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Election News from February 16, 2005

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Virgin voter

ADEPT has launched a website for youth dedicated to the parliamentary elections. The website has been designed to appeal to those interested or less interested in elections, those who will cast their votes for the first time, as well as those with some experience. Visitors will follow the adventures of two teenagers who fight with temptations not to attend the elections. Also, they will learn all about elections and voting procedure and will find answers to different questions.

Sample ballot

The Central Election Commission (CEC) approved on February 15 a sample ballot paper for the March 6, 2005 parliamentary elections. The ballot paper will be 57 centimetres long and 12 wide. About 2.5 million ballot papers will be published. According to the figures of the previous elections, there are about 2.2 million voters in Moldova. The ballot will be printed on a special paper and will be protected against falsification.

Bourgeoisie usurped the power

Independent candidate Maia Laguta contests the refusal of CEC to establish whether all the electoral competitors benefit from equal conditions. Maia Laguta fears that the independent candidates face a discriminating treatment compared with the political parties participating in the electoral race.

This discriminating treatment is particularly observed in the CEC regulations on independent candidates’ campaign coverage in mass media and the exaggerate threshold that the Election Code stipulates for independent candidates.

“The very existence of Election Code and CEC’s resolutions based on manipulation of notions shows that the current normative documents aim to camouflage the impertinent usurpation of the power by bourgeoisie.”