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Election News from December 13, 2010

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CEC has made public the data on voters’ turnout

In Gagauzia, during the Bashkan elections, 60,825 citizens with voting rights had expressed their choice, according to the Central Electoral Commission of the autonomy. Thus, according to the last information, the voters’ turnout in the region was 56.9%.

In Comrat, as expected, the turnout was the largest among the three cities of Gagauzia — 61%. However, during the day, the turnout in this city was less than average in autonomy, but the situation has changed by the evening. Among the rural localities, the most active voters were those in the village Copceac — 64.3%. (

Violations have been noticed on election day in Gagauzia

On 12th December 2010, the public broadcasting Company GRT has aired the TV show “Facing the Region” (Лицом к региону) with participation of Vadim Misin, PCRM Member of Moldovan Parliament. In this program, Vadim Misin spoke about the benefits of the Communists’ Party government for Gagauz autonomy; he referred to PCRM activity in the region; he made promises about improving the life if the “desirable” candidate will be elected, i.e. the one proposed by PCRM. Ecaterina Jecova, company president, denies her responsibility for direct agitation in favour of PCRM candidate right on election day, accusing some technical broadcasting errors. Whatever the reasons, the broadcast of such program is contrary to national and regional legislation prohibiting any campaigning on election day. (Press Service

CLRA delegation of the CoE made public the report on the political situation in the region

Delegation of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe has released its report on political situation in TAU Gagauzia in the context of the first round of elections of autonomy’s Bashkan (Governor) held in the region on December 12.

On December 11, the delegation representatives met in Comrat with candidates, representatives of electoral bodies, the media and civil society in Gagauzia.

During the meetings they discussed issues related to the short electoral campaign in Gagauzia, which was eclipsed by the national campaign for early parliamentary elections in Moldova, some inconsistencies between provisions of Moldovan electoral legislation and the autonomy’s ones. Similarly, the meetings focused on issues related to the three official languages of TAU (Russian, Gagauzian and Moldovan). Autonomy’s NGO representatives have indicated that one of the major deficiencies would be correct compilation of voter lists. Basically, the campaign in the media was less “dirty” and more comprehensive than previous one. (Press Service of the Council of Europe CLRA)