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Election News from February 9, 2005

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Statement by the PCRM President

PCRM Chair, Vladimir Voronin, stated during a press conference on February 9, 2005 “we are not that interested in having a landslide victory in elections, but rather in preserving the stability of democratic institutions, in observance of electoral procedures, and keeping the EU vector steady. The campaign is unfolding normally, however passively. The passivity of electoral contestants has also slowed us down… Opposition might be passive as it wants to save its forces for after March 6. This is the reason behind great many appeals to CEC. Of special concern for us are the threats to settle scores after elections openly published in opposition press”.

“Coalition 2005 would play a special role in carrying out the electoral putsch scenario. We deeply regret, that this coalition, generously funded by western donors, in fact betrayed those donors. Great many of the Coalition members are also members of the parties running in elections. Coalition registers and over-politicises the so-called violations, only from the Party of Communists, disregarding those committed by other electoral contestants. Being favourable to Moldova Democrata Bloc, Coalition spends money not on promoting democracy, but is frittering money away on different conspiracy schemes with the Transdniestrian totalitarian regime. We are now submitting our protest to all the organisations whose money are misused. The «corn putsch» scenario, which our politicians like so much, is the utmost stupidity and irresponsibility. It is not difficult to stage a putsch in Chisinau, but how then you run the country in the next four years having no authority, nor experience, nor the voters’ trust. I think this is a very serious matter”.

PCRM address to Coalition 2005

Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party of Communists of the RM, Mr. Victor Stepaniuc addressed an open letter to Coalition 2005, Ambassadors of EU countries and US accredited in Chisinau, OSCE Mission, international organisations accredited in RM, and public opinion reading “On February 3, 2005 PCRM addressed Civic Coalition for Free and Fair Elections — Coalition-2005 pointing to many cases of violations of the electoral law ignored by the Coalition. In the same address PCRM asked the Coalition to comment on those omissions that raise suspicion and many question marks. Unfortunately, no one from the Coalition leadership, or any of the 152 organisations members of the Coalition, had time to answer. Therefore, we have to explain the reasons for not elucidating those facts in the reports of this «benevolent union of non-governmental organisations».

Unfortunately we have to say that … Coalition 2005 actions and conclusions reveal a poor level of observation and analysis of the electoral process, final results being unilateral, subjective and biased… This conclusion has been made after an objective analysis of the Coalition-2005 comments and conclusions featured in the recently released reports. We found, that the great majority of alleged violations (about 90%) envisage PCRM electoral contestant, while serious violations by other electoral contestants intentionally continue to be ignored by the Coalition-2005, despite the fact that PCRM drew attention on that negative factor.

We would like to mention that so far PCRM submitted to the Central Electoral Commission over 60 appeals on the serious violations of the Electoral Code committed by electoral contestants Moldova Democrata Electoral Bloc and Social-Democratic Party of Moldova.

We believe that the composition of the Coalition-2005 is a testimony to the subjective and biased monitoring conducted by the Coalition-2005… Having said that, PCRM concludes that the principle of political non-affiliation is not valid for Coalition-2005, while political partisanship has become one of its top objectives.

Currently, PCRM may not accept Coalition-2005 as anything else but a tenebrous and protectionist branch of certain electoral contestants, whose violations are ignored on purpose by this organisation.

It comes as no surprise that Coalition-2005 failed to take notice of the Declaration made by the MDB on February 3, 2005 threatening a number of public figures, representatives of state bodies that it would settle scores with them after March 6, 2005. This Declaration defies the Constitution itself, which stipulates that no individual, part of the nation, social group, political party or public association may exercise state power in its own name.

Considering Coalition-2005’s outspoken partisanship towards MDB — bloc also favoured by the Tiraspol secessionist regime — we express our sincere regrets that the foreign funds initially provided for furthering democracy to the East are indirectly used to support the dictatorial and unpopular Tiraspol regime.

We reserve the right to demand relevant bodies to confiscate the said funds to the state budget, as provided in the Electoral Code”.

SDPM wants to meet workers

Social-Democratic Party of Moldova claims the right to host electoral meetings with the work collectives, as did Speaker of the Parliament Eugenia Ostapciuc running on the PCRM candidate list. She met with the workers of the Tractors Plant on January 8, between 15:30–18:00.

MDB response to PCRM

MDB “believes that the recent insinuations made by the Communist leader Vladimir Voronin clearly indicate who does the incumbent ruling fear and what force is capable to win elections — MDB together with the people.

This proves ruling party’s intention to rig elections on March 6 and fear that those frauds would end with rallies of the people. Authorities refuse to acknowledge their responsibility for the serious violations of the electoral law. MDB alone submitted more than 70 appeals in different institutions, per se, proving unfair behaviour of the Communists, intimidation of electoral contestants and citizens, violations of the human rights. As for the eastern regions of Moldova, MDB demanded the electoral rights to be guaranteed there, as well as for the students and people working abroad. Replacing actions with cheap speculations is not worth a President, be him at the end of his mandate”.