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Election News from March 5, 2005

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Preliminary results of elections

The preliminary results of the March 6 elections, released periodically by the Central Election Commission (CEC) in the night after scrutiny, will be available on the Website

PPCD about revolution

The chairman of the Christian Democratic People’s Party (PPCD), Iurie Rosca, said after the March 2 meeting with Georgia’s President Mikhail Saakashvili: “I did not discuss with Mikhail Saakashvili a possible importation of revolution from Georgia to Moldova, as everybody is aware that the PPCD is more experienced in this field than Georgians and Ukrainians. If needed, we will hold this revolution with local efforts and with own experience.”

President Voronin about elections, etc.

The chairman of the Communist Party of Moldova (PCRM), Vladimir Voronin, delivered a number of statements on conduct of electoral campaign and events that influence it, at a news conference.

  1. “I am calm and confident in electors… PCRM is the first party which has successfully persuaded the public opinion that Moldova can be a democratic and prosperous country and it is capable of self-development… Nobody can accuse us of abuses. Us, as a new, European-style party, we believe that a victory at elections means a freely expressed will of people. The opposition has invented the observations related to presence of police at meetings with electors. Evidence is required. Certain mistakes and shortcomings took place, but the government is not to blame. Democracy must be learned both from books, and from experience, so that it become organic part of people’s mentality. Why to falsify elections, if all sociological surveys predict us a categorical victory?”

  2. The Russian Federation’s State Duma and mass media of this country have roughly meddled in the electoral campaign in Moldova. “How can a bandit wanted by Interpol for eight years appear on the most important Russian television channels and openly support the opposition? People realized that they must make a choice between the Transnistrian clan, Karamalak and Urechean, on one hand, and country’s future, democratisation and prosperity on the other hand. I am sure than Moldova and people of my country will win this battle. I am sure that Moldova’s future will not be sacrificed on Sunday through election of certain criminals.”

    Speaking about declaration of the State Duma to the Russian government, in which it seeks economic sanctions against Moldova, Mr.Voronin described it as “the last sigh of Duma before Moldovan parliamentary elections.” “What does the introduction of sanctions mean indeed? Did anybody in Duma make any calculations before adopting such declarations? Eighty percent of investments in Moldovan wineries are of Russian origin, there is no room for Moldovan tobacco on Russian market for quite a long time, while the very small quota for exportation of beet sugar from Moldova to Russia was not accepted. We pay for gas the same amount as the Baltics do, blackmail with electricity is useless. I do not believe that the Russian president, Russian government will impose sanctions against Moldova. The declaration is biased and I think that the state of things will become normal again after elections.”

    “We do not classify the people on basis of nationality, language, colour of skin. We all are citizens of Moldova and we hold the same rights and obligations. I had said and I repeat again that the Transnistria conflict is the only problem in relations with the Russian Federation. This problem can be settled with Moscow. I have a settlement project, which we should not discuss during the electoral campaign, but it calls for a wide autonomy for the region as part of Moldova. We will cooperate with the European Union and Ukraine for Transnistria settlement, but we do not reject Russia or other countries such as Romania”

  3. President Voronin fell short of saying whether he will bid for a new presidential mandate, saying that it depends on how many seats the PCRM will obtain in the parliament. He noted that he will head the PCRM in continuation, as the PCRM is in full process of development and modernisation, and he cannot quit the party in such a situation. Voronin hinted that the name of the party could change with the agreement of party members, in the process of transformation of PCRM “into a new European-style party.”

  4. As for Moldova’s reorientation to the West, Mr.Voronin said that “this is a materialization of conclusions based on an analysis of situation in country and abroad.” “NATO has reached the border of Moldova, Romania will become a member of the European Union in one year and half, and we cannot neglect the plenty of important developments in Ukraine” (according Basa-press).

PSDM accuses PCRM

The press office of the Social Democratic Party of Moldova (PSDM) has released the following statement:

“PSDM protests categorically against violation of the Election Code by PCRM.

Thus, the PCRM massively posted electoral adds in unauthorised places in the Chisinau municipality on March 2–3, 2005, and violated Article 47 (13) of the Election Code.

This violation demonstrates how cynically and systematically the PCRM is using the administrative resource. Every case of placement of electoral advertisement in unauthorised places is a violation of Article 2001 (3) of the Code of Administrative Contraventions.

Tens of thousands of electoral adds were posted in the Chisinau municipality in unauthorised placed and, therefore, dozens of people committed these administrative breaches. The most of them were posted with the use of special techniques and mechanisms.

None of opposition parties did afford such a cynical and massive violation of election legislation, which leads to falsification of results of elections.

PSDM has appealed to the CEC and urged it to apply the necessary measures against PCRM for these breaches.”

CEC not withdrawing any candidates from race

CEC has revised its decision on withdrawal of independent candidate Tudor Tataru from electoral race, saying that a request in this regard was tabled to CEC with three days before elections, while the election legislation says that this must be done “not later than with five days before election day.”


The press service of the Democratic Moldova Bloc (BMD) has released the following declaration: “BMD receives more and more signals confirming the communist plan on organisation of social violence. Knowing that they have faked the electoral process, the former rulers are getting ready to defend their power at all costs. BMD calls on the people mobilised by Communists for street actions in Chisinau to wake up and to not participate in such actions.

The Communists entrusted this special mission to their client Miron Gagauz, manager-general

of the railway company of Moldova. He creates teams to protect the Voronin regime with the support of irresponsible people from police bodies.

The railway facilities in Ocnita, Comrat, Basarabeasca, Ungheni, and other railroads have been told to recruit mercenaries by paying them up to 100 dollars each. They received tents, transport and food. Certain police factors are in charge with protection of arrival of communist regiments in Chisinau and supply of ammunition. The analogy with miners’ revolts in Romania, headed by Miron Cosma, make those who signal these preparations name them as COMMUNIST FEROVIADA.

Employment of Miron Gagauz by power continues his multiple doubtful affairs with the former government. To mention that the box with the sign BOMB, which included glasses with inflammable substances called as “Molotov cocktails”, were found at the gate of the Moldovan railway directorate.

The attempt of Communist leaders and servants to provoke violent confrontations in Chisinau immediately after March 6 is a crime against own people. The party which ruled the country in the past four years demonstrates before election day that it is incapable to cede the power on a democratic way. BMD calls on country’s population not to take part in any extremist actions which endanger Moldova’s internal stability and future.”