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Election News from January 18, 2005

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CEC decision on registration of MSPRR

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) has registered the Republican Social-Political Movement Ravnopravye (MSPRR) as electoral competitor for the March 6 parliamentary elections. The list of candidates of MSPRR includes 69 persons. The approval of the electoral symbol and colours of MSPRR were not contested as in the precedent electoral campaigns. The electoral symbol of the electoral contestant MSPRR coincides with the symbol of this party, it features “a two-headed eagle with a shield with the name of the Social-Political Movement Ravnopravye on breast, an eagle with a laurel branch in claws.” The adoption of this symbol was contested in the precedent electoral campaigns because it features a stylized image of the Russian Federation’s state escutcheon. The electoral colours of MSPRR — white, blue, red — also coincide with colours of the Russian Federation’s state flag. The candidacy of Dmitrii Silchin was accepted as representative with the right to consultative vote to CEC.

CEC decision obliging CCA to table reports

CEC has obliged the electronic media watchdog CCA to report every week on air time offered to cover the electoral campaign in the electronic mass media. The CCA will be obliged to report every day in the last week before elections.

Refusal of two private TV channels to cover elections

The TV channels PRO TV Chisinau and Pervy Kanal v Moldove have refused to cover the electoral campaign and to broadcast electoral advertising of contestants. The fact that private media institutions in a country with an underdeveloped advertising market refuse to obtain a guaranteed profit raised the suspicions of electoral competitors of opposition, who wonder: why the private institutions refuse raison d’etre?

Launch of BMD in elections

The electoral bloc Democratic Moldova (BMD) has organised a conference to join the electoral campaign and presented the list of BMD candidates and the electoral platform called Euro-Integration with New Governing!