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Election News from December 28, 2010

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CEC of Gagauzia has validated the elections

Central Electoral Commission of Gagauzia approved the decision on the validation of Gagauzian Governor elections; the candidate Mihail Formuzal, who obtained 51.4% of votes, was declared as elected. The elections of 26 December 2010 was attended by 62,780 voters (50% of voters), and 31,576 voters have voted for Mihail Formuzal. CEC’ decision will be submitted to the Comrat Court of Appeal, which shall confirm the electoral results within 10 days.

The Governor thanked the Executive

The Governor of Gagauzia, Mihail Formuzal, convened a meeting of the Executive Committee of Gagauzia, in which he thanked members of the executive for the fair and honest work during the electoral campaign. Formuzal reiterated that it is for the first time in autonomy’s history when a team gets the second consecutive term of office and this increases the responsibility to honour the electoral promises.