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Election News from January 17, 2011

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The protest meeting and resolution

On January 16 a regional meeting was held in Comrat city, convened on the initiative of “New Gagauzia” Movement, headed by Nicolai Dudoglo, Comrat mayor and candidate for elections to the position of Gagauz Governor. According to organizers, the meeting was attended by about 3,000 people from all localities of Gagauzia. The meeting adopted a ResolutionRU, which requires: (Source: Press release of “New Gagauzia” Movement)

The comment of elected Governor on the protest rally

Press Service of the Governor of Gagauzia, Mihail Formuzal, commented on protest rally held on January 16, qualifying it as being organized by Comrat Mayor, the oponent to the Governor’s elections, Nicolai Dudoglo. This commentary mentions that Nicolai Dudoglo try to argue his election defeat and engages in actions destabilizing the situation in the region, thus preventing the start of dialogue aimed at supporting the strengthening of Gagauz authority.

Comrat Court of Appeal has not completed its examination of electoral results

Although it met in a new hearing and proceeded to hear several witnesses, the Comrat Court of Appeal has not adopted a decision on confirming the results of elections for the position of Gagauz Governor. The court hearing will continue on January 19.

Father of Mihail Formuzal was robbed

On the night of January 16, Macar Formuzal, father of the Governor of Gagauzia, Mihail Formuzal, was attacked by three masked gunmen, who tied the old man of 80 years old and stole $3,000 and a shotgun. Police assumes the armed robbery is not related to the political activity of victim’s son. The attackers were not identified. (MIA Press Service)