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Election News from February 17, 2005

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Monitoring report #4

Coalition-2005 made public on February 17 the 4th report on electoral campaign monitoring for February 1–15, 2005. Compared with the previous monitoring period, the report highlights a more discreet participation of police representatives in meetings of electoral contestants with voters and use of office transport for electoral purpose on the decline.

Also, the report indicates negative phenomena related to the conduct of electoral process. According to the authors, the problem of persons who hold expired passports was neglected in spite of recommendations, no single procedure for participation of persons who have both a home and a residence registration was established, the Central Election Commission (CEC) did not order yet the publication of its decisions in Monitorul Oficial, while the local authorities delay the issuing of electoral lists.

The report also presents cases when supporters of electoral competitors where assaulted, police representatives found new ways to get involved in the electoral campaign, administrative cases were filed on names of supporters of electoral competitors for arbitrary placement of electoral adds, as no special places for electoral advertisement were arranged; electoral competitors did not declare their financial and material means in mass media.

Survey by IPP

The Institute of Public Policies (IPP) unveiled the results of a survey undertaken by the Chisinau-based Centre of Analysis and Sociological, Political and Psychological Investigations (CIVIS). The survey was conducted from January 29 to February 8, 2005 on a sample of 1,598 persons from 87 settlements, representative for the adult population of Moldova, (except for the Transnistrian region), with a maximum error margin of ±2.6 percent.

Survey by IICUP

The International Institute of Humanitarian and Political Researches (IICUP) made public the results of a survey conducted on February 10–15 on a sample of 1,195 persons from 183 settlements. According to the results of survey, 48–49 percent would vote the Communist Party of Moldova (PCRM); the Democratic Moldova Bloc (BMD) would garner 25–26 percent; the Christian Democratic People’s Party (PPCD) would gather 10–11 percent; and the Social Democratic Party of Moldova would win 8–9 percent.

Free juridical assistance

Juridical advisors of the Centre for Analysis and Prevention of Corruption (CAPC) offer free juridical assistance on elections from February 14 to the election day, as part of the project called Free Juridical Assistance inn Adjudication of Electoral Disputes.

Free juridical assistance is available for voters, journalists, NGOs and comprises the following: juridical consultations; issuing of requests, documents, representation of interested persons in front of CEC or courts; mediation of conflict-related situations.

People seeking legal assistance are welcome to call the telephone numbers: in Chisinau (022) 238–384, in Balti (0–231) 233–30, in Cahul (0–299) 32–250, in Causeni (0–243) 27–616, (0–243) 27–617, in Comrat (0–298) 24–982, (0–298) 22–568.

The project Free Juridical Assistance in Adjudication of Electoral Disputes is supported by Eurasia Foundation, with the financial assistance of the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) and U. S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

Black PR

The press service of PSDM released a communique saying the following: “Moldova Suverana has deliberately distorted the information of a press release of PSDM in its February 16 issue, presenting it as a ’black’ list of the press issued by PSDM, as Moldova Suverana insinuated. This is an untrue fact and a biased interpretation of information aimed to backbite the electoral competitor PSDM.

The article «PSD Assaulted the Press» published by Moldova Suverana is a proof of the direct use of «dirty» electoral technologies against PSDM, massive misinformation of public opinion and violation of democratic principles on conduct of electoral campaign.

We regard such a behaviour of newspaper of Moldovan Government as inadmissible and demand that Moldova Suverana publicly dismiss the information published in its February 16, 2005 issue and publish the complete press release of PSDM.”

CEC for students

Starting February 17, CEC releases certificates which allow students of educational institutions in Chisinau, who have no residence registration in the Moldovan capital, to cast their ballots at any polling stations in Chisinau.