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Daily Election News on the 2005 Parliamentary Elections

March 24, 2005
PD withdraws from BMD BMD leader comments on decision of PD Former economics minister elected as speaker Speaker coming with first initiative[]
March 9, 2005
Interim election report of OSCE Opinion of US Department of State Opinion of EU Interim report of Coalition-2005 Estimates of PCRM Estimates of CDPP Estimates of DMB Estimates of SDPM[]
March 6, 2005
Leaders voted for… There were many observers Electronic pencil Vote abroad Vote of students Shortcomings “Voted” stamp in ID[]
March 5, 2005
Preliminary results of elections PPCD about revolution President Voronin about elections, etc. PSDM accuses PCRM CEC not withdrawing any candidates from race BMD against FEROVIADA[]
March 3, 2005
PPCD following own interest PPCD in favour of national interest Exit-poll Patria-Rodina bloc hosts a press conference Overcrowding PSDM Caravan in Balti Pillars of communism Test of democracy From trustworthy sources… Fifth monitoring report[]
March 1, 2005
Appeal of Moldovan president DMB believes in Communists’ loss Foreign policy becomes more active PSDM against political partisanship Third mass media monitoring report[]
February 28, 2005
Resolution of European Parliament Is Pafilis the European Parliament?! Moldavskie Vedomosti under threat CEC about counting of votes Vote of Transdnistrians UMT calls to voting 2/3 of Transnistria’s budget? Interview with President Voronin Media terrorists against PPCD Meeting with voters Whom does Karamalak support? BMD seeks resignation Whom does Micu support? PSDM and Spring Caravan PSDM protests PTCDM suggests amendments[]
February 25, 2005
Constitutional Court chairman comments on elections ADEPT informs[]
February 24, 2005
Electoral competitors to appear on television more often BMD denies Students and elections[]
February 23, 2005
Government’s reactions to alleged observers Four independent candidates feel intimidations Anxious students[]
February 22, 2005
Russian mass media and developments in Moldova UMPR against discrimination CEC and expired documents CCA shows prompt reaction PSDM contesting ASD and methodology[]
February 21, 2005
PPCD assaulted Congress of Moldovans Reactions to congress Russia’s Foreign Ministry comes with comments BMD proposes and warns Caravan of PSDM Ad-interim report of OSCE[]
February 20, 2005
RM&RF: strategic partners CIS and elections in Moldova RM regretful over meddling of the RF Litskai replies to CEC What “democratic forces”? No to RM-RF confrontation Resolution of the US Senate Congress of Moldovans in the RF Police vs PPCD[]
February 18, 2005
Message of the U.S. Department of State PCRM warns PSDM appeals to Nezavisimaya Moldova Offer for competitors TeleRadio-Moldova picketed[]
February 17, 2005
Monitoring report #4 Survey by IPP Survey by IICUP Free juridical assistance Black PR CEC for students[]
February 16, 2005
Virgin voter Sample ballot Bourgeoisie usurped the power[]
February 15, 2005
Call of CUM Call of DMB Conference of PCRM New appeal of SDPM Vote abroad and how students will cast their ballots[]
February 14, 2005
PSDM about anemic campaign PPCD replies to assailants PPCD dismisses conclusion of PCRM PSDM refutes conclusion of PCRM APEL confirms conclusions of President Voronin PCRM secretary under inadequate comments[]
February 11, 2005
NIT shows its true face Clandestine investigations PSDM searched Blackmail against Moldova? Voting abroad[]
February 10, 2005
Coalition 2005 to PCRM PCRM surprised EU statement MDB notification SDPM candidate aggressed MI refutes[]
February 9, 2005
Statement by the PCRM President PCRM address to Coalition 2005 SDPM wants to meet workers MDB response to PCRM[]
February 8, 2005
Students’ vote PCRM repeated appeal SDPM vs. administrative factor Four more contestants CDPP vs. MDB Standards vs. realities CDPP breakthrough[]
February 7, 2005
PRO SDPM CIJ Report Students’ vote Chisinau’s “tricks” Anonymous publication[]
February 4, 2005
MDB against double standards CEC on Transdniestria ODIHR started activity Russia gets involved in elections? Six more contestants Ivantoc runs in elections Media coverage[]
February 3, 2005
RM’s perfect image? SDPM asks OSCE to get involved Elections aftermath Would it be crowded? US and OSCE watching RM Third monitoring report PCRM address to Coalition 2005[]
February 2, 2005
CEC registers 3 more candidates Strain in Transnistria Older insinuations Political ethics in Moldova Police and image of Moldova Simulated concerns PC Stratagem? Government increases salaries[]
February 1, 2005
CDPP demands cancelling PCRM candidate lists registration PCRM accuses MDB MDB appeals to OSCE, CE… SDPM electioneerers retained by police[]
January 31, 2005
RM monitored PCRM candidate died[]
January 28, 2005
PCRM notifies CEC BMD demands replacement of two CEC members CEC favourable to exit-poll CEC registered two more contestants Documents allowed for voting PSDM candidate arrested PCRM finds violations of democratic norms[]
January 27, 2005
“Solidaritatea” thanks authorities A new case at ECHR ANTENA C statement Court of Appeal vs CEC BMD reacts[]
January 26, 2005
CEC registers UCM CEC creates OPO CEC trains electoral functionaries BMD collects evidence CEC statement PCRM promotes its electoral offer Social-democratic meeting PSDM obstructed PPCD has new representative in CEC Mass media obstructed Monitoring report[]
January 25, 2005
PCRM is implementing its electoral program in advance CDPP dissatisfied with the Supreme Court of Justice judgement BMD obstructed by police SDPM obstructed by local administration[]
January 24, 2005
CEC punishes violations Mass media in elections Electoral factor in foreign relations Electoral manifestations of the UTC Analyst Vladimir Socor on elections in RM[]
January 20, 2005
OSCE evaluation mission CADUP — elections observer PSDM (Social Democrat Party) appeals Reappearance of the Party of Social and Economic Justice (PDSE) “Patria-Rodina” Bloc enters election campaign[]
January 18, 2005
CEC decision on registration of MSPRR CEC decision obliging CCA to table reports Refusal of two private TV channels to cover elections Launch of BMD in elections[]