisinau. The thing is that CEC has interfered in the establishment of the electoral council thus breaching the provisions of the Electoral Code. According to the Code that is the prerogative of the Municipal Council, while CEC may only interfere in cases specifically provided for. Previously, BMD representative accused the CEC of alleged interference in the establishment of district electoral council of Chisinau, thereby reducing the number of its members from 11 to 9 just for the sake of satisfying the old-time ego of the Party of Communists. In the 2003 local elections, Party of Communists accused district electoral council of Chisinau of partisanship in favour of BMD leader, Serafim Urechean.

BMD reacts

During the meeting with voters in Balti municipality, BMD leaders Oleg Serebrian and Valeriu Cosarciuc expressed their regret that American analyst Vladimir Socor made remarks “that are not in favour of the democratic opposition in the Republic of Moldova”. “I cannot understand and explain why the analyst is accusing BMD, while praising the ruling party. I could only explain it by the poor knowledge of the situation in Moldova, it is one thing to stay in Munchen and another thing to live in Chisinau”, noted Oleg Serebrian. On the other hand, Valeriu Cosarciuc pointed “it is all-too-clear that Socor is playing the game of the ruling party who has entered the electoral race, another reason is that Moldova Suverana governmental newspaper is publishing his articles on the first page. We understand far too well who are the lucky ones to get on the first page of the governmental newspaper” (cited from Monitor-Media).