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Election News from December 8, 2010

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Candidate Nicolai Dudoglo promises to reform Gagauzia

Candidate to the position of the Bashkan of Gagauzia, the Comrat Mayor Nicolai Dudoglo proposes to autonomy voters to make “a historic step and to become an attractive model for development of the territorial administrative unit of the Republic of Moldova”. Dudoglo promises that, if he comes to the governance, he “will stop the negative processes in autonomy, will renovate the region, will bring to leadership young, responsible and active people, but not patriots on paper”. Dudoglo plans “to build a strong economic foundation and an effective fiscal and financial policy to improve the quality of human life, to support the youth, to strengthen local authorities, to support people’s initiatives… Man is the highest value, with whom we shall start working on a large scale for building a strong Gagauzia, with a strong economy, with professional leadership, with social guarantees for the population. Gagauz lands will get their master. Education will become “thinking” one, and culture will be our pride”, shows the candidate’s electoral programme. According to Dudoglo, he got the mandate from 20 thousand inhabitants of Gagauzia, who “had gathered signatures to provide the Russian language with the status of the second state language, for the right to self-determination for Gagauzia if Moldova loses its sovereignty, for the federalization of the country”. (Infotag)

CEC of Gagauzia obliged the Comrat mayor to verify the voter lists

Central Electoral Commission (CEC) of Gagauzia obliged the Comrat mayor to verify again the voters’ lists. The decision was taken by a special commission at the request of the Communists’ Party, which claims that in Comrat district violations were committed in preparing the voter lists. The PCRM complaint states that “in the lists were included voters who do not live on the indicated addresses and also deceased voters”. Besides, “in many lists the voters’ data are distorted, a fact which was found during the elections of November 28… As a proof of weak preparation of voter lists in Comrat town hall, it could be shown that out of those 2406 voters included on supplementary lists in Comrat district, 1265 are from Comrat, i.e. 14% of voters who participated in elections”, stated the authors of the claim, who emphasize that this situation “has led to artificially increase of the number of voters in the autonomy”. Comrat authorities say that this issue has no political ground, it’s just that in preparing the lists a technical error was committed and these mistakes have already been removed. (Infotag)