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Election News from December 6, 2010

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Sergey Naryshkin stresses the importance of the elections of Gagauz Bashkan

Elections of Gagauz Bashkan are of significant importance to Moldova, according to Sergey Naryshkin , head of the Russian Presidential Administration. According to him, the Gagauz autonomy within the composition of Moldova is an example of delicate approach to national minorities in a multinational state. At the same time, Sergey Naryshkin mentioned that elections in Gagauzia will show that if a national minority opinion is taken into account accurately and with great delicacy, then it is possible to ensure the calmness, security and to propulsive development of the territory inhabited by this minority. (Infotag News Agency)

Electoral lists in Comrat contain erroneous data about voters

During the meeting of the CEC of Gagauzia held on December 2 it was decided to create a special Commission to verify the accuracy of compiling electoral lists in Comrat. The need to create such a commission arose because those lists contain a large number of errors. In this regard, the meeting of the CEC of Gagauzia convened on December 6 has heard the report of Comrat City Hall on compiling the electoral lists in Comrat. In the same meeting, after hearing the report, the CEC of Gagauzia has decided to coerce the electoral bureaus of the polling stations (EBPS) in Comrat city to verify the accuracy of the data included in the lists. On 9 December the Special Commission of the CEC of Gagauzia has to inspect the EBPS of Comrat city in order to verify the results of their activity in correcting the electoral lists.