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Election News from December 29, 2010

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Dudoglo ’s supporters protest

Proponents of Nicolai Dudoglo, who lost the elections for the Governor of Gagauzia, protest for the third consecutive day in downtown of Comrat against the electoral outcome. Protesters argue that elections were falsified, they accuse the re-elected Governor of serious violations and demand the recount of votes and ballots cast in favour of Mihail Formuzal, as well as checking the voter lists. It was announced about the establishment of an initiative group that will collect signatures for a vote of non-confidence to Formuzal. Meanwhile, Mihail Formuzal rejects allegations, because they are not grounded by evidences and are based on “fantasies”. The Comrat Court of Appeal shall confirm the legality of elections and to rule on notifications filed by representatives of the competitor Nicolai Dudoglo.