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Election News from March 24, 2005

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PD withdraws from BMD

The 16th legislature of Moldova will comprise four factions: the Communist faction will hold 56 seats and will be led by former speaker Eugenia Ostapciuc; the Democratic Moldova faction will hold 26 seats and will be led by Serafim Urechean; the Christian Democrats will have 11 seats and will be headed by Iurie Rosca; and a new faction — Democratic Party — will have eight seats and is headed by Dumitru Diacov.

According to the news agency BASA-Press, Dumitru Diacov, who was elected to parliament on behalf of the Democratic Moldova Bloc and he was the co-chairman of this bloc, said that he took part in elections with an “own message” and that he would do better to promote social democratic values alone. He noted that in the 2003 local elections his Democratic Party “enjoyed the support of about eight percent of voters,” and rejected accusations that he had used the Democratic Moldova Bloc to enter the parliament.

BMD leader comments on decision of PD

The leader of the Democratic Moldova Bloc (BMD), Serafim Urechean, stated to BASA that “the decision of Dumitru Diacov to create a separate parliamentary faction neither surprised, nor disappointed me. I do not believe that the BMD has lost anything.”

Urechean noted that his faction will not participate in the presidential election, “and if Mr. Diacov votes Vladimir Voronin, who has been fielded as a Communist for the post of chief of state, it will be clear why he decided to create a faction of his own.”

Meanwhile, Dumitru Diacov, leader of the Democratic Party faction, said that “the distinction from the BMD means to have your own social democratic message, rather than the refusal to cooperate with this parliamentary faction.”

Former economics minister elected as speaker

Marian Lupu, parliamentarian on behalf of the Party of Moldovan Communists (PCRM), was elected as speaker through secret vote. Sixty-five parliamentarians voted for his candidacy and another 24 voted against. The faction representing the Christian Democratic People’s Party did not participate in voting.

President Vladimir Voronin confirmed at the Thursday sitting of the parliament that the PCRM has decided to propose him for the post of chief of state. Elsewhere, Voronin praised the Tarlev cabinet and called the old cabinet to continue its activity till creation of a new executive.

“The cabinet demonstrated very good results and this is a reason to keep the most of ministers in their acting offices, including Vasile Tarlev. However, a final decision in this regard will be passed after election of the chief of state,” Voronin added.

Speaker coming with first initiative

The newly-elected speaker, Marian Lupu, has suggested the lawmakers to sign a joint declaration on “political partnership,” which he described as “a political commitment of all parliamentary forces to cooperate in matters of national interest.”

This purpose requires joint efforts for implementation of the European Union’s Action Plan for Moldova; creation of an independent judiciary; economic and social development; settlement of the Transnistrian conflict and security of borders; improved conditions for the use of the official language, etc.

“In spite of different political visions, we must not stick to minor internal debates, as we risk to lose the strategic objective, the integration in the European Union,” Lupu recommended. He called for signing this document by the end of the Thursday session.

The new deputies decided to hold the presidential election on April 4. The mandate of President Vladimir Voronin runs off on April 7.